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5. I second the "watch kitty videos" advice
Sun Jul 1, 2018, 03:10 PM
Jul 2018

I--and I suspect many people--have been feeling as you are feeling. It's more than a person can bear.

Do you have access to Netflix or Amazon videos? There are lots of very funny series (serieses) on both of them that have been helping me a lot. I watch them over and over, especially at night when I cannot sleep. I recommend "The Mighty Boosh" on Amazon and "Toast of London" on Netflix for starters. They're both British, and that seems to help, too, at least for me.

Getting outside is good, too, but it's so hot where I live--maybe where you live, too--that that's not an option for me.

Don't let anyone tell you to cheer up or otherwise devalue your feelings. That doesn't help at all; it makes things worse. Accept your depression--it's certainly a sane response to the world right now. But things will change, if you can hold out long enough.

What I've found about depression is that you really can't fight it head on. It will change, eventually, and usually for the better. If you can just give in to feeling helpless and watch something stupid or read a funny book (you can get the entire opus of Calvin and Hobbes at your library) and eat potato chips until you want to vomit.

It's not coincidence that Charlie Chaplin and those other classic comics of the silver screen came to prominence during the Great Depression. You can find a lot of them on Youtube Find something to make you laugh, even if it makes you feel stupid. What you're feeling is universal and timeless.

If you are alone, know that you're not really alone. There's at least one other person who's feeling as bad as you do. We need to survive this awful time, that's all. It will be better.

The news is killing me [View all] ThingsGottaChange Jul 2018 OP
This country has had a good ride in many ways. Your shock at what has happened is completely normal dameatball Jul 2018 #1
Thank you for the kitty wishes ThingsGottaChange Jul 2018 #9
Take a break. Step outside, take a walk, listen or read a book, decompress still_one Jul 2018 #2
Outside ThingsGottaChange Jul 2018 #10
doesn't have to be much, and if you have mobility issues, then open a window, listen to music, still_one Jul 2018 #18
Put a chair outside. Put head phones or earbuds on. cwydro Jul 2018 #20
Many of us feel the same overwhelmed and hopelessness WhiteTara Jul 2018 #3
Nature is my god. ThingsGottaChange Jul 2018 #11
Can you sit outside, in fresh air with a book/nrwspaper for an hour or so? irisblue Jul 2018 #4
Would love to ThingsGottaChange Jul 2018 #12
I second the "watch kitty videos" advice cyclonefence Jul 2018 #5
I do eat entire bags of chips! ThingsGottaChange Jul 2018 #13
I can understand about Calvin and Hobbes making you sad cyclonefence Jul 2018 #19
Baby goat videos as well as cat & dog ones. irisblue Jul 2018 #6
There are lots on youtube irisblue Jul 2018 #7
I DO love to see the baby goats bouncing around. ThingsGottaChange Jul 2018 #14
There were many nights I fell asleep watching kittens, puppies & baby goat videos. irisblue Jul 2018 #16
I totally understand and empathize steve2470 Jul 2018 #8
So hard to get away from it, isn't it? ThingsGottaChange Jul 2018 #15
yes, I'm doing well, thanks! steve2470 Jul 2018 #17
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