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Slow moving but adorable Iliyah Jan 2018 #1
No, but I also don't have to put up TexasTowelie Jan 2018 #2
Looks like doggie summer camp! MLAA Jan 2018 #3
Aww, wanted to see if the Samoyeds went in. Mine once fell into a sinkingfeeling Jan 2018 #4
Do dogs pee in the pool? Cartoonist Jan 2018 #5
You'll never see a herd/pack of cats, period. maddiemom Jan 2018 #6
Whenever I see reference to a herd, group, pack of cats, I have to go watch this petronius Jan 2018 #7
Thank you for the best laugh of the day. mainer Jan 2018 #8
It was a Superbowl 2000 ad. One of the best ever. The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2018 #15
How did they get all those cats to run in one direction? TexasBushwhacker Jan 2018 #12
Those are mostly CGI cats, but they did, in fact, use The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2018 #13
New band name! TexasBushwhacker Jan 2018 #14
Thanks for the link packman Jan 2018 #19
Wow jazzcat23 Jan 2018 #22
Ha ha ha I've always loved that ad!! Beartracks Jan 2018 #23
Holy he'll that's hilarious!! MontanaMama Jan 2018 #27
That's because cats suck. beaglelover Jan 2018 #9
.......... Angry Dragon Jan 2018 #29
A herd of cats crim son Jan 2018 #10
Three words: robbob Jan 2018 #11
So they don't know how to manage the litter box? Shouldn't smell a thing. Nitram Jan 2018 #16
One of my cats complains about the litter box before I can smell it mythology Jan 2018 #21
Wait till you get one that teaches herself to use the toilet as a toilet jmowreader Jan 2018 #33
One bathroom with ten adults might be just as ripe. lunatica Jan 2018 #26
Hey, Im just replying to the post complaining about the smell of wet dogs! robbob Jan 2018 #28
Tell me those ten cats weren't confined to the room with the litterboxes. maddiemom Jan 2018 #30
Of course not! robbob Jan 2018 #32
The filters for that pool are going to be completely clogged with dog hair... Nitram Jan 2018 #17
The proper noun for a group of cats. . . Collimator Jan 2018 #18
Welcome to DU lillypaddle Jan 2018 #24
You landed in the right place! lunatica Jan 2018 #25
I think my favorite part was the "catboy" cleaning himself off with the sticky roller. Doreen Jan 2018 #20
Unless they are a herd of tigers and jaguars. muntrv Jan 2018 #31
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