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216. Hey, by your OP we're just trading "tips." Can't you handle one coming back?
Thu Aug 9, 2012, 08:57 AM
Aug 2012

My state has been described as "one of the most restrictive regimes in America" on handgun possession by John Lott. Despite that case of the vapors, it took a SINGLE hour of effort and a pathetically small waiting period for me to buy a handgun. Oooooooh, just smell that oppression!

I'll make the comparison again because you guys constantly love to detail the process that MUST be followed to buy a gun in excruciating detail (down to form numbers). In fact, that was the major theme of your tips 1 and 2 in the OP for example. Having lived through it now, I will forevermore be substantially unimpressed by that talking point -- sometimes the best bullshit makes the detail look formidable I suppose. Look Trixie, the forms were TWICE as long for me to get a recent medical specialists' appointment and I waited THREE TIMES the waiting period. So stop snivelling about how much of a burden you face.

So back to my tip. And I give this tip as "one of you" now, since I am a certified gun-owning member of the club, no matter how whimsically I became one.

1) Stop pretending that there is any rigor whatsoever applied to the purchase of a handgun. I have been through the process and found it startlingly convenient compared to just about every other modern administrative process I have ever been through. If anything, it begs for a greatly enhanced training and testing program that requires a demonstration of both dedication and minimum competency.

