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Every year yankee87 Mar 31 #1
Thank you yankee87, I hated those frilly dresses. the slips under them scratche. shoes were slippery. I even remember debm55 Mar 31 #3
Ripped or torn yankee87 Mar 31 #4
Agree. TY yankees87 debm55 Mar 31 #42
You and me both!!! And hats! flor-de-jasmim Mar 31 #56
TY flor-de-jasmin. Once a regular slip and Panty hose could be worn it was okay. debm55 Mar 31 #60
Always, even homegirl Mar 31 #54
Ty homegirl for the sweet story. I generally wore hand me downs and my mother sowed , But Christmas and Easter were for debm55 Mar 31 #61
of course we did. This was in the 1950s so we got these weird stiff nylon dresses yellowdogintexas Mar 31 #2
Thank you yellowdogintexas. We always visted my grandmother for lunch/dinner and the clothes stayed on. debm55 Mar 31 #5
Bringing back unpleasant memories of scratchy nylon and something else (barbed wire?) petticoats Timeflyer Mar 31 #48
Ty Timeflyer. Yes they did scratch. I didn't like it either as it was right against our skin as we wore short white debm55 Mar 31 #51
Oh, yes! Lunabell Mar 31 #6
Thank you Lunabell, You and your family are dressed in all your Easter best, I noticed the little white socks with lace. debm55 Mar 31 #9
And Mary Janes. Lunabell Mar 31 #13
Yes, the MaryJanes. We took them on the sidewalk and rubbed the bottom on the cement so we wouldn't slip. Love your debm55 Mar 31 #14
Always a little purse! 💜🩷💚🐣🐰 LakeArenal Mar 31 #35
TY :LakeArenal. Yes, the little purse for Kleenex and some coins.(and my troll doll) debm55 Mar 31 #43
Mine hand the ironed lace trim hankie. LakeArenal Mar 31 #47
TY LakeArenal. you were lucky. I just had one of those little packs of Kleenex. We just had baskets --no cellophane. debm55 Mar 31 #52
I still love those hankies I see at Goodwill. LakeArenal Mar 31 #62
Once that I can remember for sure, around age 10. 3catwoman3 Mar 31 #7
Thank you 3catwoman3, your outfit sounds very much like mine. Still remember the elastic on the hat. debm55 Mar 31 #11
I hated the hats with the thin elastic band! 10 Turtle Day Mar 31 #12
Ty, 10 Turtle Day. the hat and the gloves were the only things that came off at my grandmother's house. It was an all debm55 Mar 31 #15
My mom would put the elastic band around the back... 3catwoman3 Mar 31 #38
Yep! I loved my frilly dress and hat. Phoenix61 Mar 31 #8
Thank you Phoenix61. Yes the socks did make a come back I liked the socks. debm55 Mar 31 #18
Yup! Squeaky white patent leather shoes, woodsprite Mar 31 #10
Thank you woodsprite. The crinoline slips were scratchy.. I did like my spring purse. debm55 Mar 31 #16
Yes. MOMFUDSKI Mar 31 #17
TY, MOMFUDSKI, your outfit sounds beautiful and classy. debm55 Mar 31 #19
New lilac dresses for all the girls malaise Mar 31 #20
Ty malaise. That sounds beautiful. I love the colors lilac and lavender for dresses. The purple ribbons make it sound so debm55 Mar 31 #24
Every year! SallyHemmings Mar 31 #21
I had a Lavender print dress with a lavender coat. loved it Yes, it was a mission as we got a little older. Ty, debm55 Mar 31 #25
mostly no. stopdiggin Mar 31 #22
Ty stopdiggin. I remember the clip on ties.We generally got fancy outfits for Christmas and Easter. After Mass it was an debm55 Mar 31 #28
My mom made our dresses..same style but different colors Deuxcents Mar 31 #23
Ty you Deuxcents. Your mom is/was very talented. Shoes we got were school shoes, church shoes, and play shoes.Church debm55 Mar 31 #31
I was 8 in 1970 NorthCountryLib Mar 31 #26
TY, NorthCountryLib, I liked my outfits too. Christmas and Easter were the only time we wore something special. debm55 Mar 31 #33
Every year. Hats went away when I was about seven. CrispyQ Mar 31 #27
