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Fri Jan 27, 2017, 02:32 PM Jan 2017

Who DO You Think would win? [View all]

14 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Shin Godzilla 2016
2 (14%)
Godzilla 2014 American version
0 (0%)
They would team up (with Charles Barkley!) Team Zilla!
0 (0%)
They would destroy each other
0 (0%)
Can I vote the one with the man in the suit? From 1954?
2 (14%)
What about those giant Robots? Pacific Rim...ohh wait, that's a different movie.
0 (0%)
I don't care so long there is plenty of giant Popcorn and its on a wide screen!
0 (0%)
行く! 行く! 行く! ゴジラ!!
7 (50%)
I love them both and hope Toho keeps making them!
1 (7%)
How about tossing in King Kong, Rodan, King Ghidorah, Mothra, Anguirus, or Mechagodzilla!
2 (14%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Who DO You Think would win? [View all] yuiyoshida Jan 2017 OP
I do not know what I voted for BUT I just love to vote!! Laf.La.Dem. Jan 2017 #1
ah you must have voted for the yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #2
Thank you! Laf.La.Dem. Jan 2017 #3
just out of curiosity, wincest Jan 2017 #37
I speak English and Japanese yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #38
thanks for your reply wincest Feb 2017 #43
you have to have a passion to learn a new language... yuiyoshida Feb 2017 #47
Ohhhhhhh NO! snort Jan 2017 #4
LOL! yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #32
I've been wanting to see it. snort Jan 2017 #33
I love how serious the movie is , like the one in 1954... yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #34
I am such a devoted Nick Adams fan..I cried like a baby when he passed away. Tikki Jan 2017 #5
Is this one of those chick flicks? world wide wally Jan 2017 #6
Only if the chick is 11 stories high yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #7
I win cause I will watch any Godzilla movie any time. irisblue Jan 2017 #8
Blue oyster cult FTW! flying rabbit Jan 2017 #9
The 1954 man in a G-suit... yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #10
YOU ARE ALL WRONG- There is only ONE winner packman Jan 2017 #11
Ha..maybe... yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #13
What the hell is that? lovemydog Jan 2017 #23
did you know... yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #31
I woder how they got them to stand together like that for the pic? Smickey Jan 2017 #39
simple... yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #40
Batman. tclambert Jan 2017 #12
You do know that Godzilla is HUGE and Missile proof? yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #14
Still Batman. tclambert Jan 2017 #15
Actually the Japanese did think of something yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #16
Let them fight. svpadgham Jan 2017 #17
The new Godzilla has a laser like flamed thower... yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #20
I'm sure it would depend on who writes the story. svpadgham Jan 2017 #35
oh yeah when he was transiting yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #36
Japanese Godzilla, hands down LandrosT Jan 2017 #18
Shin godzilla would roast the American version yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #19
Final Twitter poll yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #21
Holy shit, Shin Godzilla lovemydog Jan 2017 #22
You haven't seen the Trailers? O.o" yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #24
Fuck yeah! lovemydog Jan 2017 #25
The director for Attack on Titan, did this film... yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #26
Godzilla from "Return of Godzilla" (1984) Charles Bukowski Jan 2017 #27
That's the one that withstood yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #28
IIRC the Americans took out the nuke in midair before it could hit Charles Bukowski Jan 2017 #29
They said it was NO LONGER Japan's Problem... yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #30
The one called laserhaas Jan 2017 #41
Yes... yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #42
can i change my vote to wincest Feb 2017 #44
I love that movie, saw it twice ... yuiyoshida Feb 2017 #48
Skull Island pressbox69 Feb 2017 #45
omg too funny. yuiyoshida Feb 2017 #49
I love toku and mecha Kimchijeon Feb 2017 #46
sugoii ne すごいい ね yuiyoshida Feb 2017 #50
Ooo! Don't mind if I do! Kimchijeon Feb 2017 #54
Please add it to your subscription yuiyoshida Feb 2017 #55
Shin Godzilla is amazing!! Docreed2003 Feb 2017 #51
you got to see it? yuiyoshida Feb 2017 #52
Only once...but I'm looking forward to seeing it again! Docreed2003 Feb 2017 #53
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