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15. I call foul on the slow jeopardy loading questions.
Thu Dec 7, 2023, 01:58 PM
Dec 7

I supplied a new one, albeit not in the spirit, so I deleted it.

This is the last name of Tiny Tim's family. debm55 Dec 7 #1
What is 'Cratchett'? (n/t) OldBaldy1701E Dec 7 #2
Correct debm55 Dec 7 #3
Spelling is off, but close enough debm55 Dec 7 #4
Total number of ghosts that visited Scrooge debm55 Dec 7 #5
What is 3? GreenWave Dec 7 #7
no, sorry debm55 Dec 7 #10
What is four? (n/t) OldBaldy1701E Dec 7 #8
Yes-- Jacob Marley, Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Present debm55 Dec 7 #11
Jacob Marley. Lol. rsdsharp Dec 7 #20
So sorry, I need to talk to the producers about my mistake. debm55 Dec 7 #23
Deleted as not being Christams related. Sorry! GreenWave Dec 7 #6
Sorry, not the correct answer. debm55 Dec 7 #9
What do you call not following directions? What is deleting your post? debm55 Dec 7 #12
I call foul on the slow jeopardy loading questions. GreenWave Dec 7 #15
Had to take the trash out. debm55 Dec 7 #22
The tradition of using a decorated tree began in this country debm55 Dec 7 #13
What is Germany? Jrose Dec 7 #14
Correct. Was taking a commercial break to take out the garbage. debm55 Dec 7 #16
Ok...Was an 'intuitive' guess. Figured it originated in Europe. Jrose Dec 7 #28
This mythical winter sprite nips at your nose in"The Christmas Song" debm55 Dec 7 #17
Who is Jack Frost? Sanity Claws Dec 7 #18
Correct, debm55 Dec 7 #19
Ralphie's father wins a lamp in this shape debm55 Dec 7 #21
What is a woman's leg? Sanity Claws Dec 7 #24
Very good Sanity Claws. I am signing off too for now as the productors concerning the Bob Marley/ Jacob Marley mix up. debm55 Dec 7 #25
HaHa Sanity Claws Dec 7 #26
From Italy underpants Dec 7 #27
omg Niagara Dec 7 #29
what real life department store was the setting for" Miracle on 34th Street" debm55 Dec 7 #31
What Is Macy's? ProfessorGAC Dec 7 #32
We have a winner, thank you ProfessorGAC. HOHOHO debm55 Dec 7 #33
This Christmas tradition began in Ancient Greece as a blessing of fertility in wedding ceremonies debm55 Dec 7 #34
The answer is what is kissing under the mistletoe" debm55 Dec 7 #35
This giggling red monster was a hit for the 1996 holiday season. debm55 Dec 7 #36
Who is Tickle Me Elmo? Niagara Dec 7 #37
YES! I hope you wagered all your money ---because you have won. debm55 Dec 7 #38
Oh My Lucky Jeopardy! Niagara Dec 8 #42
Who is Tickle Me Elmo SOteric Dec 7 #40
I'm so sorry, You are correct but another poster gave the answer first. There is another question below, debm55 Dec 7 #41
The role of Scrooge was played by this two time Award winner and British actor in A Muppets Christmas Carol debm55 Dec 7 #39
Who is Michael Caine justaprogressive Dec 8 #43
Yes, very good and congratulations. debm55 Dec 8 #44
You would not believe justaprogressive Dec 8 #46
In the song , "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". the carolers threaten to stay put until they receive this English dish debm55 Dec 8 #45
what is figgy pudding justaprogressive Dec 8 #47
Wow, very good. You have the correct answer debm55 Dec 8 #48
Children leave this tasty treat and beverage for Santa on Christmas Eve debm55 Dec 8 #49
What is cookies and beer? jmowreader Dec 8 #51
Ya beat me. WestMichRad Dec 8 #53
Sorry wrong answer debm55 Dec 8 #55
correct debm55 Dec 8 #54
What are milk and cookies? WestMichRad Dec 8 #52
You already gave the correct answer debm55 Dec 8 #56
Jmow beat me to the punch... er, milk. WestMichRad Dec 8 #57
The first Thanksgiving parade in the US was held in Philadelphia jmowreader Dec 8 #50
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