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Gun Control & RKBA

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Sat Nov 3, 2012, 02:33 PM Nov 2012

Gun Controllers Unwittingly Support Unsafe Societal Conditions [View all]

I believe the situation in Europe in the 1940s would have been much different if the "undesirables" had the individual RKBA that we enjoy here in the USA.

I believe that further restrictions on the individual RKBA will only lead us down a road that makes authoritarian events that much easier.

When I am armed you cannot use force against me, you MUST reason with me. You have to convince me to come around to your world views, you cannot force them in me at the edge of a sword. This is the core of our civil liberties as Americans.

We must do everything we can to keep firearms available, legal and safe for law abiding the citizens. The criminals and the rest will always get theirs somehow.

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I'm Pro Gun Control.
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I'm Pro Individual RKBA.
19 (83%)
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I'd say "Wittingly." Decoy of Fenris Nov 2012 #1
That was my immediate thought as well. n/t PavePusher Nov 2012 #15
Right, we must be evil because we disagree with you. HankyDub Nov 2012 #77
No, the evil is because someone else is trying to actively decide my life choices for me, Decoy of Fenris Nov 2012 #81
oh woe is you HankyDub Nov 2012 #84
If we had sane gun laws? I'm down in a heartbeat. Decoy of Fenris Nov 2012 #86
Half baked as usual Dubs... ProgressiveProfessor Nov 2012 #87
He may mean 40mm? n/t Decoy of Fenris Nov 2012 #88
In his first incarnation he did the same kind of thing...non factual shit stirring ProgressiveProfessor Nov 2012 #94
Heh, I'm happy to see that I was so effective HankyDub Nov 2012 #98
I don't know what you were like then glacierbay Nov 2012 #105
Handling you is not the problem...your posts are almost always nonsensical and unfactual ProgressiveProfessor Nov 2012 #107
I think it's preferable to be honest HankyDub Nov 2012 #108
Whoops, meant 50 caliber HankyDub Nov 2012 #93
That was the least of your errors ProgressiveProfessor Nov 2012 #95
What gun laws would you propose and support? oneshooter Nov 2012 #89
Hey thanks for asking! HankyDub Nov 2012 #92
Well, since the Canadians have dropped the long arm registration, and New York has dropped their oneshooter Nov 2012 #109
I'm in favor of the canadian system HankyDub Nov 2012 #111
track record for what? gejohnston Nov 2012 #112
track record for success in limiting gun crime in a society with lots of guns HankyDub Nov 2012 #113
then the gun control lobby changed its view gejohnston Nov 2012 #114
There seems to be no middle ground GitRDun Nov 2012 #2
Unfortunately this can be traced glacierbay Nov 2012 #4
I've learned that here on DU GitRDun Nov 2012 #12
Americans love freedom. discntnt_irny_srcsm Nov 2012 #31
+100000000 glacierbay Nov 2012 #32
ty :) n/t discntnt_irny_srcsm Nov 2012 #33
I see no need for a "middle ground" on Rights. n/t PavePusher Nov 2012 #16
Not many here do see a need for a middle ground.. GitRDun Nov 2012 #24
I tend to think the status quo is the middle ground gejohnston Nov 2012 #25
What would you consider to be a "middle ground" on the Thirteenth Amendment? The Twenty-Fourth? PavePusher Nov 2012 #28
I tried some suggestions here GitRDun Nov 2012 #34
Thank you for being civil glacierbay Nov 2012 #38
I do think you are on to something with better data sharing GitRDun Nov 2012 #42
"I wish I had a great answer, I don't..." discntnt_irny_srcsm Nov 2012 #43
A little black and white for me. rrneck Nov 2012 #3
Mao understood this. Glaug-Eldare Nov 2012 #5
It is racist nonsense ThatPoetGuy Nov 2012 #6
Racist? glacierbay Nov 2012 #7
There is nothing factual ThatPoetGuy Nov 2012 #13
I think you may be misunderstanding... Glaug-Eldare Nov 2012 #14
and he just got another post hidden in Meta about this. K&R Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2012 #37
Exactly right. For example, look how we subdued the Taliban in Afghanistan. ... spin Nov 2012 #8
How is the concept of Jews defending themselves ... holdencaufield Nov 2012 #23
If, hypothetically, your goal were genocide 4th law of robotics Nov 2012 #29
Your thread title and opinion are based on nothing but gut feeling intaglio Nov 2012 #9
UK did not have strict gun laws at that time gejohnston Nov 2012 #11
Compared to the US the UK had strict gun control intaglio Nov 2012 #26
Half of all the firearms in private hands on this planet... discntnt_irny_srcsm Nov 2012 #27
You are quoting Macchiavelli?? intaglio Nov 2012 #36
"...the use of such weapons in war requires a lot of training in mass infantry maneuvers." PavePusher Nov 2012 #40
Just the points discntnt_irny_srcsm Nov 2012 #41
Ma(c)chiavelli was not writing about modern firearms intaglio Nov 2012 #63
Weapons are only tools. discntnt_irny_srcsm Nov 2012 #65
If you think modern firearms don't require "skill and practice to apply deadly force in warfare"... PavePusher Nov 2012 #67