10 Tips for gun control advocates. [View all] xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 OP
Oh good, another 2A supporter telling us that we're idiots. Scuba Jul 2012 #1
According to the cdc xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #2
You're bad at math too. Scuba Jul 2012 #8
80 million gun owners xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #9
once you remove the suicides gejohnston Jul 2012 #10
and a good point to make about suicides... alabama_for_obama Jul 2012 #37
based on Australian and Canadian experience gejohnston Jul 2012 #53
I see alcohol and drug abuse as slow suicide. Remmah2 Jul 2012 #111
true gejohnston Jul 2012 #115
and... kenfrequed Jul 2012 #139
Only "aprox 85 guns a day are fired resulting in a death"? Starboard Tack Aug 2012 #173
you are talking to the wrong people gejohnston Aug 2012 #174
I don't care what a mosquito reads if it carries death. Starboard Tack Aug 2012 #175
+1000 ellisonz Aug 2012 #198
What?? Are you even reading before you respond? xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #200
How many people die per day because of their cars? Right Hand of Dog Aug 2012 #177
chicks dig Glocks gejohnston Aug 2012 #178
85 vs 230,000,000 xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #179
You consider 85 gun killing incidents in America every day statistically insignificant. Starboard Tack Aug 2012 #180
that is counting suicides gejohnston Aug 2012 #182
LOL Starboard Tack Aug 2012 #183
If I were you, I wouldn't either gejohnston Aug 2012 #184
The only fact that really counts is success rate. Guns win hands down when available. Starboard Tack Aug 2012 #185
we went through this before, gejohnston Aug 2012 #186
If 85 cars a day crashed resulting in people dying, we'd do something about it DainBramaged Aug 2012 #190
apples and oranges gejohnston Aug 2012 #191
not idiots gejohnston Jul 2012 #6
How would you make gun ownership more "neat and orderly?" (n/t) spin Jul 2012 #20
Ignorant 4th law of robotics Jul 2012 #47
IBTL, but thanks for the tutorial. TheCowsCameHome Jul 2012 #3
This is posted in the RKBA forum, where such threads belong...should not be locked ProgressiveProfessor Jul 2012 #12
We have been asked to confine ourselves here sarisataka Jul 2012 #45
Every google dump of news articles containing shootings the anti-gun zealots post is flamebait rl6214 Jul 2012 #118
Yeah, right. TheCowsCameHome Jul 2012 #157
#6 is factually incorrect. OneTenthofOnePercent Jul 2012 #4
good point. xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #5
The M1Garand is a semi-auto Battle Rifle. oneshooter Jul 2012 #160
True, but some context is warranted. xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #162
yawn SecularMotion Jul 2012 #7
Bored by the facts are you? rl6214 Jul 2012 #119
Facts often ARE boreing. HALO141 Jul 2012 #129
A question about a comment you made. Kaleva Jul 2012 #11
I think I understand your point xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #13
Okay. Thanks for the clarification! Kaleva Jul 2012 #16
The last one I saw for sale xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #21
You should check out the CMP, Civilian Marksmanship program rl6214 Jul 2012 #120
Nice xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #127
No you won't. But they will ship it direct to your door! oneshooter Jul 2012 #161
I have a C&R Lic so they did ship to my door. rl6214 Jul 2012 #166
that would depend on how close you were to one another, alabama_for_obama Jul 2012 #41
You would have on advantage Mec9000 Jul 2012 #58
10 more bongbong Jul 2012 #14
Do you have any particular facts armueller2001 Jul 2012 #17
PROVE IT! bongbong Jul 2012 #23
The sky is blue n/t sarisataka Jul 2012 #46
Perhaps. If so please disprove these "Big Lies." (n/t) spin Jul 2012 #19
PROVE IT! bongbong Jul 2012 #22
Are you copying and pasting the same replies to every thread? nt Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #24
No bongbong Jul 2012 #26
Just most of them? ErikO Jul 2012 #35
Teh Bells Tolls bongbong Jul 2012 #69
Do you dispute the fact that there is a group of liberal gun owners who have formed a club? rl6214 Jul 2012 #122
Which points are you referring to as "Big Lies"? xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #25
HILARIOUS! bongbong Jul 2012 #27
Which parts are opinion? Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #33
Sense & Dense bongbong Jul 2012 #70
You haven't yet contributed anything to xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #71
The NRA Talking Point Express bongbong Jul 2012 #72
Well Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #73
It should be noted xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #75
PROVE IT! bongbong Jul 2012 #78
I already posted a link to the poll nt Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #80
Where bongbong Jul 2012 #86
Was in the discussion below Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #89
Polls bongbong Jul 2012 #112
Read the entire site, not just the first graph nt Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #113
As usual every one of your posts is just rl6214 Jul 2012 #123
Crzay bongbong Jul 2012 #145
I wonder how it would be taken if every anti gun post was answered with ProgressiveProfessor Jul 2012 #163
Apparently one CAN be that dense. cleanhippie Jul 2012 #125
LOL bongbong Jul 2012 #143
LOL cleanhippie Jul 2012 #155
It is your job to disprove those claims. spin Jul 2012 #106
Oh, OK bongbong Jul 2012 #108
You would definitely have a hard time proving #9 to me ... spin Jul 2012 #135
And yet you are completely ineffective at promoting more gun restrictions. aikoaiko Jul 2012 #43
LOL bongbong Jul 2012 #67
If one smells bullshit everywhere they turn... cleanhippie Jul 2012 #124
Not everywhere bongbong Jul 2012 #144
We both know it applies to you. cleanhippie Jul 2012 #156
The enemy gate... Callisto32 Jul 2012 #15
HaHa xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #18
The book makes me cry becuase it is so good. Callisto32 Jul 2012 #130
I have the same concerns for the movie xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #131
Interesting username auburngrad82 Jul 2012 #28
Its a sci-fi fiction. xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #32
Aha, I see a Commissar of Political Purity has arrived... Marengo Aug 2012 #187
Online Gun Sales electedface Jul 2012 #29
Then Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #34
That video is so much bullshit it makes me cramp Chuuku Davis Jul 2012 #38
this person has posted this same nonsense at least 3 times today. alabama_for_obama Jul 2012 #42
Why do you feel it is appropriate to promote lies, distortions and untruths on D.U.? PavePusher Jul 2012 #116
Why do gun threads keep coming up Chuuku Davis Jul 2012 #30
It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness. nt Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #36
Because it is an entertaining debate ... spin Jul 2012 #114
This message was self-deleted by its author bupkus Jul 2012 #31
Life is best lived as a continuing education ... spin Jul 2012 #117
This message was self-deleted by its author bupkus Jul 2012 #158
Breaking news... xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #159
It would appear that you actually know have little knowledge about the gun culture ... spin Jul 2012 #165
Why do newbes always come in here with right wing gun talking points like it's something brilliant? Hoyt Jul 2012 #39
Interesting opinion Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #40
Do you care to "prove" that crud is true? Hoyt Jul 2012 #49
Which point? Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #50
#s 3 through 10. #1 and 2 have been addressed. Hoyt Jul 2012 #51
