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19. We could learn a lot from Native Americans.
Wed May 18, 2022, 01:15 PM
May 2022

They took care of the community and revered the land and its resources—until white Americans took their land and sentenced them to poverty on reservations with poor soil and few ways to make a living, not to mention all the treaties the US government ignored as they took more and more of their land.

Had we treated our natural resources better, we might not be headed toward climate Armageddon.

Thanks for the info. I had heard the name, but never knew the story Walleye May 2022 #1
Cool! cilla4progress May 2022 #2
Yes, she was a great Chief of the Cherokee Nation in the 20th century ms liberty May 2022 #3
I've got a Maya Angelou quarter. Beautiful. Shrike47 May 2022 #4
Yes, that one is my favorite of the five! Emile May 2022 #5
i'll have to grab a couple sets for the grandkids that i might never have. mopinko May 2022 #6
I love the Dr Sally Ride quarter. roamer65 May 2022 #7
Cherokee word for water Ghost of Tom Joad May 2022 #8
Wow, now this docudrama is on my list to watch. Thanks! Emile May 2022 #10
Yes, I have! txwhitedove May 2022 #9
I actually knew her. DURHAM D May 2022 #11
Now that is impressive! Emile May 2022 #13
Yes. Pancreatic DURHAM D May 2022 #15
Certainly have! I will have to add that. 2Gingersnaps May 2022 #12
2022-2025 roamer65 May 2022 #17
Have they announced who the remaining Emile May 2022 #28
2023, yes. 2024 and 2025, no. roamer65 May 2022 #29
Yes, of course. niyad May 2022 #14
Yes! calimary May 2022 #16
CNAT SergeStorms May 2022 #18
We could learn a lot from Native Americans. Lonestarblue May 2022 #19
My understanding she opened a sort of tribal membership to those claiming "Indian Blood". denbot May 2022 #20
I do remember her! Thanks for this news. nt Hekate May 2022 #21
Well, I was gonna say, look for her on a quarter soon ! but you evidently know all about it. :) eppur_se_muova May 2022 #22
I don't get many quarters because I don't use cash much. halfulglas May 2022 #23
I certainly knew about Wilma Mankiller, TNNurse May 2022 #24
Heard of her? For sure. discntnt_irny_srcsm May 2022 #25
That was nine years ago, you Emile May 2022 #26
Well, I knew of her. discntnt_irny_srcsm May 2022 #27
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