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20. Of course Powerwalls specify the energy storage.
Wed Dec 13, 2023, 11:07 PM
Dec 2023

They also specify the kVA (apparent power, kilo volt amperes) and the real power rating (kW).

An energy storage system is not very useful unless it can deliver its stored energy at a rate that meets at least the important household requirements. (As well as having enough stored energy to keep going as long as needed).


K&R Think. Again. Dec 2023 #1
The Texas legislature and no doubt the governor are not happy about this woke power stuff progree Dec 2023 #2
The condundrum that renewable energy hating Texas politicians find themselves in... Finishline42 Dec 2023 #3
Batteries store eneregy, not power. Progressive dog Dec 2023 #5
They deliver their rated power for a few hours, typically 4 hours or so from articles I've read progree Dec 2023 #6
The bttery cost is approximately proportional to Progressive dog Dec 2023 #7
The power rating is also important. A battery could store a gazillion GWH of energy, but if it can only deliver progree Dec 2023 #8
It takes exactly the same amount Progressive dog Dec 2023 #9
I've been in the power supply planning and superintendant of operational planning of an electric utility for many years progree Dec 2023 #10
Battery back up is not for minute long outages. Progressive dog Dec 2023 #11
No, but other already online generation (and batteries) can be ramped up (the spinning reserve) . And gas turbines can progree Dec 2023 #12
Texas had an avoidable power failure in 2021 Progressive dog Dec 2023 #14
I'm not claiming that battery backup is a good solution to all power system issues progree Dec 2023 #15
So 24 hours of the shortfall in Germany Progressive dog Dec 2023 #18
Of course Powerwalls specify the energy storage. progree Dec 2023 #20
They cannot say trhat power is equivalent to energy Progressive dog Dec 2023 #17
I never said power is equivalent to energy. I SAID THE POWER RATING OF A BATTERY PACK AND progree Dec 2023 #19
NREL: The Four Phases of Storage Deployment: A Framework for the Expanding Role of Storage in the U.S. Power System OKIsItJustMe Dec 2023 #16
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