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You're one of my favorite posters, serious politics and cute gifs inclusive. Scuba Oct 2014 #1
I've found a much happier existence sharp_stick Oct 2014 #2
GD or Lounge? Xyzse Oct 2014 #3
They didn't specify MrScorpio Oct 2014 #4
Ah well... Xyzse Oct 2014 #5
They got rid of that feature sharp_stick Oct 2014 #6
Dangit! Xyzse Oct 2014 #7
Not at all! I love your posts. logosoco Oct 2014 #8
Anytime I see you have posted, I click on it. Thanks MrScorpio! n/t DebJ Oct 2014 #9
Ask me tomorrow pinboy3niner Oct 2014 #10
I've got a new Wednesday dance gif premiering tomorrow nt MrScorpio Oct 2014 #11
I'll look forward to it pinboy3niner Oct 2014 #12
Unless it rains. bluesbassman Oct 2014 #18
People on DU snivel about everything. chrisa Oct 2014 #13
R U kidding me. I always enjoy your posts.... Little Star Oct 2014 #14
Someone on the Disc is full of... malthaussen Oct 2014 #15
You have been one of my favorite DUers hifiguy Oct 2014 #16
Hell no. I love your posts MrScorpio. lovemydog Oct 2014 #17
Keep it up. I enjoy them! n/t Tom_Foolery Oct 2014 #19
Of course not ismnotwasm Oct 2014 #20
You're taking on MFMs mantle. I for one, am grateful riderinthestorm Oct 2014 #21
Some people don't understand what spamming is. betsuni Oct 2014 #22
oh tell them to fuck off, MrScorpio Skittles Oct 2014 #23
always so succinct Kali Oct 2014 #34
Wellll.... I do wish everyones' posted videos' subject lines had a (v) at the end marzipanni Oct 2014 #24
This tabbycat31 Oct 2014 #39
Serioulsy? Texasgal Oct 2014 #25
You Gotta Go - The Mighty Bosstones edgineered Oct 2014 #26
I'm a big fan of your posts nt LiberalElite Oct 2014 #27
I look forward to your gifs. They pretty much always make me smile Rhiannon12866 Oct 2014 #28
Who in fuck's name said that? Blue_Tires Oct 2014 #29
They probably said that because they didn't want to see your posts and what they're about. hobbit709 Oct 2014 #30
some of your post make laugh right out loud rurallib Oct 2014 #31
No Tom Kitten Oct 2014 #32
I love your stuff and always look for your name on posts in The Lounge. DamnYankeeInHouston Oct 2014 #33
ignore the wankers. irisblue Oct 2014 #35
MrScorpio is no spammer. MrScorpio is an icon. baldguy Oct 2014 #36
please don't stop Tribalceltic Oct 2014 #37
I will admit to hiding some video posts tabbycat31 Oct 2014 #38
you want I should kick your cat video-spamming ass, tabbycat31? Skittles Oct 2014 #41
I doubt my opinion here will matter much, but... herding cats Oct 2014 #40
Don't ever think that your opinion doesn't matter MrScorpio Oct 2014 #42
Oh dear gawd no. MissB Oct 2014 #43
I think your lighter submissions are a good mix with the heavier stuff you post here. hedgehog Oct 2014 #44
No. They're delightful n/t sarge43 Oct 2014 #45
You are perfect in every way. Keep it up! nt MADem Oct 2014 #46
Nope hermetic Oct 2014 #47
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