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Tue Jan 15, 2013, 08:43 PM Jan 2013

Does Cilantro taste like soap to you? [View all]

To me, yes… Now I know why. It's in my genes. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/20/cilantro-aversion-gene-study_n_1901124.html

17 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
It tastes like soap
6 (35%)
It doesn't taste like soap
11 (65%)
I love the taste of Dove Soap!
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
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I can handle small (and I mean *small*) amounts Arkansas Granny Jan 2013 #1
I feel ya, AR Granny MrScorpio Jan 2013 #5
Cilaaaaaantro ... Mmmmmmm ... Arugula Latte Jan 2013 #2
... pinboy3niner Jan 2013 #31
... Arugula Latte Jan 2013 #32
Beat me to it! u4ic Jan 2013 #36
Ah, a connoisseur of the soaps with which we got our mouths washed out pinboy3niner Jan 2013 #41
It would be so much easier today, eh? u4ic Jan 2013 #48
A little bit is okay, but in significant amounts it becomes quite soapy-tasting. nt Codeine Jan 2013 #3
I feel sorry for you. surrealAmerican Jan 2013 #4
It does, in a way Canuckistanian Jan 2013 #6
Tastes like stink bugs Taverner Jan 2013 #7
Well, I sort of agree. It tastes like Laurian Jan 2013 #9
... 2naSalit Jan 2013 #35
Mexican and Thai food.... BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2013 #8
+1 pinboy3niner Jan 2013 #17
Mmmmmmm....oh you ratfink BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2013 #18
Ratfink I may be, but I hope somebody brings you a steaming bowl of pho pinboy3niner Jan 2013 #29
Awwwwwwwwwwwww! thanks pin! Hey for me, BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2013 #38
well, that hamburgler was a mistake. BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2013 #47
Megadittoes, Blanchsplanch Bucky Jan 2013 #44
so....are u busy tonight? BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2013 #46
I said yes, it tastes like soap, but frogmarch Jan 2013 #10
I grow it, but have never tasted it. femmocrat Jan 2013 #11
I bought some once from a co-op to make homemade salsa Art_from_Ark Jan 2013 #12
How about "Do beets taste like dirt?" shadowmayor Jan 2013 #13
I love beets..... AnneD Jan 2013 #24
Oh god yes. Codeine Jan 2013 #40
Love it love it love it Populist_Prole Jan 2013 #14
That's a good way of putting it... GoCubsGo Jan 2013 #25
it tastes wonderful to me hopemountain Jan 2013 #15
I always wondered why my mom washed out my mouth with cilantro Shrek Jan 2013 #16
23andMe tests for cilantro Thirties Child Jan 2013 #19
Love cilantro!! n/t PasadenaTrudy Jan 2013 #20
I can handle a little bit as a garnish geardaddy Jan 2013 #21
No. But I find it amazingly disgusting. bunnies Jan 2013 #22
Cilantro can remove toxic metals from body tissue. antiquie Jan 2013 #23
Interesting, if true. Here is one research report. Duer 157099 Jan 2013 #26
interesting. ...I wonder if there's any corelation to cultures that use a lot of cilantro? BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2013 #39
Seems to be genetic intaglio Jan 2013 #27
More like chlorine, but I voted 'yes'. trof Jan 2013 #28
It tastes like soap libodem Jan 2013 #30
Brown Soap...like Fels Naptha.... n/t Sekhmets Daughter Jan 2013 #33
I make a cilantro pesto - It's really good. GoneOffShore Jan 2013 #34
No, but I know deeply dislike it. n/t Agschmid Jan 2013 #37
Possibly. Jack Sprat Jan 2013 #42
It tastes a lot like coriander. RedCloud Jan 2013 #43
Here's a site where you can write a haiku on how much you hate it. geardaddy Jan 2013 #45
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