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16. My guess is they think we're supposed to get upset by it
Mon Oct 7, 2013, 03:54 PM
Oct 2013

It would be somewhat amusing and just good old fashion ribbing if they didn't spend the other 95% of their time here running around to every forum claiming this joke and that insult are sexist and we need to make a societal change towards that type of behavior. Here it just shows they are not "above it all" in the least.

Well according to Annie Lennox: Revanchist Oct 2013 #1
And yet, that same song could be considered to be a 3rd wave, porn-ological, "choosy-choice" anthem Warren DeMontague Oct 2013 #2
Everyone who considers themselves a vanguard in their time... ElboRuum Oct 2013 #3
Holy fuck, I guess this thread hit a nerve, huh? Warren DeMontague Oct 2013 #4
Complete with "limp dick" jokes ProudToBeBlueInRhody Oct 2013 #5
Oh, however shall I survive. Warren DeMontague Oct 2013 #6
Am I to assume that there is something afoot... elsewhere? ElboRuum Oct 2013 #8
Oh, just yet another case of three posts in TMG causing a 50 post extravaganza, elsewhere. Warren DeMontague Oct 2013 #9
Now I understand Mary Poppins and her near perpetual feigned exasperation... ElboRuum Oct 2013 #11
How can one be a sexless, calcified old impotent coot AND a pathological lust-filled phallopressor Warren DeMontague Oct 2013 #14
My guess is they think we're supposed to get upset by it ProudToBeBlueInRhody Oct 2013 #16
If I whang-whang-whanged on the alert button the way some people here do Warren DeMontague Oct 2013 #17
Truthfully... ElboRuum Oct 2013 #7
Exactly. Last I head from Sinead O'Connor, again, she was ripping up the picture of the Pope. Warren DeMontague Oct 2013 #10
I assume you mean this one... ElboRuum Oct 2013 #12
Yes. I remember those tunes. Not exactly heavyweight-politcal stuff, even for the 80s. Fairly fluffy Warren DeMontague Oct 2013 #13
True. ElboRuum Oct 2013 #18
Funny, I hear "These Are Days" and I remember Bill Clinton in 1992. Warren DeMontague Oct 2013 #20
Another great "deep" 80s artist... Tracy Chapman opiate69 Oct 2013 #22
Yeah, Tracy Chapman is great. Warren DeMontague Oct 2013 #23
"some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused" is a critique of Capitalism? Warren DeMontague Oct 2013 #15
See, now you're just being mean... ElboRuum Oct 2013 #19
Here, he explains that even though the Fed is scaling back its bond-buying program, Warren DeMontague Oct 2013 #21
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