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Fri Jun 8, 2012, 10:45 AM Jun 2012

How do you feel about Kraft individually wrapped orange American-style cheese food product slices? [View all]

12 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
6 (50%)
Cheese-whiz in plastic.
0 (0%)
I love them. I also like catching my farts in the bathtub.
2 (17%)
If they weren't individually wrapped, I'd never use any form of cheese food product.
1 (8%)
Waste of plastic.
0 (0%)
Waste of cheese food product - the plastic's kind of cool to play with.
0 (0%)
Sliced ACTUAL American cheese doesn't need no stinkin' plastic wrap, man.
0 (0%)
What the hell is cheese?
0 (0%)
What the hell is cheese food product? (and don't vote for this because you REALLY don't want to know)
0 (0%)
Anything's good after enough bong hits.
3 (25%)
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I remember being fascinated by those as a kid cyberswede Jun 2012 #1
Why do you hate America? ohiosmith Jun 2012 #2
(rim shot) HopeHoops Jun 2012 #4
Its Amercia Pool Hall Ace Jun 2012 #46
Hey you haven't lived pipi_k Jun 2012 #3
Trivia: SPAM is a contraction of "spiced ham" and yet the only spice in it is salt. HopeHoops Jun 2012 #5
Did you learn that at the Spam Museum? cyberswede Jun 2012 #6
No, the Hormel website. HopeHoops Jun 2012 #7
This one GeorgeGist Jun 2012 #22
YES! YES! YES! Thank you! My late father-in-law LOVED that picture. HopeHoops Jun 2012 #23
Hey, for all the Germans and Scandihoovians here in Minnesota hifiguy Jun 2012 #18
For as much as I make fun of SPAM, the ingredients are pretty good compared to other such things. HopeHoops Jun 2012 #20
I haven't tried it yet but have seen bacon flavored spam in stores. A Simple Game Jun 2012 #34
My commuting buddy from 20 years ago were debating which is worse... HopeHoops Jun 2012 #40
Must be branching out to increase sales. A Simple Game Jun 2012 #41
Mayo and swiss cheese is good. I don't do meat anymore. HopeHoops Jun 2012 #42
My American cheese of choice: New Yorker White American woodsprite Jun 2012 #8
Most fast food joints use orange-colored processed American-style cheese food product. HopeHoops Jun 2012 #9
I like them and I don't take baths. Showers for me. Ptah Jun 2012 #10
Can you catch a fart in the shower? HopeHoops Jun 2012 #13
This message was hidden by Jury decision. Kaleva Jun 2012 #11
That is NOT funny. HopeHoops Jun 2012 #12
what's wrong with Cheez Whiz? IcyPeas Jun 2012 #14
Actually, I don't think I've ever had Cheeze Whiz. I've had Velveeta and Easy Cheese. HopeHoops Jun 2012 #15
The only proper place for Cheez Whiz hifiguy Jun 2012 #19
The Wiz steak is losing ground these days. GoneOffShore Jun 2012 #26
It's been a while since I was in Philly. hifiguy Jun 2012 #27
The only reason I can think of to put Cheese Whiz on a Steak sub A Simple Game Jun 2012 #35
It's great for sealing cracks around windows Major Nikon Jun 2012 #28
Where I come from, that ain't cheese. hobbit709 Jun 2012 #16
No it isn't. That's why they call it "processed American-style cheese food product". HopeHoops Jun 2012 #17
"American cheese" is a processed cheese product Major Nikon Jun 2012 #30
Is it a processed "cheese FOOD product"? HopeHoops Jun 2012 #39
It means it's kinda like cheese Major Nikon Jun 2012 #44
No it isn't Nikia Jun 2012 #47
I've made it before, and I know exactly what it is Major Nikon Jun 2012 #48
You can see the definitions here. Kraft had to change their label. Nikia Jun 2012 #52
There's a lot to be said for brand loyalty Major Nikon Jun 2012 #53
I remember when they were sliced but OriginalGeek Jun 2012 #21
I get Cooper or one of the other local (and actual) American cheeses - sliced, not wrapped. HopeHoops Jun 2012 #24
Until the day he died OriginalGeek Jun 2012 #25
We've never dyed anything but brown eggs for Easter with our kids. They're pretty. HopeHoops Jun 2012 #37
Other. They are part of a satanic plot... arbusto_baboso Jun 2012 #29
Better than that garbage you get in Europe... whistler162 Jun 2012 #31
Quoi? GoneOffShore Jun 2012 #32
The only good cheese is Velvetta the rest tastes like whistler162 Jun 2012 #58
There is no accounting for taste. GoneOffShore Jun 2012 #59
Two slices on a freshly barbecued burger cannot be beat. Swede Jun 2012 #33
Hmmmmm 64 slices of American cheese!! Hassin Bin Sober Jun 2012 #36
Okay, which two of you voted for catching farts? HopeHoops Jun 2012 #38
Good on Cheap Burgers Taverner Jun 2012 #43
Classic kid food. I think of it like iceberg lettuce and boxed pudding riderinthestorm Jun 2012 #45
It's totally fine for what it is. harmonicon Jun 2012 #49
Fried SPAM and Velveeta with iceburg lettuce and Miracle Whip on white bread - no crusts. HopeHoops Jun 2012 #50
That sounds like a sandwich the French would love - really. harmonicon Jun 2012 #56
As I understand it, despite the "language police", they still call McFood "le BigMac". HopeHoops Jun 2012 #57
Gramma K cheese! Kali Jun 2012 #51
A write-in vote for: "That stuff is barely-flavoured food-grade wax..." SOteric Jun 2012 #54
Yeah, wax usually has a flavor. That's why we eat crayons in kindergarten. HopeHoops Jun 2012 #55
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