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18. Truthout recently had an article about offshore fracking in CA
Sat Aug 24, 2013, 01:06 PM
Aug 2013
A Truthout investigation has confirmed that federal regulators approved at least two hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," operations on oil rigs in the Santa Barbara Channel off the coast of California since 2009 without an updated environmental review that critics say may be required by federal law.

The offshore fracking operations are smaller than the unconventional onshore operations that have sparked nationwide controversy, but environmental advocates are still concerned that regulators and the industry have not properly reviewed the potential impacts of using modern fracking technology in the Pacific outer continental shelf.

--- Snip ---


And I also found a nice GoogleMap of offshore platform locations:


And here's a cool map of fracking locations in general:


From what I can tell, though, the platforms near SLO are not those where fracking has occurred (yet). And I'd be pretty leary of attributing any individual quake here to human causes; 4.2 quakes occur quite commonly without any help from us. But I agree that these fracking developments are advancing without proper oversight and analysis, and that is a cause for concern.

Hope the crows settled down without being too annoying...
I'd be a chicken little too! I've only felt one tremor in my life snappyturtle Aug 2013 #1
Thank you. I hesitated to post in case there Cleita Aug 2013 #2
Here's an earthquake monitor: snappyturtle Aug 2013 #3
M4.2 DJ13 Aug 2013 #4
Didn't know it was that mag. Cleita Aug 2013 #5
No, it's close to a plate boundary, like everywhere in California. longship Aug 2013 #6
Several plate boundaries if you must know. Cleita Aug 2013 #7
The plates slip regardless of supposed fracking. longship Aug 2013 #8
The fracking isn't imaginary, it happening and has been verified. Cleita Aug 2013 #9
Just because there's a damned earthquake doesn't mean there's fracking!!!! longship Aug 2013 #10
U R right and I should never have concerns. Tic toc. eom Cleita Aug 2013 #11
Straw man. Gees Louise! longship Aug 2013 #12
I will when I can. Cleita Aug 2013 #13
Okay, but that's a tall order. longship Aug 2013 #14
I will reply to you tomorrow when I'm at my main computer. n/t Cleita Aug 2013 #15
Looks like Petronius beat me to it. Cleita Aug 2013 #21
There is fracking going on in CA. Nt roody Aug 2013 #17
! blkmusclmachine Aug 2013 #16
Truthout recently had an article about offshore fracking in CA petronius Aug 2013 #18
Didn't feel the earthquake offshore from Vandenberg AFB - CA Central Coast fracking Piedras Aug 2013 #19
I haven't been down Price Canyon in awhile. I have a doctor's appointment in SLO Monday. Cleita Aug 2013 #20
California Coastal Commission - SB 4 (Pavley) Oil and gas: well stimulation pinto Aug 2013 #22
Here's more on this. Cleita Aug 2013 #23
Yes. And the fines would fund - pinto Aug 2013 #24
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