Maybe... discntnt_irny_srcsm Nov 2012 #68
"GUUNZ BAYD!!!1!11!!"... is all I can figure. YMMV. n/t PavePusher Nov 2012 #69
As G Carlin said... discntnt_irny_srcsm Nov 2012 #70
"You are trying to compare firearms with weapons that required skill and practice..." beevul Nov 2012 #71
Of course not. discntnt_irny_srcsm Nov 2012 #72
Your history is weak and your argument only correct superficially. Decoy of Fenris Nov 2012 #51
Celts and Gauls (and Iberians) were the same race intaglio Nov 2012 #64
Few UK people owned guns gejohnston Nov 2012 #30
Does the reason for "few guns" alter the fact of the matter? intaglio Nov 2012 #35
I didn't say there wasn't gejohnston Nov 2012 #39
Would you care to explain what you mean by the following? Starboard Tack Nov 2012 #10
He can't. He has been blocked from the group. Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2012 #17
How can you tell? Glaug-Eldare Nov 2012 #18
click on About This Group - scroll down - you will see the Hosts and further down you will see Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2012 #19
Thanks! Learn somethin new every day! Glaug-Eldare Nov 2012 #20
He was sacrificed to appease the Antis who are raising a Ruckus in Meta. Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2012 #21
+1 darkangel218 Nov 2012 #22
A shameful act on the part of the host. nt hack89 Nov 2012 #44
agreed. Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2012 #45
Whoa, he was banned for this? 4th law of robotics Nov 2012 #46
I could be wrong but, I think this post also had something to do with it Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2012 #47
That didn't seem so bad either 4th law of robotics Nov 2012 #48
I am not the one who alerted. I am the one getting beaten up in that thread for defending the man. Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2012 #49
Oh I didn't mean "you" you 4th law of robotics Nov 2012 #50
Already done glacierbay Nov 2012 #52
saw it - would not put it past him to alert on every post - odds being that sooner or later Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2012 #54
I have no doubt that the alert brigade has alerted on glacierbay Nov 2012 #56
sooner or later with the right code words in the Alert ... another one of us will be knocked out Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2012 #58
You're pretty safe glacierbay Nov 2012 #59
On call. Decoy of Fenris Nov 2012 #53
indeed - it is to the point that I agree with the OP. Hosts are caving into pressure and the place Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2012 #55
I'm fast getting to that point myself glacierbay Nov 2012 #57
Glacier, Tuesday, when we stop fighting for our civil liberties, Democracy dies. Decoy of Fenris Nov 2012 #60
I think you misunderstand both of us glacierbay Nov 2012 #61
of course, what I mean to say is that I will save my energy and use it to fight where it will do the Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2012 #91
It's an idiotic post... ellisonz Nov 2012 #62
A bit confused ultra103 Nov 2012 #74
There's nothing offensive mate, and you're not wrong. Decoy of Fenris Nov 2012 #75
Here, educate yourself: ellisonz Nov 2012 #76
someone is looking for a reason to be offended and has found it. Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2012 #82
You are, of course, entitled to your opinion and it is your right to be offended. Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2012 #80
We miss you my friend. ileus Nov 2012 #66
Needs another kick n/t discntnt_irny_srcsm Nov 2012 #73
This is an offensively stupid thread. HankyDub Nov 2012 #78
as a great granddaughter, I am not offended. so, there is that. I also disagree with you Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2012 #79
When non-Jews attempt to use the holocaust for their own agenda HankyDub Nov 2012 #83
I don't think he is Using it as much as he is pointing out How it HAS BEEN used historically. Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2012 #85
Clearly he is using the holocaust for his own agenda HankyDub Nov 2012 #96
Clearly, he is not. Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2012 #100
It's okay to admit you were wrong. HankyDub Nov 2012 #101
why not bring it up. History and the Art of War and guns go hand in hand. Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2012 #104
It amazes me how Willingly Controllers Submit to an Entity. Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2012 #90
Now apply that statement to any other issue... HankyDub Nov 2012 #97
That was not a blanket statement. You are in GC&RKBA. Try to stay on Topic, please. Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2012 #99
the topic of your post was "submitting to government" HankyDub Nov 2012 #102
oh please. You have a Nice day now. Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2012 #103
No middle ground GitRDun Nov 2012 #106
I guess this thread is open again, so I voted... Eleanors38 Nov 2012 #110
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