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52. Per suggestions
Tue Sep 6, 2022, 10:06 AM
Sep 2022

On your other threads, are you getting free or low-cost rides and other help? Did you meet with a social worker? Food pantries? I think others would be more generous if they see some proactive movement on your part.

I'm so sorry. I hope you get some replies as to an attorney. When my husband got leukemia and Karadeniz Aug 2022 #1
Thank you mvd Aug 2022 #2
My lawyer's been a blessing nt XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #42
Yes, Corgigal Aug 2022 #3
Thanks mvd Aug 2022 #4
Maybe I shouldnt post this, but Corgigal Aug 2022 #24
Yes, my sister had to hire a lawyer to get hers. blueinredohio Aug 2022 #6
They will routinely deny the initial application. My mother was rsdsharp Aug 2022 #5
So sorry. That shows how callous they are mvd Aug 2022 #10
She got it the second time, so no worries. rsdsharp Aug 2022 #16
Most people have to appeal. SheltieLover Aug 2022 #7
Will do! mvd Aug 2022 #11
Yw! SheltieLover Aug 2022 #12
Yes, the amount they can take is regulated by law TexasBushwhacker Aug 2022 #13
And they won't usualluy take a case they don't think they can win. SheltieLover Aug 2022 #17
For the hearing I have good evidence that maybe.. mvd Sep 2022 #33
not trying to be personal-but what does your austism limit you from doing demtenjeep Sep 2022 #66
? demtenjeep Sep 2022 #81
When my daughter's claim was denied many years ago, we went to our U.S. Senator. Grasswire2 Aug 2022 #8
I have one Dem Senator - will be 2 when Fetterman is elected mvd Aug 2022 #9
I have found it best to multigraincracker Aug 2022 #14
Lawyer up irisblue Aug 2022 #15
Get all your paperwork organized SheltieLover Aug 2022 #18
IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST DENIAL... 2naSalit Aug 2022 #19
Yep, first denial mvd Aug 2022 #20
I had an advocate... 2naSalit Aug 2022 #21
I'm sorry for that and I hope you get redemption sir JuJuChen Aug 2022 #22
Get A Lawyer RobinA Aug 2022 #23
Appeal UTUSN Aug 2022 #25
Never stop appealing even if a judge rejects you - because if you finally win you will get womanofthehills Sep 2022 #26
I was wondering about long-covid cases nt XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #28
This message was self-deleted by its author XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #27
I'm pretty depressed about this even though I knew.. mvd Sep 2022 #29
You know, ForgedCrank Sep 2022 #30
It IS mvd Sep 2022 #31
Huh? ForgedCrank Sep 2022 #32
Trying as hard as I can to find solutions to our problems mvd Sep 2022 #34
How many ForgedCrank Sep 2022 #36
I'm going to guess a job isn't what this poster is looking Treefrog Sep 2022 #37
Success can only ForgedCrank Sep 2022 #38
And I applaud that. Treefrog Sep 2022 #39
This. Without disrespect and appreciation moonscape Sep 2022 #72
Disability has upended my life XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #87
no demtenjeep Sep 2022 #64
GO GET A JOB demtenjeep Sep 2022 #82
??? mvd Sep 2022 #83
no one is making petty arguments demtenjeep Sep 2022 #85
your own choices do NOT include demtenjeep Sep 2022 #91
I think you are underestimating some of the angst your last thread caused Thtwudbeme Sep 2022 #95
Almost everyone gets denied the first time. kairos12 Sep 2022 #35
Thanks! mvd Sep 2022 #40
Really in my worst situation yet mvd Sep 2022 #41
Do you have hearing aids? XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #43
I do have hearing aids mvd Sep 2022 #44
I know it's a shock to the system to go from a comfortable XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #45
We still need to make things more livable to rent out mvd Sep 2022 #46
It's not simply ForgedCrank Sep 2022 #47
Friend might have use for garage storage when he moves out.. mvd Sep 2022 #48
What'll happen if you no longer get GFM money? XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #49
That's why I haven't brought the GFM back yet mvd Sep 2022 #51
Per suggestions XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #52
Looking for rides mvd Sep 2022 #53
The DAY OF my 1st SSDI turndown, I was on the phone XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #54
I've contacted a social worker in Collegeville mvd Sep 2022 #55
Also find out what you'll get on SSDI monthly XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #56
Will do mvd Sep 2022 #57
Whats happening this month? XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #67
It goes so quickly mvd Sep 2022 #68
Can your lawyer offer any advice? XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #70
Yes, he probably has a recommended disability lawyer mvd Sep 2022 #78
Thinking about food pantries but want to avoid if possible. demtenjeep Sep 2022 #65
If the friend wants to help, why not? mvd Sep 2022 #69
I would train myself XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #71
St Vincent de Paul gave rides before mvd Sep 2022 #73
And if I bring back the GoFundMe, I will feel better about it this time mvd Sep 2022 #77
I think people have been trying to gently tell you that you are out Thtwudbeme Sep 2022 #74
And I have been mvd Sep 2022 #75
I am sorry- I don't think you are going to get too many more donations on DU. Thtwudbeme Sep 2022 #76
But when will you? XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #79
Post removed Post removed Sep 2022 #84
Great question. BlackSkimmer Sep 2022 #80
if I am remembering right-it is the 7th demtenjeep Sep 2022 #88
Hey, good catch! BlackSkimmer Sep 2022 #93
he will go scurry off demtenjeep Sep 2022 #94
Everyone I know who tried to get SS Disability had Emile Sep 2022 #50
Mine was approved on the 1st time 3 months after I applied Kaleva Sep 2022 #58
How long did it take to get on Medicare? XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #59
I couldn't work much in the years prior to being on SSDI so I qualified for VA care Kaleva Sep 2022 #60
Thank you XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #61
If your sole income is SSDI, you might qualify for Medicaid Kaleva Sep 2022 #62
I'll explore that XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #63
Worth it mvd Sep 2022 #86
it is disingenuous to imply that people don't care because we question you demtenjeep Sep 2022 #89
The quickest way to get a money stream XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #90
but that isn't gonna happen this time demtenjeep Sep 2022 #92
Funny, ain't it? BlackSkimmer Sep 2022 #96
Sad. I see a lot of GFMs that make me feel crappy- the worst are for Thtwudbeme Sep 2022 #97
Wow. BlackSkimmer Sep 2022 #98
It really is- we don't know who is behind the GFM's we donate to Thtwudbeme Sep 2022 #99
It's a mystery XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #100
Yep. We are two years away from being able to live, eat and pay for insurance Thtwudbeme Sep 2022 #101
I'm the same way XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #102
Yep. I would be at a food pantry so fast, it would make your head swim Thtwudbeme Sep 2022 #103
Thanks, all mvd Sep 2022 #104
Cannot do what? XanaDUer2 Sep 2022 #105
Right, disability isn't one of his areas of practice mvd Sep 2022 #106
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