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110. The Sonics...
Sun Nov 26, 2023, 05:59 PM
Nov 26
?si=PqwKQsO2mpUKZ9pf (1965)

And YES still listen, often...The Sonics were my teen introduction to what later would become my favorite genre in music. PUNK

This message was self-deleted by its author BootinUp Nov 25 #1
Thank you, BootinUp debm55 Nov 25 #2
Maybe BootinUp changed his/her mind True Dough Nov 26 #107
HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH debm55 Nov 27 #134
The Cascades BarbaRosa Nov 25 #3
Thank you BarbaRosa. debm55 Nov 25 #4
The Beach Boys, way back in the early, pre-Beatles 1960s... Jrose Nov 25 #5
Thank you, Jrosa. I agree. debm55 Nov 25 #6
Chad Mitchell Trio The Blue Flower Nov 25 #7
Thank you The Blue Flower. debm55 Nov 25 #10
jimi and well no new material for a long time now dembotoz Nov 25 #8
Agree about Jimi. Mine was Black Sabbath debm55 Nov 25 #11
I spent a couple years in HS playing nothing but Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. bullimiami Nov 26 #105
That's funny. debm55 Nov 26 #120
Benny Goodman Chipper Chat Nov 25 #9
Thank you Chipper Chat debm55 Nov 25 #12
CSNY - "Four Way Street" and Led Zep III. Really like them since and ongoing Bernardo de La Paz Nov 25 #13
Very good selections and groups. Thank you. PS I have both of the albums or did. debm55 Nov 25 #14
C,S,N & Y was my first disappointment in not getting tickets!... electric_blue68 Nov 26 #98
Cool story! . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Nov 26 #99
Ty. Who knew that would be THE night - until that night! That's why I still tell it (in Dem circles, that is 😉 ) electric_blue68 Nov 26 #100
I agree, cool story. debm55 Nov 27 #133
Ty electric_blue68 Nov 27 #182
The 'Airplane & Procol Harum justaprogressive Nov 25 #15
Great choices justaprogressive. debm55 Nov 25 #17
Japage3 after they got their new drummer. 303squadron Nov 25 #16
Didn;t know that, Thank you debm55 Nov 25 #18
J Geils Band bottomofthehill Nov 26 #19
Agree TY debm55 Nov 26 #40
Jefferson Airplane. love_katz Nov 26 #20
I loved her voice also--beautiful. TY debm55 Nov 26 #41
Peter, Paul and Mary...Yes, I still like their songs. Stuart G Nov 26 #21
So do I Stuart, The music and singing were great debm55 Nov 26 #42
The Beatles in '64, The Monkees in '67... electric_blue68 Nov 26 #22
I still listen to " who's next" Still love it debm55 Nov 26 #43
Oh, yeah, it's still a superb album... electric_blue68 Nov 26 #90
Thank you. debm55 Nov 26 #92
👍 electric_blue68 Nov 27 #175
Ramones rpannier Nov 26 #23
You have some heavy hitters there, Great music debm55 Nov 26 #44
I love The Patti Smith Group. Seen them many times. electric_blue68 Nov 26 #94
Thank you electric_blue 68 debm55 Nov 27 #132
👍 electric_blue68 Nov 27 #183
The Go-Go's, and YES!! Coventina Nov 26 #24
Yes, loved their music, still do. debm55 Nov 26 #45
The Byrds. Paladin Nov 26 #25
I realy liked their harmonies and songs. TY debm55 Nov 26 #46
Me too. And all the branches-- Flying Burrito Brothers, Gene Clark, CSN, etc. Silent Type Nov 27 #180
Agree debm55 Nov 27 #185
Tex Beneke and The Modernaires cachukis Nov 26 #26
Wonderful memories for you of the group and your parents. TY debm55 Nov 26 #47
I lucked out. Had two sets of parents. cachukis Nov 26 #77
Quick little story. When I grew up in the cachukis Nov 26 #81
Thank you.I loved the wonderful post, debm55 Dec 4 #195
