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12. I read a few reviews and I see what you mean.
Fri Jul 6, 2012, 07:20 PM
Jul 2012

One of them was OUTRAGED about the show's open attacks on anything or anybody to the right of center . . . like Sarah Palin, Allan West, the Koch brothers or Fox News.

You know. Just a little bit right of center.

I think Aaron Sorkin hit a nerve here.

He just nailed it, didn't he? I like this show... CurtEastPoint Jul 2012 #1
Finally! Remember Jul 2012 #35
It's a really good show RedStateLiberal Jul 2012 #2
Too bad I don't have cable. Neoma Jul 2012 #3
You picked a good clip. Mostly folks are critical, bored, or don't get it. Ninga Jul 2012 #4
WOW bakpakr Jul 2012 #5
Wow! silverweb Jul 2012 #6
Okay, that's funny, suggesting this show could be on Fox. tclambert Jul 2012 #14
Not the same as Fox news. silverweb Jul 2012 #27
Didn't even know about this new HBO offering. Will have to check it out. And kudos Mist Jul 2012 #7
I have it TIVO'd. alstephenson Jul 2012 #8
Is that me? Gregorian Jul 2012 #9
So real and raw ..just they way most of us feel...great show april Jul 2012 #10
I love the show. riverbendviewgal Jul 2012 #11
I read a few reviews and I see what you mean. pa28 Jul 2012 #12
If you liked The West Wing SCVDem Jul 2012 #13
That's the kind of truth that take real courage and real patriotism. usregimechange Jul 2012 #15
HBO Series "The Newsroom" liberal from boston Jul 2012 #16
Renewed it after only 3 episodes, I think. n/t Beartracks Jul 2012 #18
Yes!!!!!! already renewed. dixiegrrrrl Jul 2012 #33
Damn straight! rateyes Jul 2012 #17
Good stuff. Very good stuff. Excellent stuff. Thanks for the post. geckosfeet Jul 2012 #19
...and there you have it n/t ejbr Jul 2012 #20
That was a good clip, Blue_In_AK Jul 2012 #21
K&R. It's starting.... Keep this kind of shite going! Dustlawyer Jul 2012 #22
Will it make a difference? Or is it mere titillation for free-thinking couch potatoes? RufusTFirefly Jul 2012 #23
The entire first episode is available on HBO's YouTube channel. Make7 Jul 2012 #24
Nicole Sandler had this clip on... elzenmahn Jul 2012 #25
Could have done without the "heartfelt" piano cueing in the second part of it Scootaloo Jul 2012 #26
Sad OverseaVisitor Jul 2012 #28
K n r...nt PCIntern Jul 2012 #29
Excellent show, Sorkin's best and it is only going to get better Bluenorthwest Jul 2012 #30
I just saw the trailer for the upcoming show something about how can you get people to vote for demgrrrll Jul 2012 #31
Amen to that! AMEN to that! benld74 Jul 2012 #32
Thank you for posting ailsagirl Jul 2012 #34
k and r dembotoz Jul 2012 #36
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