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Warren DeMontague

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Wed Nov 21, 2012, 06:47 PM Nov 2012

Conflating consenting adult porn with rape doesn't work. At all. Here's why. [View all]

As far back as the 70s and 80s, Dworkin, MacKinnon, Brownmiller, etc were breathlessly warning everyone who would listen that the avalanche (for the time) of smut represented by Penthouse and Playboy and even (o no) Hustler would -HAD to!- lead to increases in sexual assault. Statistically. Definitely. No question.

This was part and parcel of the narrative. Stitched right into the Meese-allied DNA, as it were.

So what has happened? Well, as astute observers of the culture are no doubt aware, the internet (otherwise known as the most efficient pornography distribution mechanism known to man) has led to a level of images of consenting adult fuckery being available, 24-7, that would have caused Old Mr. Comstock's head to explode a Googol (or a Google) times.

Now how does that gel with the old Dworkin-MacKinnon-Brownmiller narrative? Answer: It doesn't.

Because FACTUALLY, STATISTICALLY, SCIENTIFICALLY and UNCHALLENGEABLY, numbers of sexual assaults have declined.

This is not some "falsified MRA statistic". This is according to the FBI. The USDOJ.

Porn is up, Rape is down. Now, I don't think that porn prevents rape, because I don't actually think porn and rape have jack diddly shit to do with each other. But at the very least, the FACTS blow a gaping hole in the side of the good ship S.S. "Porn Causes Rape"

The reaction is sort of like HAL the computer trying to process conflicting instructions. It doesn't compute. Either porn doesn't cause rape, or porn isn't more prevalent. But porn MUST be more prevalent, because decrying the ever-increasing "pornification" of society propels an entire cottage outrage industry and single-handedly keeps Gail Dines and Wheelock college afloat.

In fact, to preserve the narrative, there is only ONE argument that can be made, counter to reality as it may be- and that is, that the statistics (from the FBI, and the DOJ) are lies, made up by "porn peddlers" and "MRAs".

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Insisting that people follow your conclusions and ignore the data in front of them 4th law of robotics Nov 2012 #1
Apparently stating these things in HoF is grounds for getting bounced Major Nikon Nov 2012 #2
I particularly think coming over here & simultaneously complaining Warren DeMontague Nov 2012 #3
The truly funny part was I actually agreed with her somewhat Major Nikon Nov 2012 #4
She'll never know. Warren DeMontague Nov 2012 #5
Ditto that.... I don't have anyone on ignore either... opiate69 Nov 2012 #6
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Stop ignoring me and shut up when I talk to you! 4th law of robotics Nov 2012 #13
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Under the Patriarchy consent is not really possible 4th law of robotics Nov 2012 #14
All very logical.. Upton Nov 2012 #9
It seems apparent that most new feminists subscribe to 3rd wave ideas Major Nikon Nov 2012 #10
It certainly appears that way.. Upton Nov 2012 #11
Here's the really sad part Major Nikon Nov 2012 #12
I suspect it's very.. well, maybe frustrating IS the right word. Warren DeMontague Nov 2012 #15
Porn is not a crime, rape is. hrmjustin Nov 2012 #16
I've noticed that some folks are constitutionally incapable of arguing against consenting adult acts Warren DeMontague Nov 2012 #17
i can not understand how they could argue they are the same. hrmjustin Nov 2012 #18
Lots of ways Major Nikon Nov 2012 #21
But, but, but... Major Nikon Nov 2012 #20
you could argue that porn provides a release and the multiple hook up sites loli phabay Nov 2012 #19
Apparently the problem with porn is 4th law of robotics Nov 2012 #22
I found that mostly incoherent Major Nikon Nov 2012 #23
Mostly? 4th law of robotics Nov 2012 #24
Just from a literary standpoint Major Nikon Nov 2012 #25
I would also add to this: opiate69 Nov 2012 #26
"Satanic ritual are rampant in the Metal industry" 4th law of robotics Nov 2012 #27
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