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33. I have Kohler built in generator on concrete pad in my backyard
Sat Jul 9, 2022, 05:49 PM
Jul 2022

We have lost power for short period of time since the generator was installed and so far it has worked. It only took 14 months to get this in.

I hear ya - it is getting worse by the month. Hope you get power back quickly. walkingman Jul 2022 #1
Thanks walking... that several thousand dollars worth of meat in the big deep freeze hopes so too. Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #2
We keep a layer of old milk jugs filled with water KS Toronado Jul 2022 #34
That can't possibly be true 'cause Greg Abbott AndyS Jul 2022 #3
As successfully as he eliminated rape in the great Texjezustan. Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #5
Just like Shitstain in his nomination speech . . . hatrack Jul 2022 #7
Up to more than 5700 homes now. Shit Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #8
Centerpoint, I assume? hatrack Jul 2022 #9
Winner winner spoiled dinner.. "feels like" temp is 107 with a heat advisory. So there's that. Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #10
Fort Bend County, Home Of The 2nd-Largest Conventional Power Plant In America hatrack Jul 2022 #4
Salt that wound.......lmao!!!! Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #6
Now the question is "drag out the generator and the yards of extension cords" to save the Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #11
Save the refrigerators first. HubertHeaver Jul 2022 #39
I see you're back up. HubertHeaver Jul 2022 #40
Y'all ever come back up? Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #41
Glad they are "fixing"it... more than 6000 out now. Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #12
My condolences, CN. I do not have the answers to your dilemma. ProudMNDemocrat Jul 2022 #13
Thanks proud....power is back on for now...tomorrow will be hotter. Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #14
And sleep naked leftieNanner Jul 2022 #16
Nothing more miserable than the seven days during the aftermath of littlemissmartypants Jul 2022 #15
With temperatures there hovering near 100 today Wednesdays Jul 2022 #17
hint, leave a hall light switch in the on position so u will knwo when power comes on. AllaN01Bear Jul 2022 #18
your screen name barbtries Jul 2022 #19
Can retire in a couple of years if the 403b bounces back from the pit, but stuck here for now. Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #20
Any chance of setting up a solar system in your situation? Rural_Progressive Jul 2022 #22
Thx Rural. I've got a modest under 2k sq ft home so not a lot of roof, and not one house in my Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #26
Well with a HOA like that pole mounted panels don't sound doable Rural_Progressive Jul 2022 #37
Nobody left... family in San Antonio, which has been hotter than here lately. Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #38
I sympathize. I've been without ac for weeks now. Apparently, the system needs to be.... Tarheel_Dem Jul 2022 #21
Condolences! I wish more of them could think outside the box FakeNoose Jul 2022 #23
My sympathies. LudwigPastorius Jul 2022 #24
My heart goes out to you Ludwig. The "wet bulb" effect is real and dangerous! Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #32
I'm very sorry you and innocent folks are suffering because of the malicious idiots in power. Ziggysmom Jul 2022 #25
These magats are going to give Abuthole another term, and Corny is useless. Dan Patrick the Lt Guv Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #27
For those of us that are currently living in reasonable temps - it won't last. erronis Jul 2022 #28
I was in Montreal last month for the Grand Prix and it was 47 (F) on that Saturday. I was in heaven Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #30
I got a generator to avoid this issue LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2022 #29
I've got a portable 8800 watt genny, but getting cords to the fridges freezer and room ac is tough. Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #31
I have Kohler built in generator on concrete pad in my backyard LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2022 #33
The wait for an install will be a big question tomorrow... Comfortably_Numb Jul 2022 #35
I was originally promised to have the generator in by January LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2022 #36
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