The Kingston Trio. Glorfindel Nov 26 #27
I remember that song and singing it with friends, Thank you for bringing back memories for me debm55 Nov 26 #48
Still sing it today. Loved them. cachukis Nov 26 #78
Agree debm55 Nov 27 #140
The Beatles! Diamond_Dog Nov 26 #28
Me too! I was in 3rd grade and watched on ed Sullivan's show. debm55 Nov 26 #50
Blues Magoos MIGuy Nov 26 #29
I vaguely remember the name. But I can't remember any songs. TY debm55 Nov 26 #55
By a wide margin... Mike Nelson Nov 26 #30
Yes to both. I was more into the Beatles though. debm55 Nov 26 #58
BEATLES! ... CCExile Nov 26 #31
The Beatles are timeless calguy Nov 26 #32
That was my time too. Saw them on Ed Sullivan's show on a Sunday night. Still love them. debm55 Nov 26 #36
Yes! debm55 Dec 4 #196
Beatles followed by Led Zeppelin Chainfire Nov 26 #33
Thanks Chainfire, Love and listen to both. debm55 Nov 26 #37
Beatles then CCR underpants Nov 26 #34
Good for him. Still like and listen to CCR. I always thought they were from the deep South, It shocked me when I found debm55 Nov 26 #38
Think of all the movies and commercials with CCR songs underpants Nov 26 #56
You are right--all Vietnam movies had at least "Run Through the Jungle" Was there a reason for CCR losing their rights debm55 Nov 26 #62
First contracts in the art world tend to be rip offs underpants Nov 26 #63
Very interesting post---most of it I didn;t know. Thank you for posting the information. I gave you a rec. debm55 Nov 26 #64
Oh, good to hear he got his song rights back!... electric_blue68 Nov 26 #93
I was into the Brownie Scouts in elementary school jmbar2 Nov 26 #35
HAHAHa debm55 Nov 26 #39
Not certain, but probably ELO. Mad_Dem_X Nov 26 #49
My husband still has the album with Dorothy's ruby shoes. He still plays their music when driving. debm55 Nov 26 #52
The Beatles. Though I soon found other groups more interesting. highplainsdem Nov 26 #51
Idk, I think a bunch of their songs from Revolver through The White Album are excellent... electric_blue68 Nov 26 #95
Agree. time and tastes change. debm55 Nov 27 #141
Thank you . debm55 Dec 4 #194
Rare Earth and Lee Michaels Mysterian Nov 26 #53
Me Too! I"I just want to celebrate" TY debm55 Nov 26 #57
I was a Beatlemaniac. dmr Nov 26 #54
Me too. I liked George. debm55 Nov 26 #59
Ha, ha, ha, ah, those days. A friend's dad got us tixs! We were able to see them at Shea Stadium '65 & '66.... electric_blue68 Nov 26 #96
You were very lucky debm55 Dec 5 #208
If we're talking grade school, Bayard Nov 26 #60
Yes, times and tastes change for us. TY debm55 Nov 27 #143
Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem Angleae Nov 26 #61
Thank you. debm55 Nov 26 #66
In elementary school it was Rick Springfield. Niagara Nov 26 #65
Rich Springfield--I was older. BUT, be still my heart. debm55 Nov 26 #68
Yes! Be still my ever beating heart! Niagara Nov 26 #69
Just about all of the Motown groups (Temps, Supremes, 4 Tops), Rolling Stones, Beatles, Earth Wind and Fire. brush Nov 26 #67
Loved the Motown sound. My first 45 was by Stevie Wonder, Motown was great music. debm55 Nov 26 #70
Motown groups - Also the Ronettes, the Crystals, Marvin Gaye and, of course, ARETHA people Nov 26 #79
Agree. debm55 Nov 26 #80
The Moody Blues and Three Dog Night lastlib Nov 26 #71
