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15. EOs are a non - issue to me
Thu Jan 30, 2014, 07:16 PM
Jan 2014


It's how they are utilized that is important.

Congress shut the government down, Barack could have done much more with EOs, but he is a patient man methinks.

Watch out after Barack's reinstatement/confirmation, whatever it is that happens this year.

When Obama is in for his last 2 years,

I think the MIC/PNAC big pharma big oil, etc., are gonna get slapped silly.

I'm hoping I'm correct in assuming Obama is just biding his time to make a big positive change in the USA.

It takes quite some time for a newcomer to the WH to learn how to make changes.

Dimson didn't need any time - he was a puppet from the get-go.

Barack Obama is no puppet imo.


You assholes gave POTUS war powers and now find yourselves at war with him. L0oniX Jan 2014 #1
Excuse me, but didn't GWB start all this shit? nt caledesi Jan 2014 #4
GWB's abuse was signing statements on legislation that negated the intent of the legislation yurbud Jan 2014 #23
Yep: Signing Statements Loaded Liberal Dem Jan 2014 #25
"i'm signing this bill on torture with the condition that it don't apply to what I order" yurbud Jan 2014 #26
Welcome back. Agschmid Jan 2014 #27
welcome to DU gopiscrap Jan 2014 #28
My bad! nt caledesi Feb 2014 #29
For no reason? I beg to differ. VWolf Jan 2014 #2
Think I will post this again. JDPriestly Jan 2014 #3
Executive fiat. Madmiddle Jan 2014 #5
could they be any more embarassing? silly question, I know. niyad Jan 2014 #6
Per wiki, the numbers are even more striking: George W. Bush 291 vkkv Jan 2014 #7
Obama is clearly using his power to thwart the will of the Koch Brothers, er, I meant Congress tclambert Jan 2014 #8
Cruz is a degenerate demagogue and a serial liar. Bill USA Jan 2014 #9
the reason is.. NewJeffCT Jan 2014 #10
Rachel Maddow showed this graph last night. SunSeeker Jan 2014 #11
But they don't.... Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2014 #12
A Little Bitty Lie Let Me Down tavernier Jan 2014 #13
Sung by... MyOwnPeace Jan 2014 #18
If this could only be on billboards across the whole country.... AAO Jan 2014 #14
EOs are a non - issue to me ConcernedCanuk Jan 2014 #15
The GOP are lying hypocrites. And major blowhards. Ignore their phony tantrums. blkmusclmachine Jan 2014 #16
Let them Freak Out over this.. Cha Jan 2014 #17
Kick & recommended. William769 Jan 2014 #19
Has any congress whined (and 'just said no') as much as the GOP vs. Obama? tofuandbeer Jan 2014 #20
The GOP's problem is... Turbineguy Jan 2014 #21
Other than the fact that they're certifiably *nuts* ailsagirl Jan 2014 #22
Their constituents take what they say as reality siligut Jan 2014 #24
apart from the drone business & domestic surveillance, he's coloring well within the lines too yurbud Feb 2014 #30
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