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Major Nikon

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Fri Nov 9, 2012, 11:44 PM Nov 2012

The idea that sexism only works one direction just doesn't fucking wash [View all]

And yes, I think I've seen enough of the arguments against this idea to go ahead and make this call. It's bullshit, folks. It just is.

I've heard about how men as a group have never been denied the right to vote, therefore it's OK if women call men things like "limp dicks" (as seen on DU) all the way to the truly fucking nutty idea that misandry is just a made up word that doesn't and can't possibly exist. And don't get me wrong, this is not one of those threads where the OP whines incessantly about sexism because frankly you could fill rooms with the shits I don't give about someone calling Rush Limbaugh a "limp dick" (as seen on DU). Neither am I advocating for anyone to use gender slurs of any type. What I've come to whine about is the fact that such a gender specific epithet can be thrown around at men all day long on DU with little more than the threat of a hidden post (rarely), yet if I were to make such demeaning references to the operation (or lack thereof) of a female sexual organ, I'm pretty darn sure there would be a strong possibility I'd be eating pizza for dinner (and rightly so).

There's some folks on DU that I may not agree with on many things, but at least I can respect the fact that they have ONE set of standards they apply to everyone when it comes to sexism. There's no such thing as one-way sexism. 'Reverse sexism' is a meaningless term. There is only sexism. My message to those who think sexism only works one direction is that you have ceased to be what I'd call a reasonable person on this subject. My message to those who want to complain about someone calling Ann Coulter another word for vagina is where were you and your alert button all those times when people were casting aspersions on Rush Limbaugh's sexual organs? Because if your mission in life is to clean up all the society-destroying runaway sexism on a left-biased message board (and for some I have to believe it is), that would probably be a great place to start. If you choose not to do so, then I'm probably not going to have much sympathy for your cause because eventually someone is going to make the argument they should be able to call a female right wing pundit a vile word for a female dog because far worse things are said about male right wing pundits every day with zero ramifications. I might just have to agree with them instead.


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Sounds like you're just overcompensating for a small dick. Bonobo Nov 2012 #1
Maybe that's why I keep getting told size doesn't matter Major Nikon Nov 2012 #2
THAT's an outright lie... Hemp_is_good Nov 2012 #3
I haven't seen too many prosthetic penes that come in small sizes Major Nikon Nov 2012 #8
rofl no idea what i can say to the sheer brilliance of this retort. loli phabay Nov 2012 #4
Some instruments play one note, and one note only. Warren DeMontague Nov 2012 #5
The double standard is rather glaring. I wonder if the usual outraged 4th law of robotics Nov 2012 #6
I doubt they are going to come up with anything I haven't already seen Major Nikon Nov 2012 #7
The only overt and habitual sexism I've seen on here 4th law of robotics Nov 2012 #9
Here's what you most often get as a response to calling them on that... Major Nikon Nov 2012 #10
Case in point (seen on DU) Major Nikon Nov 2012 #11
Bad example... Hemp_is_good Nov 2012 #12
If calling a man a dick isn't sexist, then calling a woman a cunt isn't sexist either Major Nikon Nov 2012 #13
Really? We're really going to sink to their level of ultra sensitivity? Hemp_is_good Nov 2012 #14
I don't think asking for a single standard is "ultra sensitive" 4th law of robotics Nov 2012 #15
But women can't be hypocrites on DU Hemp_is_good Nov 2012 #18
It has nothing to do with what anyone is sensitive about Major Nikon Nov 2012 #16
Please don't get me wrong I understand your point Hemp_is_good Nov 2012 #17
This has actually been a subject that is political football even within the feminist community Major Nikon Nov 2012 #19
I have a problem with the idea that certain words=sexism. lumberjack_jeff Nov 2012 #21
You do realize that nobody actually gives a shit about all this... TreasonousBastard Nov 2012 #20
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