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25. Here's the one of Jackie
Sun May 17, 2020, 09:16 PM
May 2020

I always look for pictures that are different and that appeal to me. Pictures people may not be aware that they’re being taken. This one is 3 ft x 3 ft.

Wonderful AJT May 2020 #1
Send it to the OBAMAs! UTUSN May 2020 #2
I think someone would toss it on some pile of gifts lunatica May 2020 #3
NOT "like this"! UTUSN May 2020 #4
Yeah, but you're biased lunatica May 2020 #5
This is gorgeous lunatica. MontanaMama May 2020 #6
I imagine he and Michelle get thousands of letter lunatica May 2020 #8
Really beautiful! summer_in_TX May 2020 #7
I wanted to depict him laughing because I lunatica May 2020 #10
The only time I can remember Blue_playwright May 2020 #16
Truly awesome! Nt Trueblue Texan May 2020 #9
You're very talented! /nt spudspud May 2020 #11
Thanks! lunatica May 2020 #19
This is exceptional! Duppers May 2020 #12
Just beautiful ailsagirl May 2020 #13
Looks like digital art, yeah? n/t Eyeball_Kid May 2020 #14
It's pop art in the style of Che Quevara's black and red portrait lunatica May 2020 #17
This is so marvelous! MLAA May 2020 #15
I have done others lunatica May 2020 #18
I would so love to see both of them. MLAA May 2020 #23
Here's the one of Jackie lunatica May 2020 #25
Omg. MLAA May 2020 #26
Thank you! lunatica May 2020 #27
O.K., just saw this again, fell in love again UTUSN Jun 2020 #28
That's a great compliment! lunatica Jun 2020 #29
This is stunning. cate94 May 2020 #20
Thank you for such a warm reply lunatica May 2020 #22
Lovely malaise May 2020 #21
This is perfect! You are so talented!!! LiberalLoner May 2020 #24
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