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50. I love the grammar/English puns..
Sun Dec 3, 2023, 11:51 PM
Dec 2023

My buddy and I loved diagramming sentences is high school English class. We earned a lot of brownie points from the teacher.

YAY! A HERETIC I AM Dec 2023 #1
Yay number two !!!!! Trueblue1968 Dec 2023 #2
Makes my morning bright!! alittlelark Dec 2023 #3
Now I understand NJCher Dec 2023 #4
Great selection SCE, have a wonderful Sunday! MiHale Dec 2023 #5
What a good little girl that is under the Christmas tree!! SOteric Dec 2023 #6
Thanks SCE, for an uplifting set this morning...... KY_EnviroGuy Dec 2023 #7
On occasion. SalmonChantedEvening Dec 2023 #18
Good morning, SCE gademocrat7 Dec 2023 #8
Awww! Such cute babies this week! And I love that last little pup! Thanks for such great pics! Rhiannon12866 Dec 2023 #9
Thanks SCE! Pas-de-Calais Dec 2023 #10
Faves: nuxvomica Dec 2023 #11
" ... two more victims of the La Brea Carpets." planetc Dec 2023 #12
Calvin's face in the third panel pnwest Dec 2023 #13
Cute Dalmatian puppies! Lasher Dec 2023 #14
Does a dog Delphinus Dec 2023 #16
Yes they can! burrowowl Dec 2023 #23
I counted 13. A HERETIC I AM Dec 2023 #48
Good morning, SCE. As usual, you have completely outdone yourself with this niyad Dec 2023 #15
Sunday fun with Salmon! SouthernDem4ever Dec 2023 #17
My fave: 70sEraVet Dec 2023 #19
My Sundays don't get started until I get to enjoy your selections 🙏 Deuxcents Dec 2023 #20
Some wonderful pictures! Fla Dem Dec 2023 #21
lol. love the trains under the tree. and the puppy too also. AllaN01Bear Dec 2023 #22
I got the coal burning one for X-mas when I was 2 burrowowl Dec 2023 #25
they were and r meant to last , no.? AllaN01Bear Dec 2023 #29
So many wonderful holiday themed ones! pandr32 Dec 2023 #24
Thank you SCE irisblue Dec 2023 #26
Thank you. ❤️ littlemissmartypants Dec 2023 #27
First cat deserves a medal Easterncedar Dec 2023 #28
Thank you! rogerballard Dec 2023 #30
So Yoda likes Elf on a shelf for a quick snack? KS Toronado Dec 2023 #31
Stellar Festive Objects Edition, SCE! Niagara Dec 2023 #32
Thanks, SCE! Different Drummer Dec 2023 #33
Yes. I loved Garfield. murielm99 Dec 2023 #52
🦆 underpants Dec 2023 #34
What a delight! Wild blueberry Dec 2023 #35
As always, thank you a bunch! BobTheSubgenius Dec 2023 #36
Thank you I do enjoy this. republianmushroom Dec 2023 #37
Always secure the xmas tree. ALWAYS progressoid Dec 2023 #38
Wow, SCE, you BlueSky3 Dec 2023 #39
#26 Perdita! nt Wednesdays Dec 2023 #40
Thanks, SCE! 🥰 crickets Dec 2023 #41
Thanks for the laughter, SCE!! ailsagirl Dec 2023 #42
Counting the Dalmatian puppies is easy. Just count their eyes and divide by two. EarnestPutz Dec 2023 #43
As usual, another great photo of owls. With blue feet, no less. EarnestPutz Dec 2023 #44
Best picture of a Cedar Waxwing that I've ever seen. EarnestPutz Dec 2023 #45
Happy Festive Objects, SCE! blogslug Dec 2023 #46
cute and funny collection today! peacebuzzard Dec 2023 #47
All good. Thanks! housecat Dec 2023 #49
I love the grammar/English puns.. raising2moredems Dec 2023 #50
TY, SCE!.. electric_blue68 Dec 2023 #51
Thanks, SCE! murielm99 Dec 2023 #53
The swan and those Northern Lights! calimary Dec 2023 #54
Baby Yoda is hilarious AND Ferrets are Cool Dec 2023 #55
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