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Shemp Howard

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14. There is no where else to go.
Wed Apr 29, 2020, 01:10 PM
Apr 2020

Bank CDs are paying around 0.10%. A good money market fund might be paying around 0.50%. So if you want to invest for the future, you’ve got to put your money into stocks. There is simply no where else to go.

But if bank CDs were paying around 6%, things would be very different in the stock market.

That’s my amateur view, anyway.

Cheap stocks? wryter2000 Apr 2020 #1
May be a long time before the real economy comes close to the January 2020 economy empedocles Apr 2020 #3
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Stocks were 35% cheaper just a couple of months ago! at140 Apr 2020 #6
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Most of them got money from the stimulus. So they have some slush funds to play with. Tech Apr 2020 #10
The one percent need to transition out to cash (and gold) in an orderly fashion. Frasier Balzov Apr 2020 #13
There is no where else to go. Shemp Howard Apr 2020 #14
Actually you are PROFOUNDLY correct. at140 Apr 2020 #17
From a different perspective than 'return on investment'. Popular Depression comedian empedocles Apr 2020 #18
What bank is paying just 0.10% on CD's? My credit union, which definitely doesn't progree Apr 2020 #24
Vaccine and Remdesivir possible good news. mn9driver Apr 2020 #15
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What stocks is the Fed buying? I haven't heard of this progree Apr 2020 #26
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