I still like both, Nights in White Satin was my favorite--so romantic. Like the Dogs too. Great dancing music. TY debm55 Nov 26 #73
The Ramones FM123 Nov 26 #72
Thank you FM123, even though they have passed , their music still touches your soul. What a great accomplishment. debm55 Nov 26 #74
Everly Brothers WestMichRad Nov 26 #75
I agree, And I remember them. TY debm55 Nov 26 #76
The Ventures. I wore the grooves out of those records. Midnight Writer Nov 26 #82
Oh yes, I remember them. Don't hear them anymore. TY debm55 Nov 26 #85
After February 9, 1964 the world was never the same. dchill Nov 26 #83
I was in third grade. It was not long after Kennedy was killed. We watched Ed Sullivan's show on a Sunday night. I debm55 Nov 26 #86
I was almost 13. Perfectly vulnerable, I'm sure! 😃 dchill Nov 26 #106
The Beatles. Lunabell Nov 26 #84
Yes they were. Loved how their music grew over time. debm55 Nov 26 #88
I loved a lot of music iwillalwayswonderwhy Nov 26 #87
Excellent choices. Thank you debm55 Nov 26 #89
I discovered Zappa in 2005 when I was 21. Elessar Zappa Nov 27 #167
Agree, I always wondered about your user name, debm55 Nov 27 #169
It's surprising to me The Rolling Stones only got one notice...mine in post 67. brush Nov 26 #91
surprising no one mentioned Elvis (I know he isn't a "band" rurallib Nov 26 #101
Yes, the band behind should've gotten a mention. The Stones and Elvis are two the biggest in the history of rock. brush Nov 26 #111
Agree debm55 Dec 5 #207
Agree, Jagger keeps going, They are rock and roll. debm55 Nov 26 #116
I don't know why either. TY debm55 Nov 27 #142
Another vote for the Rolling Stones here. Mr.Bill Nov 27 #158
I think it will be a tie with me. debm55 Nov 27 #162
Agreed. I like the Beatles too, but the Stones bad boy image is to my liking as well. brush Nov 27 #165
Not a group, but I did love Marvin Gaye. I was in agony when he was shot and killed by his own father. I just couldn't CTyankee Nov 26 #97
I remember, then the story switch and had Marvin attacking his dad and his dad shooting him in self defense. I didn't debm55 Nov 26 #121
and Marvin was all about peace. "What's Goin' On" was about that. CTyankee Nov 27 #122
Don't know if you'd call it "into" but Buddy Holly and the Crickets rurallib Nov 26 #102
Thank you, ruralib. debm55 Nov 27 #124
It was the Jackson 5/Michael Jackson when I was very young happybird Nov 26 #103
Loved tje Joshua tree and the songs. TY debm55 Nov 27 #144
U2 is my second favorite group! Luckily seen them a bunch of times... electric_blue68 Nov 27 #170
You are lucky. debm55 Nov 27 #174
I had a lot of luck, and usually an incredible amount of joy, and fun w my concert going.... electric_blue68 Nov 27 #181
Always Beatles. But shortly after their arrival... LakeArenal Nov 26 #104
Yes, we had smaller venues here too. I was able to experience different groups and music. debm55 Nov 27 #126
Seen shows from tiny clubs, medium size clubs, to theaters, to arenas, and almost the biggest stadiums... electric_blue68 Nov 27 #186
Nirvana, Beatles, and Black Sabbath. Elessar Zappa Nov 26 #108
Thank you 'Elessar. Love your choices. debm55 Nov 27 #127
The first group I was really into True Dough Nov 26 #109
HAHAHAHHAHAHAH----- debm55 Nov 27 #139
The Sonics... Tikki Nov 26 #110
Thank you Tikki. Great sound debm55 Nov 27 #131
The early Doobie Brothers led by Tom Johnston chicoescuela Nov 26 #112
