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13. I remember using typewriters, but then went straight to computers.
Tue Jan 24, 2012, 07:17 PM
Jan 2012

I skipped the word processor era altogether. Didn't know it was going on.

Maybe he forgot to charge the battery liberal N proud Jan 2012 #1
No... I mean... that many macs? redqueen Jan 2012 #2
Many schools now include a laptop in tuition liberal N proud Jan 2012 #8
Ah, yes... that would explain it... redqueen Jan 2012 #10
I think the University of Arizona provides Apples. I bet it's a competitive contract... MiddleFingerMom Jan 2012 #19
pen and paper kid gets an A+ limpyhobbler Jan 2012 #3
There are a few more pen and paper kids... redqueen Jan 2012 #5
I did quakerboy Jan 2012 #35
Those aren't pen and paper kids. They just ain't taking notes. Saving Hawaii Jan 2012 #38
The guy with the Acer will one day be their boss. deucemagnet Jan 2012 #4
I got through college with a pen and paper bigwillq Jan 2012 #6
what's a word processor? limpyhobbler Jan 2012 #7
Google it on your computer. bigwillq Jan 2012 #9
Remember microfiche and encyclopedias? Chan790 Jan 2012 #11
I loved Encyclos!!! bigwillq Jan 2012 #12
Me too! Chan790 Jan 2012 #15
I was also obsessed with the Atlas. bigwillq Jan 2012 #16
I used to read the encyclopedia too. Bake Jan 2012 #22
I remember using typewriters, but then went straight to computers. limpyhobbler Jan 2012 #13
Oh, it was big bigwillq Jan 2012 #14
Believe it or don't, but I went BACK to a word-processor. kentauros Jan 2012 #36
I like it limpyhobbler Jan 2012 #39
A word processing program, such as Microsoft Word or Word Perfect. RebelOne Jan 2012 #17
No, the ORIGINAL Word Processor... MicaelS Jan 2012 #26
As did I, deucemagnet Jan 2012 #18
I got through college with a pen, paper and.... zanana1 Jan 2012 #41
Easy. Macs are for children & others who can't be trusted with a real computer. baldguy Jan 2012 #20
Easy. Macs are for people who want quality and are willing to pay for it. NYC_SKP Jan 2012 #21
At least you know that the guy with pen & paper HappyMe Jan 2012 #23
Oh YEAH? Oh YEAH! Well, well, well, I hand-coded machine code using a hex keypad. HopeHoops Jan 2012 #24
I hand-coded an IBM 650. Lionel Mandrake Jan 2012 #29
Those were the days, eh? 6502/6510 is still my favorite machine. HopeHoops Jan 2012 #34
That's a lot of white people. hunter Jan 2012 #25
best response n/t YankeyMCC Jan 2012 #42
There is something to be said about Pen and paper. Lady Freedom Returns Jan 2012 #27
The professor might use some interactive software Duer 157099 Jan 2012 #28
I am SO glad that I went to college and grad school hifiguy Jan 2012 #30
They don't dictate? redqueen Jan 2012 #31
The ad agencies where I worked, as well as the lawyers HappyMe Jan 2012 #32
I've seen some really old-school guys hifiguy Jan 2012 #33
Yes, it's Photoshopped. kentauros Jan 2012 #37
Schools up here give the kids Mac laptops with most of their texts already loaded. freshwest Jan 2012 #40
Lighter and cheaper than textbooks, e-books are the future. NYC_SKP Jan 2012 #43
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