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56. It got the medias attention... now what, will anything actually happen?
Fri Dec 5, 2014, 07:12 PM
Dec 2014

That's the problem, those who actually control the levers of power just don't give a damn. Oh you inconvenienced the peasants who have to work for a living and happened to be on the freeway at 8PM on a monday night... and I should care because? They don't give a damn and they won't budge because they know you won't or can't hurt them, they're simply too insulated from harm.

That certainly puts things in perspective. Arkansas Granny Dec 2014 #1
Not only that Elmer S. E. Dump Dec 2014 #30
I cringe at all the carbon emissions going into the atmosphere yeoman6987 Dec 2014 #83
I was actually having this exact conversation yesterday. For what it's worth... MadDAsHell Dec 2014 #2
To be perfectly honest I hate them all and dont care if its the unintended result of a cstanleytech Dec 2014 #5
And what of the LA Marathon, an event designed to close down streets all over the city? Bluenorthwest Dec 2014 #8
One difference is that the LA Marathon, and most marathons, are held on weekends and holidays, amandabeech Dec 2014 #14
I'd like to see you plan around a marathon that blocks your only access to the world Demeter Dec 2014 #18
I'd plan to be out of the area, or be ready for a list of things to do at home. amandabeech Dec 2014 #24
You have advance notice and know the exact street closings. Travis_0004 Dec 2014 #50
I grew up on a marathon route, very close to the halfway point. Thor_MN Dec 2014 #54
You all should try Mardi Gras in New Orleans, bvar22 Dec 2014 #57
While I have never been there I have heard its pretty bad. cstanleytech Dec 2014 #63
Good?... Bad? bvar22 Dec 2014 #68
Ever drive on the Long Island Expressway ANY day of the week? I have, be prepared to sit in your sabrina 1 Dec 2014 #86
No, it's quite intended to have a traffic jam around holiday shopping or sporting events jeff47 Dec 2014 #23
Point 1, same results, regardless, Point 2- traffic jams are the INTENDED result of marching down Elmer S. E. Dump Dec 2014 #32
Hammer, nail, head! rock Dec 2014 #3
Where's the double standard?? NashuaDW Dec 2014 #4
Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly... babylonsister Dec 2014 #6
Yes, but as a practical matter, under the US Constitution, courts have held that governmental amandabeech Dec 2014 #15
Governor Walker would love your expertise at the Capitol AllyCat Dec 2014 #33
Observed, or participated? RoccoR5955 Dec 2014 #43
Observed from my office building. amandabeech Dec 2014 #45
Any problem with people who have sit-ins on sidewalks in front of abortion clinics? jberryhill Dec 2014 #47
That's rarely a peaceful protest, afaik. nt babylonsister Dec 2014 #48
That wasn't my question, now was it? jberryhill Dec 2014 #49
Whatever your question is, I was responding to the babylonsister Dec 2014 #60
so you are opposed to the laws about abortion protests? jberryhill Dec 2014 #65
Go argue with someone who wants to argue with you. I don't. nt babylonsister Dec 2014 #67
I'm trying to understand what you said jberryhill Dec 2014 #72
Well, thats a good question. And I think your last sentence says it all. 7962 Dec 2014 #89
double stupitity father founding Dec 2014 #7
I don't like to have to ship stuff back because it doesn't fit or I don't like it. amandabeech Dec 2014 #22
Thank god we didnt have people like you in the 60's when inconveniencing people NoJusticeNoPeace Dec 2014 #52
Bang-up job you did stopping the war that dragged on until the Ford administration Recursion Dec 2014 #71
speechless NoJusticeNoPeace Dec 2014 #81
You brought up the effectiveness of these protests, not me Recursion Dec 2014 #82
Atleast your boss might understand but my concern is for the people trying to either pick up their cstanleytech Dec 2014 #64
Wow ... I can't believe the "that's different" crowd ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2014 #9
Police State turbinetree Dec 2014 #10
Murdering people for JAYWALKING. Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2014 #11
Ain't that the truth! BumRushDaShow Dec 2014 #12
None of this is going to help in the short run. AtheistCrusader Dec 2014 #13
I have wondered what they accomplish when they shut down a highway? I can see shutting down jwirr Dec 2014 #16
Americans are complicit heaven05 Dec 2014 #21
That is a very broad brush. Sounds like bushes if you are not with us you are against us. By the jwirr Dec 2014 #25
I said americans are complicit heaven05 Dec 2014 #36
Oh give me a BREAK , Bush's if you are not with us? for christ SAKE NoJusticeNoPeace Dec 2014 #53
Because Anytown, USA is probably next AllyCat Dec 2014 #29
Of course. I was not saying they should NOT protest. Merely do it in some way that does not jwirr Dec 2014 #31
Do you remember all those huge anti Iraq war protests? Hatchling Dec 2014 #37
I realize that is why it is being done this way. No one is paying any attention to anything today. jwirr Dec 2014 #39
It got the medias attention... now what, will anything actually happen? Sirveri Dec 2014 #56
I don't mind if the protests slow down traffic I am in. At least, I get to see people ... BlueJazz Dec 2014 #17
You have RoccoR5955 Dec 2014 #44
That's why they threw me out of Church. BlueJazz Dec 2014 #46
Wow, you mean there is more to "This is my body, given for you?" Thor_MN Dec 2014 #55
excellent example heaven05 Dec 2014 #19
Would they rather we all boycotted shopping? Demeter Dec 2014 #20
I like this way of protesting but I realize boycotts do not work as easily as they sound. Sit ins jwirr Dec 2014 #26
Perfect EarlG! AllyCat Dec 2014 #27
There is no double standard Progressive dog Dec 2014 #28
Which one? stone space Dec 2014 #77
I haven't met anyone... SHRED Dec 2014 #34
And I'm not okay with young black men getting shot needlessly. Hatchling Dec 2014 #38
Agreed SHRED Dec 2014 #41
For those of you who are opposed to this, it's called civil disobedience. Arkansas Granny Dec 2014 #35
And it's about time! n/m Hatchling Dec 2014 #40
god, that about says it. BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2014 #42
Ive seen police help ducks get off the street Travis_0004 Dec 2014 #51
my personal favourite ice storms PatrynXX Dec 2014 #58
One of those things is not the same as the others. Captain Stern Dec 2014 #59
the sports and shopping examples ARE traffic mwrguy Dec 2014 #61
I remember back when intentionally causing a traffic hughee99 Dec 2014 #62
It's only dangerous if it is a Republican tying up traffic jberryhill Dec 2014 #66
Once again, you've nailed it, John. Flatulo Dec 2014 #69
wow, long time no see! jberryhill Dec 2014 #73
Yeah, I'm still alive but rarely post. I find that DU Flatulo Dec 2014 #75
Sadly...yup. SoapBox Dec 2014 #70
got 44 retweets on this marym625 Dec 2014 #74
This is great Gothmog Dec 2014 #76
I brake for ducks. stone space Dec 2014 #78
Militant nonviolence is inconvenient. stone space Dec 2014 #79
Digustingly enough, there are plenty of posters liberalhistorian Dec 2014 #80
Just publicly tell them their Concern is noted... n/t backscatter712 Dec 2014 #88
If the cops would stop murdering people, no one would be complaining. Initech Dec 2014 #84
Murdering cops are causing more than a traffic jam. lonestarnot Dec 2014 #85
Hell, people here on DU come just to express their Heartfelt Concern... backscatter712 Dec 2014 #87
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