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Thanks for the info. I had heard the name, but never knew the story Walleye May 2022 #1
Cool! cilla4progress May 2022 #2
Yes, she was a great Chief of the Cherokee Nation in the 20th century ms liberty May 2022 #3
I've got a Maya Angelou quarter. Beautiful. Shrike47 May 2022 #4
Yes, that one is my favorite of the five! Emile May 2022 #5
i'll have to grab a couple sets for the grandkids that i might never have. mopinko May 2022 #6
I love the Dr Sally Ride quarter. roamer65 May 2022 #7
Cherokee word for water Ghost of Tom Joad May 2022 #8
Wow, now this docudrama is on my list to watch. Thanks! Emile May 2022 #10
Yes, I have! txwhitedove May 2022 #9
I actually knew her. DURHAM D May 2022 #11
Now that is impressive! Emile May 2022 #13
Yes. Pancreatic DURHAM D May 2022 #15
Certainly have! I will have to add that. 2Gingersnaps May 2022 #12
2022-2025 roamer65 May 2022 #17
Have they announced who the remaining Emile May 2022 #28
2023, yes. 2024 and 2025, no. roamer65 May 2022 #29
Yes, of course. niyad May 2022 #14
Yes! calimary May 2022 #16
CNAT SergeStorms May 2022 #18
We could learn a lot from Native Americans. Lonestarblue May 2022 #19
My understanding she opened a sort of tribal membership to those claiming "Indian Blood". denbot May 2022 #20
I do remember her! Thanks for this news. nt Hekate May 2022 #21
Well, I was gonna say, look for her on a quarter soon ! but you evidently know all about it. :) eppur_se_muova May 2022 #22
I don't get many quarters because I don't use cash much. halfulglas May 2022 #23
I certainly knew about Wilma Mankiller, TNNurse May 2022 #24
Heard of her? For sure. discntnt_irny_srcsm May 2022 #25
That was nine years ago, you Emile May 2022 #26
Well, I knew of her. discntnt_irny_srcsm May 2022 #27
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