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2. The dregs of humanity
Thu Oct 30, 2014, 08:53 PM
Oct 2014

Wonder how they would manage to live in countries like England, Canada or Japan, where not only are the laws much more comprehensive, but the people are known for being friendly and decent. There goes the notion that an armed society is a polite society.

This looks like a James O'Keefe style stunt. Or maybe Mike Bloomberg and his group. NYC_SKP Oct 2014 #1
The dregs of humanity shenmue Oct 2014 #2
People should behave better. Deer season opens Saturday! Eleanors38 Oct 2014 #3
given MDA's and Bloomberg's record of dishonesty gejohnston Oct 2014 #4
You Say Dishonesty otohara Oct 2014 #9
And just how, pray tell, do those recently passed gun control laws keep people alive? GGJohn Oct 2014 #10
Cops Love Guns otohara Oct 2014 #11
I'm not standing up for anyone, GGJohn Oct 2014 #13
Fuck Those Sheriffs otohara Oct 2014 #17
Instead of throwing around 60's slogan's, GGJohn Oct 2014 #18
Crime Is Down in CO by 11% otohara Oct 2014 #19
Which has NOTHING to do with the mag limit law. GGJohn Oct 2014 #20
Nada, None, Zip, Zap, Zero otohara Oct 2014 #21
Thank you for finally admitting that the mag limit law is ineffective and GGJohn Oct 2014 #22
Then We're Fucked otohara Oct 2014 #23
my last post of the year gejohnston Oct 2014 #24
30,000 is very misleading michaelhr Nov 2014 #28
How do you feel about the vitriol leveled against "Hobby Lobby" Fisher? Nuclear Unicorn Oct 2014 #5
Welcome to the internet Lurks Often Oct 2014 #6
You Want Me To Shut Up? otohara Oct 2014 #7
Do we want you to shut up? GGJohn Oct 2014 #8
I don't want you to shut up Lurks Often Oct 2014 #12
Thats rich. beevul Oct 2014 #14
"Have at it boys, I know how you like to mock my moms.".... NYC_SKP Oct 2014 #15
Whole lot of stupid in that thread. GGJohn Oct 2014 #16
The OP took off after their hypocrisy was pointed out. How *very* unsurprising... friendly_iconoclast Oct 2014 #25
for the record on blocks Duckhunter935 Oct 2014 #27
"DU gun owners talk SHIT about me" Duckhunter935 Oct 2014 #26
Was there something in the Salon article you wanted to discuss? ManiacJoe Nov 2014 #29
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