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3. Rand Paul ran like a little wimp,...
Tue Aug 5, 2014, 11:05 AM
Aug 2014

...which he is.

Dipstick that he is, teabagger King at least stayed and showed more courage of his awful convictions than teabagger Paul.

Of course, in my book, both of those horrible men can both go piss up a rope!


omg he grabbed her riverwalker Aug 2014 #1
That was my first thought, too. Forget the condescending "you understand english, don't you?" TrollBuster9090 Aug 2014 #12
"Racist Pig Exposed" would be a more accurate headline. Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #2
Rand Paul ran like a little wimp,... MarianJack Aug 2014 #3
Headline on Mediaite Garthem Aug 2014 #4
But not without going back to get his hot dog. That was hilarious. TrollBuster9090 Aug 2014 #14
wow, Steve King just shows how much of a bubble politicians live in nt alp227 Aug 2014 #5
Look at the 3:49 mark where one of his thugs tries to stop the person filming this.... Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2014 #15
WTF is the matter with some white people??? Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2014 #6
King: El Shaman Aug 2014 #7
Arrogant pig King is! liberal N proud Aug 2014 #8
I didn't grow up in King's district. stone space Aug 2014 #26
Could not make it all the way through the clip. justhanginon Aug 2014 #9
Then you missed the old white guy near the end saying, "Go home!" to those people. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2014 #17
Glad I missed that. What puzzles me justhanginon Aug 2014 #28
They enjoy "Hippie Punching", after they lied us into a war and crashed the economy,.... Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2014 #29
You Could Tell By King's Body Language DallasNE Aug 2014 #10
She was up against that right wing ideology yuiyoshida Aug 2014 #11
Did you see the part where the King/Paul supporters started shouting "go home!" at them? TrollBuster9090 Aug 2014 #16
He looked like he's part of the coveted 70+ demographic. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2014 #18
They Are Home DallasNE Aug 2014 #22
Put it this way: THEY'VE LIVED IN THE USA LONGER THAN TED CRUZ. TrollBuster9090 Aug 2014 #25
Get a load of Rand Paul: 0:003 shakes their hands. 0:11 hears they're Dreamer, nearly chokes on TrollBuster9090 Aug 2014 #13
Holy shit, I didn't even recognze him! AtheistCrusader Aug 2014 #19
What is it with GOP Aholes thinking they can just grab people? tanyev Aug 2014 #20
As soon as I saw it was Don Young I wasn't the least bit surprised. The man is a f-ing psychopath. TrollBuster9090 Aug 2014 #21
she was grew up here Mr. No Clue. oldandhappy Aug 2014 #23
condescending asshole noiretextatique Aug 2014 #24
This young lady is clearly more intelligent than King Gothmog Aug 2014 #27
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