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3. By design.
Fri Mar 1, 2024, 12:25 AM
Mar 1

If they pass laws to stop a 'problem', and enforce it, and it (gasps) stops the problem, they don't have something to point to and say "We tried, and it just isn't working, we need to do more." I'm reminded of the malt shop scene in Trainspotting (going from memory here, and it was a bit ago) where the voiceover(?) says something to the effect that it's a fine line. You have to put in enough effort on the job interview, that the agency believes you are trying (and will continue to pay you), but not so much that you actually get the job.

Side note: This drives me up a wall...

The owner of a Burnsville gun retailer confirmed to 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that a gun part found at Shannon Gooden’s home was straw purchased and traced to his store.

"Part"? You mean the gun? The serialized portion that whether it's a frame, a receiver, or a FCU, the federal freaking government, since 1968, has classified it as the firearm? If I was charitable, I would write it off as garden variety ignorance. The typical "don't know, don't care to know, la, la, la, quit 'gunsplaining' to me." Though, there seems to be more and more 'stories' decrying the dangers of people ordering "gun parts" online and having them shipped to their homes. The phrase hardly seems coincidental.

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