Thank you CrispyQ, That sounds Beautiful. debm55 Mar 31 #44
not even once. nt Trueblue Texan Mar 31 #29
Thank you Trueblue Texan. debm55 Mar 31 #45
Sure did, and it continued into the '60s. Ocelot II Mar 31 #30
Your Dad is pretty dapper as well. LakeArenal Mar 31 #37
Elegant indeed! 3catwoman3 Mar 31 #39
Thank you Ocelot 11 Your family is very classy. You are your mom are beautiful. debm55 Mar 31 #46
Most definitely. FalloutShelter Mar 31 #32
Ty FalloutShelter. We used the Simplicity patterns here too. Your coats sound wonderful. debm55 Mar 31 #49
A couple of years, yes. And I HATED it. Attilatheblond Mar 31 #34
Ty Attilatheblond. Were the other boys? debm55 Mar 31 #50
2 brothers and one sister Attilatheblond Mar 31 #59
TY, I wonder why she didn;t dress you other sister up? debm55 Mar 31 #64
Sister was 10 years older than I am and one stubborn individual Attilatheblond Mar 31 #70
Ty AttilatheBlond. Thank you for anwering my question. You are very kind. debm55 Mar 31 #73
For years I also had a starched white pinafore. LakeArenal Mar 31 #36
That is so funny. Ty LakeArenal. debm55 Mar 31 #55
Always got a new dress with all the fixings! FloridaBlues Mar 31 #40
TY FloridaBlues. That sounds fun. I bet it was. debm55 Mar 31 #65
Yes I got a new dress and shoes kimbutgar Mar 31 #41
I bet it was. TY kimbutgar. debm55 Mar 31 #66
Yep the whole thing Tree Lady Mar 31 #53
Ty Tree Lady. Your husband sounds like a catch. debm55 Mar 31 #69
lol he is. We work together Tree Lady Mar 31 #83
TY Tree Lady. debm55 Mar 31 #85
Absolutely! Bayard Mar 31 #57
I am so sorry for you Bayard. debm55 Mar 31 #74
Oh, we laughed about it years later Bayard Mar 31 #81
Ty Bayard That's good. debm55 Mar 31 #86
Yeah, what fun. Conjuay Mar 31 #58
Agree, debm55 Mar 31 #89
My mom basically got us clothes we could wear later on. haele Mar 31 #63
Thank you haele. Since I lived in western PA the clothing had different weight and colors. We generally had two sets of debm55 Mar 31 #68
Yes. There's an uncomfortable memory. discntnt_irny_srcsm Mar 31 #67
TY discntnt_irny_srcsm. I liked going shopping. I have seen other kids (my brother) hide and my mother yelling his name debm55 Mar 31 #71
My wife does some theraputic shopping sometimes. discntnt_irny_srcsm Mar 31 #76
My little brother used to do that. And he was on leads half the time... haele Mar 31 #72
Ty, haele. I would have done it too , just to see what it was like. but didn't.Didn't want the wrath of my mother in debm55 Mar 31 #75
Memory is like snow. discntnt_irny_srcsm Mar 31 #77
Thank you. debm55 Mar 31 #78
Yes. Not always store bought though. LoisB Mar 31 #79
TY LoisB. Sometimes the best things come from the heart debm55 Mar 31 #80
We did that up until I was about 10 years old. Chainfire Mar 31 #82
You are lucky. There were years we didn't go to mass because of ice storms and snow. We stayed in our clothes all day as debm55 Mar 31 #84
Yes. And then, as George Carlin used to say, Mr.Bill Mar 31 #87
Agree. Carlin knew what he was talking about. And that was every Sunday not just Easter. debm55 Mar 31 #88
Yup MFM008 Apr 1 #90
Parents couldn't afford it Wicked Blue Apr 1 #91
Wicked Blue. but they gave you love which to a child is important. debm55 Apr 1 #94
yesterday when i was in churh, i saw a small young man in da da dadyos arms and was all AllaN01Bear Apr 1 #92
TY AllaN01Bear , they are cute when they are young and decked out. debm55 Apr 1 #93
Oh yes, but this year a winter beanie with flowers, boiled wool handbag with flowers, and wool fingerless Hikerchick57 Apr 1 #95
TY Hickerchick57 debm55 Apr 1 #97
Yes ProfessorGAC Apr 1 #96
Thank you ProfessorGAC, That's we did with my son also. It made it seem like he had more clothing then he had. debm55 Apr 1 #98
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