Agree, It became a whole different kind of Doobies with Michael McDonald as lead singer it was more centered on him. debm55 Nov 26 #118
First musical group? sakabatou Nov 26 #113
Taste does change over time. TY debm55 Nov 27 #130
Pink Floyd. OldBaldy1701E Nov 26 #114
First concert I went to was the Dark Side of the Moon tour. debm55 Nov 26 #119
You lucky person you!! OldBaldy1701E Nov 27 #136
Got to see them at The Filmore East - Atom Heart Mother tour electric_blue68 Nov 27 #173
'Animals' is still one of my fave albums. OldBaldy1701E Nov 27 #184
That was very sweet of you, OldBaldy. debm55 Nov 27 #188
I just count myself lucky that, most of the time, I got through it without breaking. (n/t) OldBaldy1701E Nov 27 #189
Nick is still alive! happybird Dec 4 #191
Oh boy did I have a brain fart in that post! OldBaldy1701E Dec 4 #193
If We Don't Count The Beatles... ProfessorGAC Nov 26 #115
Great choices, I saw Yes, Bowie and Mott the Hoople in concert.Ye times and tastes change. TY debm55 Nov 27 #125
The Kinks ailsagirl Nov 26 #117
ailsagirl. great choice. Thank you. debm55 Nov 27 #129
Two at the same time JustAnotherGen Nov 27 #123
Thank you , JustAnotherGen. I agree. debm55 Nov 27 #128
The Platters alfredo Nov 27 #135
Smooth melody. Thank you, alfredo debm55 Nov 27 #137
One more alfredo Nov 27 #138
Platters were one smooth group. TY debm55 Nov 27 #145
Nine Inch Nails Initech Nov 27 #146
Aren't they from Pittsburgh. Because I think I saw them at a small venue here in town. Thank you. debm55 Nov 27 #147
No, Trent Reznor is originally from Cleveland. Initech Nov 27 #152
Thanks. debm55 Nov 27 #155
Great, great band. Elessar Zappa Nov 27 #168
Go for it debm55 Nov 27 #172
Either the Beach Boys or The Beatles ificandream Nov 27 #148
Thank you ificandream debm55 Nov 27 #150
tommy dorsey. glen miller . yep im old . AllaN01Bear Nov 27 #149
Thank you AllaN01Bear. You are only as young as you feel debm55 Nov 27 #151
you are welcome. AllaN01Bear Nov 27 #157
The Beatles. They were the best. OLDMDDEM Nov 27 #153
Thank you OLDMDDEM. Did you every see them in concert? debm55 Nov 27 #154
You're welcome. OLDMDDEM Nov 27 #156
Beatles, yes. n/t malthaussen Nov 27 #159
Thank you malthaussen. Have a great week. debm55 Nov 27 #161
The Monkees duckworth969 Nov 27 #160
I liked their music, but didn't like the show. Only watched when visiting my cousins. debm55 Nov 27 #163
Emerson, Lake and Palmer RobinA Nov 27 #164
Loved them. debm55 Nov 27 #166
Stones Scottie Mom Nov 27 #171
Me too debm55 Nov 27 #176
The Beatles were "nice" boys. Scottie Mom Nov 27 #177
So true, so true, debm55 Nov 27 #178
Pete Seeger and the Weavers elleng Nov 27 #179
Loved Pete. debm55 Nov 27 #187
Here's a sample, The Weavers, elleng Nov 27 #190
Thank you elleng. debm55 Dec 4 #192
The Beatles are the best band EVER! Jeebo Dec 4 #197
Agree- their music changed with the times. debm55 Dec 5 #200
YES and yes Ferrets are Cool Dec 4 #198
------------------- debm55 Dec 5 #199
My friend bought a lot of Chipmunk albums. NCIndie Dec 5 #201
And you grew with the times too. debm55 Dec 5 #203
The Beatles claudette Dec 5 #202
I liked the fact that they changed with the times, instead of remaining stagnant debm55 Dec 5 #204
Absolutely The Beatles! MuseRider Dec 5 #205
Yes debm55 Dec 5 #206
Beatles. Yes. marble falls Dec 5 #209
Agree TY debm55 Dec 5 #210
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