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19. Just LOVE these!! ❤
Mon May 10, 2021, 10:53 PM
May 2021

Foxes are such a joy!! You're So lucky, imo.

I look forward to more pics!

I've a 2+yr history with their smaller grey, tree-climbing cousins here in Virginia. (Whenever I can get my lazybutt over to Dicks' to buy a trailcam, I'll post pics.) But here's what our little, kitty-sized guy looks like...

I'm currently feeding a male on my front porch every night!

Gray foxes smaller than their red fox cousins. And, thankfully, this one is less-trusting than his mom was - she fully trusted me & unfortunately also trusted my hunter neighbor who killed her!! So, I make no attempt to make friends with this kid since I don't want him trusting any human.

He waits until all house lights are off & all noise has stopped before he comes to eat in the wee a.m. hrs. How do I know it's him eating the treats I leave out & not a raccoon? I've often quietly spyed thru a window. Besides, Booger, a male, marks our front shrubbery & has twice marked our porch with his little feces. Yes, yuck! But I tolerate his skunky smelling urine & pick up his little turds. 😛 My next door neighbors are offended by his smell & often spray some stinky smelling yard deordant to cover it. I'd rather smell fox urine!

Yes, I love them....a lot. 😁

Awesome!!! SheltieLover May 2021 #1
How wonderful! femmedem May 2021 #2
Awwww! smirkymonkey May 2021 #3
That is so cool! Mr. Evil May 2021 #4
How lucky you are! Have you seen the mom? Fla Dem May 2021 #5
Not yet... I don't think happybird May 2021 #6
Maybe you could borrow a mower Marthe48 May 2021 #16
I am taking part in "No mow May" robbob May 2021 #23
I got it out! happybird May 2021 #26
Thanks for the update Marthe48 May 2021 #37
This message was self-deleted by its author Deminpenn May 2021 #33
It's great. They're raised under my deck every year, too. JudyM May 2021 #7
It should be quite a show when the cicadas emerge! happybird May 2021 #9
Haha, yes! JudyM May 2021 #14
My husband caught a baby fox and brought it home Marthe48 May 2021 #17
Seriously interesting images in that story! JudyM May 2021 #18
I will never forget her Marthe48 May 2021 #21
Ha! He's quite a character, himself. JudyM May 2021 #36
They are much bigger than I expected, for some reason. BobTheSubgenius May 2021 #8
They look a few weeks old. Their legs are long. Cracklin Charlie May 2021 #10
I was worried at first that maybe they were coyotes happybird May 2021 #12
that is very cool. barbtries May 2021 #11
Nothing is cuter than baby bunnies! happybird May 2021 #13
They are adorable I_UndergroundPanther May 2021 #15
Just LOVE these!! ❤ Duppers May 2021 #19
There are foxes that climb trees? ShazzieB May 2021 #29
Yep. They're amazing. Duppers May 2021 #30
That is so cool! Solly Mack May 2021 #20
I really like foxes....this just made my day... turbinetree May 2021 #22
I had some in my woods The Jungle 1 May 2021 #24
Oh, they're so cute!!! Beacool May 2021 #25
Awwwwwwww, they are precious! Waiting for more pics. niyad May 2021 #27
I love them! Loryn May 2021 #28
So lovely. Thanks. ❤ nt littlemissmartypants May 2021 #31
Dr. Brian May (also guitarist of Queen) is an animal's rights activist, tavernier May 2021 #32
You're going to see a lot more! Grins May 2021 #34
Awwwwww! FirstLight May 2021 #35
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