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beam me up scottie

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Mon Apr 10, 2017, 06:20 PM Apr 2017

Can a religious person be considered progressive if they oppose lgbt and reproductive rights? [View all]

Let's use a simple dictionary definition of progressive:

person advocating or implementing social reform or new, liberal ideas

21 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
One cannot call themselves progressive if they oppose lgbt/reproductive rights
18 (86%)
One can call themselves progressive if they oppose lgbt/reproductive rights
3 (14%)
Other (explain)
0 (0%)
I like polls
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Hell.To.The.Fucking.No! 50 Shades Of Blue Apr 2017 #1
Simple is a good definition. guillaumeb Apr 2017 #2
It's a simple question specifically regarding women's and lgbt rights. beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #3
I need more information. guillaumeb Apr 2017 #4
I can't possibly make it any simpler. beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #5
People don't usually respond to obvious straw men Lordquinton Apr 2017 #7
If you can't fully oppose laws designed to impose anyone's religious views, that's not progressive. bettyellen Apr 2017 #9
Precisely. This is a deal breaker for me. beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #10
I think that there are several Curmudgeoness Apr 2017 #20
I believe that I specified in another thread that I was talking about guillaumeb Apr 2017 #21
But who gives a crap Curmudgeoness Apr 2017 #22
Everything is either undefined, or based on one single issue. guillaumeb Apr 2017 #30
I love how the rights of historically opressed people Lordquinton Apr 2017 #40
Is that how you define progressive? What about military intervention to prevent genocide? beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #46
I believe no one cares. Act_of_Reparation Apr 2017 #23
Were you going to vote, or were you just hanging around in this thread for no particular reason? AtheistCrusader Apr 2017 #26
Just watching the evasion, and outright reluctance to name guillaumeb Apr 2017 #31
Well, you've offered plenty of red herrings. AtheistCrusader Apr 2017 #34
And who is Dr. Susan Blackmore, and what qualifies her for the label? guillaumeb Apr 2017 #35
It is how I identify her after many hours of lectures, and several books, plus public speaking AtheistCrusader Apr 2017 #44
In your definition of Progressive EvolveOrConvolve Apr 2017 #15
No. But I do not dismiss all that is progressive in judging. guillaumeb Apr 2017 #17
Barney Frank and Pete Stark edhopper Apr 2017 #28
Pete Stark? With his well-known respect for women? guillaumeb Apr 2017 #32
Still better than the Pope. Lordquinton Apr 2017 #41
A matter of opinion. guillaumeb Apr 2017 #49
Woah, you just took it to the next level Lordquinton Apr 2017 #52
Even with assistance? guillaumeb Apr 2017 #53
The Orthodox Christian Putin? Lordquinton Apr 2017 #54
Progressive comrades of faith!!! trotsky Apr 2017 #60
I'm unclear about your response EvolveOrConvolve Apr 2017 #81
First, define what a progressive is, and is not. guillaumeb Apr 2017 #87
Hitchens wasn't a progressive. AtheistCrusader Apr 2017 #24
They are labelled Religious Prerogative Progressives delisen Apr 2017 #6
I googled that term and didn't find a match. beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #8
Sorry I was being flippant. Active opposition to the rights of others is not progressive, delisen Apr 2017 #11
Ah, gotcha. I think that's where the difference lies. beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #12
I am male, and abortion is not a choice I could make. guillaumeb Apr 2017 #18
I can't tell if that was a dog whistle or not. AtheistCrusader Apr 2017 #68
All of that would be covered by my pro-choice stance. guillaumeb Apr 2017 #75
Still not clear. trotsky Apr 2017 #80
The subject of another post. guillaumeb Apr 2017 #86
Now it's clear. trotsky Apr 2017 #93
They could be a Democrat but not a Progressive IMO. nt WePurrsevere Apr 2017 #13
Agreed. beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #14
When one treats a certain group as less than whole citizens Dawson Leery Apr 2017 #16
Meaning that none of the Founders of this country were progressive in a modern sense. guillaumeb Apr 2017 #19
That depends edhopper Apr 2017 #29
According to Antonin Scalia............... guillaumeb Apr 2017 #33
Why is you're go to an atheist conservative theist? Lordquinton Apr 2017 #42
And you believe Scalia? beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #45
nice side stepping edhopper Apr 2017 #50
Scalia did the country a great service when he allowed a seat to open up. guillaumeb Apr 2017 #51
The Repukes edhopper Apr 2017 #67
For added hilarity, let's repeat this poll in GD. AtheistCrusader Apr 2017 #25
I guess. If they don't advocate for government involvement in lgbt and reproductive rights? Jonny Appleseed Apr 2017 #27
As I said up-thread I'm referring to those who actively oppose lgbt and reproductive rights. beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #36
No, and why would the question even need to be asked? Jonny Appleseed Apr 2017 #37
Because some people do call them progressives. beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #39
I mean, the pope is progressive by comparison to the 17th century time bubble that the Jonny Appleseed Apr 2017 #61
Wait, what? You just said opposition to lgbt and reproductive rights isn't progressive. beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #63
Yeah in a perfect world I'd dissolve all religions entirely because they require adherence to Jonny Appleseed Apr 2017 #66
Are you serious? "the Catholic church has no power in America"? beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #69
"the Catholic church has no power in America" Act_of_Reparation Apr 2017 #71
Something else to ask... NeoGreen Apr 2017 #38
That's a very good question. beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #47
NO Doreen Apr 2017 #43
That's my opinion as well. beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #48
Nope! Liberalism and egalitarianism go hand and hand. LostOne4Ever Apr 2017 #55
Well said! beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #56
No...if you condone anti-LGBT or anti-choice legislation, you are not progressive. LOL Lib Apr 2017 #57
Agreed. beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #59
Apparently a Few People Like This *Are* Calling Themselves Progressive On the Road Apr 2017 #58
"drive off all the religious people" trotsky Apr 2017 #62
Asking a simple question is "driving off all the religious people"? beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #64
You and I have been here long enough to have seen that old threat thrown out many times. trotsky Apr 2017 #65
Yep. beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #70
"Back of the bus with you, atheist!" trotsky Apr 2017 #72
It's nice here in the back of the bus. beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #73
You bet. trotsky Apr 2017 #74
Aw. Iggo Apr 2017 #85
You can't deny civil rights and basic health care to over half the population Warpy Apr 2017 #76
Exactly. beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #78
You can call yourself the easter bunny for all I care, but vlyons Apr 2017 #77
That's where the difference is. beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #79
Relative to the rest of their particular religious community, maybe. Htom Sirveaux Apr 2017 #82
A reasonable answer. beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #83
Yeah, I would agree with that. Htom Sirveaux Apr 2017 #84
No I would not define them as progressive. hrmjustin Apr 2017 #88
I feel the same way. beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #89
BTW my mom had open heart surgery yesterday. hrmjustin Apr 2017 #90
I hope she continues to recover and is home soon. beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #91
Thanks. hrmjustin Apr 2017 #92
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