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Warren DeMontague

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32. And they were human beings who created a remarkably durable and flexible framework for self-govt
Sun Sep 30, 2012, 04:30 PM
Sep 2012

but this idea of playing the endless game of "what would they have wanted", or "they would have wanted this" is silly. Would they have driven SUVs? Hybrids? Drank Diet coke? Would they have enjoyed violent XBOX games? HBO?

It's meaningless. At the end of the day, they're dead dudes from over 200 years ago. Really more relevant to us today, is to ask ourselves, now, what can we do and what should we do in a constitutional framework.

Personally, I am opposed to congressional term limits; I think that, like many jobs, people often require time and experience to get good- and point blank kicking all Senators and Reps out after one or two terms guarantees a perpetual crop of people 'learning the ropes'. There is something to be said for experience in Washington; love him or hate him (and there are ample reasons for both) Lyndon Baines Johnson was quite possibly the most effective politician of the 20th century; he honed that ability by spending a great deal of time in DC. We have long-time members of congress, like Barney Frank, who still do good work and have established themselves and their positions over time.

We have remedies for bad legislators, i.e. elections. That is how voters can remove people who have outstayed their usefulness in DC.

Simple answer??? Keefer Sep 2012 #1
I used to think so but just imagine doc03 Sep 2012 #2
he never would have run again, I think. You never know, but he would have lost. hrmjustin Sep 2012 #4
True but what if the economic collapse would have been 6 months later? n/t doc03 Sep 2012 #7
He still had awful approval ratings...even before the economic collapse. Drunken Irishman Sep 2012 #8
For Bush to win a third term HeiressofBickworth Sep 2012 #15
Nope. Drunken Irishman Sep 2012 #16
he was unpopular before than. I understand your point about shrub, however I still... hrmjustin Sep 2012 #12
W vs a third (or fourth) term for Clinton ? I'd risk it. nt eppur_se_muova Sep 2012 #29
Perhaps, but Sekhmets Daughter Sep 2012 #28
Until 1951, when the 22nd Amendment was ratified, they could. The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2012 #3
and a fourth. truman could have ran, but he said no. hrmjustin Sep 2012 #5
I don't know...I think a president should be given three terms, not two. Drunken Irishman Sep 2012 #6
We should have the right to elect anyone the hell we want. Term limits is a restriction of Freedom. Pyrzqxgl Sep 2012 #9
I agree muktiman Sep 2012 #24
I don't think they should get more than one. MrSlayer Sep 2012 #10
Like Mexico. That is an Idea. hrmjustin Sep 2012 #14
After Obama wins his second term ToxMarz Sep 2012 #11
good point but they would have to get a constitutional amendment to dot this so they need... hrmjustin Sep 2012 #13
That happens every time we have an 8 year president. Warren DeMontague Sep 2012 #23
Get rid of term limits creeksneakers2 Sep 2012 #17
agreed my friend. hrmjustin Sep 2012 #19
That's one good reason to end term limits Kolesar Sep 2012 #31
No.........it took a Constitutional amendment to limit the terms of the President.... Swede Atlanta Sep 2012 #18
I would say 6 terms per congressman or 2-3 terms per senator. hrmjustin Sep 2012 #20
If the FF had wanted term limits, they very easily could have written them in. Warren DeMontague Sep 2012 #22
The FF believed that people had a duty to serve in government and thus enrich their fellow citizen's Vincardog Sep 2012 #25
And they were human beings who created a remarkably durable and flexible framework for self-govt Warren DeMontague Sep 2012 #32
No it should be one six year term gopiscrap Sep 2012 #21
Only if they're as good as FDR , No one produced more orpupilofnature57 Sep 2012 #26
No ... 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2012 #27
Several Presidents tried for a third term. Only FDR succeeded. eppur_se_muova Sep 2012 #30
Spam deleted by NRaleighLiberal (MIR Team) TheNaimSadik Oct 2012 #33
I don't know, but I'm kicking this thread so I can learn more from more replies. mykpart Oct 2012 #34
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