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5. Thank you Yuiyoshida for posting this. I was setting home
Wed May 18, 2016, 06:48 PM
May 2016

with two of my children and expecting another when this happened. This was part of a year that changed my life. I am what I am today because of this and the deaths of MLK and RFK not to mention many others.

So as I was watching the documentary I was thinking about today vs then.

To begin with there is a big difference in the world situation. We were in Vietnam then and that was one of the main issues. A war and the draft. The people protesting were not all college students but many were. I did not go to college until years later.

Today the situation is different and effects many more of us. Our whole world is in trouble and we have vital problems that need to be addressed like Climate Change. The people who are protesting now are voters who are supposed to be a real part of the system but are finding out that they can vote all they won't but have consistently been ignored. We are living under a corporate oligarchy. So the situation is different both in why we are in a movement and what we are fighting for.

As you listen to the narrators it is very clear that the idea of establishment vs the people is the same. And like back then the establishment now does not believe that we are a part of their party. The protesters were told outright that they were not wanted. As if they thought we wanted to be part of that party after the convention!!

And convention managers have not changed either. Voice votes with the chair calling the winner before anyone could even object. Watching I was as angry as I was that week. About both then and now.

IMO the only thing that Humphrey could have done differently was go down and walk with the candle light marchers. But I suppose that would have been very dangerous.

I hope at Philly if there is controversy that we will remember to stay non-violent - let them be to blame. And I hope they understand that we are NOT an invading army but instead we are actually half of the Democratic Party.

This is not going to be a coronation.

1968 [View all] yuiyoshida May 2016 OP
Repeating that would provide the same results liberal N proud May 2016 #1
1968 Nixon. Less war than Johnson. Don't think war makes your case for you. However, merrily May 2016 #10
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We could die, and get drafted-- but we couldn't vote----unless you were twenty-one also--------- turbinetree May 2016 #2
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I hope the Clintonites don't take us down this road. nt silvershadow May 2016 #28
That thought crossed my mind also. 1monster May 2016 #34
A great quote from Richard J Daley after the convention LiberalArkie May 2016 #4
Thank you Yuiyoshida for posting this. I was setting home jwirr May 2016 #5
Actually, there was no need for the convention chair to... reACTIONary May 2016 #6
Lots of reasons for that, but the lie is that he lost because he was liberal. merrily May 2016 #11
I'm not sure that's correct . .. reACTIONary May 2016 #13
You believe/assume it was not a lie. That is not the same as knowing it was not a lie. merrily May 2016 #19
If you disagree with a.... reACTIONary May 2016 #25
If you disagree with a thesis or hypothesis and do so by calling those who advocate it weak in merrily May 2016 #31
If a thesis is incorrect, you should be able to... reACTIONary May 2016 #32
zomg. Get real. merrily May 2016 #33
LOL, I seem to have... reACTIONary May 2016 #35
Maybe, but you've now convinced me to post what I decided against for my previous post: merrily May 2016 #36
Thanks for the advice! eom. reACTIONary May 2016 #39
I always enjoy Histoy yuiyoshida May 2016 #8
Yes, Philly will be interesting but I am afraid that the MSM jwirr May 2016 #12
I think we will see history made yuiyoshida May 2016 #14
That is pretty much how I see it also. I have been suggesting jwirr May 2016 #16
yeah that could work... yuiyoshida May 2016 #17
I assume that most of us are sometimes depressed but I jwirr May 2016 #18
Well we survived the Bush Years.. yuiyoshida May 2016 #20
So true about free press. And a press that understood their role. nt silvershadow May 2016 #30
I hope the Clintonites don't take us down this road. nt silvershadow May 2016 #29
Memories sammcgee68 May 2016 #7
Welcome to DU!! yuiyoshida May 2016 #9
Many of our families would split on this issue for many years jwirr May 2016 #15
Welcome to DU! Rhiannon12866 May 2016 #24
Damn Yuiyoshida, back at it again with the A+ post! nt. RepubliCON-Watch May 2016 #21
Thank you yuiyoshida May 2016 #22
Walang ano man. nt RepubliCON-Watch May 2016 #23
:) yuiyoshida May 2016 #37
I hope the Clintonites don't take us down this road. nt silvershadow May 2016 #26
K&R Great documentary felix_numinous May 2016 #38
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