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Gun Control & RKBA

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I said essentially the same thing after January 6th PTWB Jul 2022 #1
+1 LongtimeAZDem Jul 2022 #2
Just because having a gun in the house vastly increases PoindexterOglethorpe Jul 2022 #3
I like to sleep with mine! dchill Jul 2022 #4
Thats all true.... TheRealNorth Jul 2022 #7
Ha! The thought of a bunch of Rambos 'taking the country back' is fucking laughable! AndyS Jul 2022 #5
So if you were a Jew in 1930's Germany.... TheRealNorth Jul 2022 #8
+1 LongtimeAZDem Jul 2022 #16
If I were an armed Jew in 1930s Germany AndyS Jul 2022 #21
Apologies in advance sarisataka Jul 2022 #23
Thanks!! I deserved that! I'm such a piss poor speller that if the spell checker AndyS Jul 2022 #24
Yes- and in this we are in sarisataka Jul 2022 #25
Let me know how that solution works out for you.... TheRealNorth Jul 2022 #27
Having been in a country with an active civil war sarisataka Jul 2022 #29
Post removed Post removed Jul 2022 #31
Nice try sarisataka Jul 2022 #33
Post removed Post removed Jul 2022 #35
Still no sarisataka Jul 2022 #36
"Power lies in the ballet, not the bullet" LongtimeAZDem Jul 2022 #44
So . . . AndyS Jul 2022 #46
No LongtimeAZDem Jul 2022 #48
Then please elaborate on exactly what you are suggesting. AndyS Jul 2022 #51
Not answering for him, but for myself. Straw Man Oct 2022 #65
Exactly +1 LongtimeAZDem Oct 2022 #68
When the Jews DID finally organize, and started fighting back, yagotme Jul 2022 #58
How about late 1920s Germany? Straw Man Oct 2022 #64
Doesn't do much good unless you include military style training Kaleva Jul 2022 #6
There is truth to that... TheRealNorth Jul 2022 #10
the gun manufacturers mikeysnot Jul 2022 #9
Goverment surplus rifles are available. nt sl8 Jul 2022 #22
Liberals should also form our own Shooting Clubs. sop Jul 2022 #11
There is the Liberal Gun Club (LGC) TheRealNorth Jul 2022 #14
Paint ball would be better Kaleva Jul 2022 #15
K&r d_b Jul 2022 #12
And support the manufactureres of these killing machines? Ferrets are Cool Jul 2022 #13
I agree 100%. MenloParque Jul 2022 #17
I myself don't own weapons. Just one more thing to take care of Tetrachloride Jul 2022 #18
Well, that was fast... jcmaine72 Jul 2022 #19
A fair number of my liberal and progressive friends are armed and well-equipped niyad Jul 2022 #20
Or, you could channel that anger more safely and effectively. BWdem4life Jul 2022 #26
It's not anger at all LongtimeAZDem Jul 2022 #32
Some of the people here that don't understand the anxiety or fear TheRealNorth Jul 2022 #37
Nahhh, EVERYONE'S GOT ONE ANY MORE usonian Jul 2022 #28
Got rid of my .45 awhile ago, MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #30
We currently have a plethora of choices sarisataka Jul 2022 #34
I kinda like this one. MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #55
Good choice sarisataka Jul 2022 #56
Went today to my local firearms store and bought the 1991A1 in .45 ACP, MarineCombatEngineer Jul 2022 #59
I highly recommend d_b Jul 2022 #41
Don't forget to buy ammo windje Jul 2022 #38
"Well, a gun that's unloaded and cocked ain't worth nuthin'" yagotme Jul 2022 #57
Words of caution discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2022 #39
Good advice; thank you for your comments LongtimeAZDem Jul 2022 #40
You're welcome. discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2022 #47
I mostly agree with what you said.... TheRealNorth Jul 2022 #42
We all saw Red Dawn. discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2022 #53
+1 Kaleva Jul 2022 #43
Every Liberal should already HAVE a semi-auto rifle. beemerphill Jul 2022 #45
+1 LongtimeAZDem Jul 2022 #49
Not just every liberal but also every LGBTQIA+ person vercetti2021 Jul 2022 #50
vercetti2021 beemerphill Jul 2022 #52
Well, I've always liked the quotes from..... Fla_Democrat Jul 2022 #54
In the past year, my wife and I have both gotten our CPLs radicalleft Jul 2022 #60
I've been reposting this for years: LongtimeAZDem Jul 2022 #61
to do what with? GenXer47 Sep 2022 #62
It is not about murder. ManiacJoe Sep 2022 #63
Not a bad idea, but I would rather ban all firearms from general public ownership. No text TeamProg Oct 2022 #66
Which you know damn good and well that will never happen, MarineCombatEngineer Oct 2022 #67
I'll pass (nt) old as dirt Dec 2022 #69
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