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13. good point but they would have to get a constitutional amendment to dot this so they need...
Sat Sep 29, 2012, 09:37 PM
Sep 2012

.... GOP support.

Simple answer??? Keefer Sep 2012 #1
I used to think so but just imagine doc03 Sep 2012 #2
he never would have run again, I think. You never know, but he would have lost. hrmjustin Sep 2012 #4
True but what if the economic collapse would have been 6 months later? n/t doc03 Sep 2012 #7
He still had awful approval ratings...even before the economic collapse. Drunken Irishman Sep 2012 #8
For Bush to win a third term HeiressofBickworth Sep 2012 #15
Nope. Drunken Irishman Sep 2012 #16
he was unpopular before than. I understand your point about shrub, however I still... hrmjustin Sep 2012 #12
W vs a third (or fourth) term for Clinton ? I'd risk it. nt eppur_se_muova Sep 2012 #29
Perhaps, but Sekhmets Daughter Sep 2012 #28
Until 1951, when the 22nd Amendment was ratified, they could. The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2012 #3
and a fourth. truman could have ran, but he said no. hrmjustin Sep 2012 #5
I don't know...I think a president should be given three terms, not two. Drunken Irishman Sep 2012 #6
We should have the right to elect anyone the hell we want. Term limits is a restriction of Freedom. Pyrzqxgl Sep 2012 #9
I agree muktiman Sep 2012 #24
I don't think they should get more than one. MrSlayer Sep 2012 #10
Like Mexico. That is an Idea. hrmjustin Sep 2012 #14
After Obama wins his second term ToxMarz Sep 2012 #11
good point but they would have to get a constitutional amendment to dot this so they need... hrmjustin Sep 2012 #13
That happens every time we have an 8 year president. Warren DeMontague Sep 2012 #23
Get rid of term limits creeksneakers2 Sep 2012 #17
agreed my friend. hrmjustin Sep 2012 #19
That's one good reason to end term limits Kolesar Sep 2012 #31
No.........it took a Constitutional amendment to limit the terms of the President.... Swede Atlanta Sep 2012 #18
I would say 6 terms per congressman or 2-3 terms per senator. hrmjustin Sep 2012 #20
If the FF had wanted term limits, they very easily could have written them in. Warren DeMontague Sep 2012 #22
The FF believed that people had a duty to serve in government and thus enrich their fellow citizen's Vincardog Sep 2012 #25
And they were human beings who created a remarkably durable and flexible framework for self-govt Warren DeMontague Sep 2012 #32
No it should be one six year term gopiscrap Sep 2012 #21
Only if they're as good as FDR , No one produced more orpupilofnature57 Sep 2012 #26
No ... 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2012 #27
Several Presidents tried for a third term. Only FDR succeeded. eppur_se_muova Sep 2012 #30
Spam deleted by NRaleighLiberal (MIR Team) TheNaimSadik Oct 2012 #33
I don't know, but I'm kicking this thread so I can learn more from more replies. mykpart Oct 2012 #34
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