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3. The last stages of capitalism are always the same.
Thu Aug 16, 2012, 08:47 AM
Aug 2012

Karl Marx was right about the destructive force of capitalism, though his solution was wrong.

But look around you. The rich are honored as royalty. Their property is protected at all cost, even though the rich pay very little in taxes. The middle class and poor's property is up for grabs and they carry almost all the tax burden. If someone walks across a rich man's yard or walks into a corporate building, the police can and will prosecute for trespassing. But if someone were to cross your yard, simply walk across it, no one would support your claim of trespassing. Does the government take the mansion homes through eminent domain to build malls, commercial centers and highways? Or does the government take the poor and middle class homes to hand over to corporations to build their commercial ventures? Yet it is the poor and middle class who pay most in taxes and get the least in government services, just like in ancient Rome.

The corporate monopolies and government join forces to support only the rich. Corporation over produce homes, food, cars while people are homeless, hungry and lack transportation. Soon it will once again hit a brick wall and crash while the people will once again bail out the uber rich.

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