Did I miss any? Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #55
Why don't you show us where Declaration of Independence addressed guns? Hoyt Jul 2012 #57
Not spin, I said it shows their intent and here you go Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #59
So not one word about guns in the Declaration of Independence. Hoyt Jul 2012 #61
I keep mine under my pillow xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #62
Join the gun culture club. Most here aren't that honest about the right wing gun stuff they post. Hoyt Jul 2012 #64
Apparently sarcasm is lost on you as well xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #65
As is what "gun culture" really means. rl6214 Jul 2012 #126
I said it shows intent Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #63
That shows "intent" for 2nd Amendment? Then, the 2nd Amendment isn't about bearing arms and Hoyt Jul 2012 #66
I've said many times Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #68
Then fine, hide a few guns at home since that is the intent of the 2nd Amendment. Hoyt Jul 2012 #74
Where in the 2nd amendment Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #77
Opinions bongbong Jul 2012 #81
Nope Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #83
Entire discussion bongbong Jul 2012 #85
Really? xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #87
Yeah bongbong Jul 2012 #93
I'm starting to think you really don't have anything to add to the discussion nt Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #95
has no intention of adding anything gejohnston Jul 2012 #100
Para bongbong Jul 2012 #107
LOL bongbong Jul 2012 #105
No he/she really doesn't rl6214 Jul 2012 #128
Now you're trying to dodge the issue because you got called out on it Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #90
Dodge bongbong Jul 2012 #91
That's the dodge Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #94
LOL bongbong Jul 2012 #99
I've gone out of my way to backup my points Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #101
Backup? bongbong Jul 2012 #103
Well Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #104
Actually, that is a dubious interpretation. kenfrequed Jul 2012 #168
Autographs bongbong Jul 2012 #76
Was waiting for that one :-) Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #79
LOL bongbong Jul 2012 #84
From an examination of the rights at the time Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #88
search bongbong Jul 2012 #110
That's a funny thought -- these guys do seem to think they are one of the Founding Fathers. Hoyt Jul 2012 #82
Also Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #92
I'm responding to your response to my post #76. bongbong Jul 2012 #97
They're all cited, you're a troll friend nt Reasonable_Argument Jul 2012 #98
LOL bongbong Jul 2012 #102
Don't you love it? sarisataka Jul 2012 #121
The fact that you even asked that question xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #60
so point #1, the infamous "gun show loophole" alabama_for_obama Jul 2012 #44
People sell guns at gun shows without background checks. Happens all the time. Hoyt Jul 2012 #48
Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #52
So, I guess 0.8% is OK for violent crimes? How about all the "non-violent' crimes and intimidation Hoyt Jul 2012 #54
I don't think its reasonable to assume that if those .8% of criminals were unable xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #56
#11 gejohnston Jul 2012 #96
Excellent words!!!!!!! JoeInNy Jul 2012 #109
It's unbelievable RegieRocker Jul 2012 #136
You can lead a gun-grabber to read but you can't make them think. nt jody Jul 2012 #132
Read post 136 RegieRocker Jul 2012 #137
ROFL because you don't know me! jody Jul 2012 #140
I was in agreement with you! RegieRocker Jul 2012 #147
Can we hit ignore for someone with 52 posts? Sancho Jul 2012 #133
You know what i like? xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #134
You know as much about Dr. Peeper as you know about 2a. RegieRocker Jul 2012 #138
Do you really believe your post quoted below is an example of history and logic? jody Jul 2012 #142
WTF does health coverage have to do with this problem. RegieRocker Jul 2012 #146
I think my dr pepper statement xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #148
Ok RegieRocker Jul 2012 #150
Please don't prove yourself at 10, 2, and 4.... Sancho Jul 2012 #154
Someone has an awfully damn high opinion of himself. Callisto32 Jul 2012 #164
This is ridiculous flamebait kenfrequed Jul 2012 #141
I am seeing a lot of words without really saying anything useful xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #149
Working in inverse order. kenfrequed Jul 2012 #167
I'm not seeing your case TheKentuckian Aug 2012 #199
I gave it all the attentiont it decidedly deserved and probably a bit more. kenfrequed Aug 2012 #210
My intent in point #10 is to convey something xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #212
And you accomplished this by... kenfrequed Aug 2012 #218
another new poster here to dispense NRA-funded pearls of wisdom villager Jul 2012 #151
Sighhhh...You know one does not have to be an NRA member xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #152
...to buy into their honed, corporate-lobbying propaganda? villager Aug 2012 #170
As opposed to fear-mongering directed towards gun owners, which has gained little traction. friendly_iconoclast Aug 2012 #171
Is there anything decent left in you that gets tired of the blood-soaked apologetics? villager Aug 2012 #188
An assessment of political reality has become a "blood-soaked" apologia? How pitiful. friendly_iconoclast Aug 2012 #194
well, you've certainly managed to answer the question in a definitive way. villager Aug 2012 #195
you have that confused with Brady gejohnston Aug 2012 #172
Also...at some point you were a newbie xxenderwigginxx Jul 2012 #153
"NRA-funded" If you've got any evidence, now would be a good time to show it.. friendly_iconoclast Jul 2012 #169
...and as is usual with such claims, no evidence was provided. friendly_iconoclast Aug 2012 #176
Well said Ya Basta Aug 2012 #181
Rubbish DainBramaged Aug 2012 #189
so Wyoming is the same as New York gejohnston Aug 2012 #192
You weren't supposed to notice that... friendly_iconoclast Aug 2012 #193
You can see in this same article xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #196
Meh DainBramaged Aug 2012 #197
Anybody who publicy uses the phrase "right to keep and bare arms" has no credibility in my book. geckosfeet Aug 2012 #201
so are you saying there is no right to gejohnston Aug 2012 #203
Operating as the grammar police seems xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #205
Yeah. It's my fault people can't write then expect other people to take them seriously. geckosfeet Aug 2012 #207
As time goes on the general public will become disenchanted with gun owners... Walk away Aug 2012 #202
you are still talking about 30-40 gejohnston Aug 2012 #204
The makeup of the US population is going to change drastically in the next 10 to 20 yrs Walk away Aug 2012 #208
a couple of false assumptions gejohnston Aug 2012 #209
Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #211
The idea that all, or most, 2A supporters xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #213
Keep it up! You'll end up holed up in the "don't tread on me" hills along with... Walk away Aug 2012 #214
plenty of game to shoot.......... gejohnston Aug 2012 #217
One big old tip back at ya for 2A apostles... Pholus Aug 2012 #206
When did I ever discuss xxenderwigginxx Aug 2012 #215
Hey, by your OP we're just trading "tips." Can't you handle one coming back? Pholus Aug 2012 #216
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