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They are too monolithic Cartoonist Jun 2018 #1
Even 8% of atheists? eom guillaumeb Jun 2018 #2
The "spirit" of science,.reason,.seems universal to some Bretton Garcia Jun 2018 #5
Interesting attempt to explain what was meant. guillaumeb Jun 2018 #6
Your title suggested this post was about Christianity Bretton Garcia Jun 2018 #7
separation of church and state was supported by religions.... ollie10 Jun 2018 #42
So religions supported separation... Bretton Garcia Jun 2018 #44
you seem to have a tremendous need to attack ALL religions ollie10 Jun 2018 #47
So which one was the good one? Bretton Garcia Jun 2018 #49
That is not for me to say ollie10 Jun 2018 #51
So you now, in this way, criticise NO religions? Bretton Garcia Jun 2018 #57
I don't criticize atheism and I don't attack religions ollie10 Jun 2018 #59
But the Founders did shut "religion" - all of it - out of government. Bretton Garcia Jun 2018 #66
True enough. And I support separation of church and state ollie10 Jun 2018 #68
Democrats attack religious beliefs all the time marylandblue Jun 2018 #71
From the 2016 Democratic Party Platform.... ollie10 Jun 2018 #72
That has nothing to do with what I said marylandblue Jun 2018 #73
I support the platform. Do you? ollie10 Jun 2018 #74
It's irrelevant to the point marylandblue Jun 2018 #77
My point was that the Democratic Party does not attack religion(s) ollie10 Jun 2018 #78
I call myself Democrat because I checked the D box on my voter registration marylandblue Jun 2018 #79
I think you alluded to something ollie10 Jun 2018 #81
Still irrelevant to my point marylandblue Jun 2018 #83
The unaffiliated are now the largest "religious" voting bloc in the country. trotsky Jun 2018 #103
Settle down McCarthy Lordquinton Jun 2018 #80
yes or no, do YOU support the Democratic Platform of 2016? ollie10 Jun 2018 #82
Since when was McCarthyism a democratic principal? Lordquinton Jun 2018 #84
was that a yes or a no? ollie10 Jun 2018 #85
What is this trait among theists Lordquinton Jun 2018 #86
ok. I see you won't answer a simple question ollie10 Jun 2018 #88
Well, I'd be more worried about the person on a McCarthyesque hunt Lordquinton Jun 2018 #100
Theists like to change the subject a lot marylandblue Jun 2018 #108
This sounds like a purity test. Is it? marylandblue Jun 2018 #107
Please tell us about the myths Mariana Jun 2018 #14
And both options were referenced, guillaumeb Jun 2018 #16
"Or" can mean one, but not the other. Bretton Garcia Jun 2018 #46
Gil's making up his own definitions for words again. nt. Mariana Jun 2018 #98
Thread/ Alpeduez21 Jun 2018 #31
It also says that there are as many opinions about how Christians should live as there are Nitram Jun 2018 #3
Christians are humans. guillaumeb Jun 2018 #4
Very few Democrats support Trump Bretton Garcia Jun 2018 #8
it is not meaningless.... ollie10 Jun 2018 #43
But all ice creams universally have some characteristics. Bretton Garcia Jun 2018 #50
well, religions have similar characteristics too ollie10 Jun 2018 #52
But if most religions are related... Bretton Garcia Jun 2018 #58
you are entitled to your opinion ollie10 Jun 2018 #60
But you do oppose theocracy at least? Bretton Garcia Jun 2018 #65
I believe in separation of church and state ollie10 Jun 2018 #67
Thank you. Bretton Garcia Jun 2018 #69
I believe in freedom of belief ollie10 Jun 2018 #70
There is no "freedom of belief" right. Voltaire2 Jun 2018 #75
.... ollie10 Jun 2018 #76
It's not nice to imply that a fellow DUer is a fascist. MineralMan Jun 2018 #90
Post removed Post removed Jun 2018 #91
One needs no rights to have beliefs. MineralMan Jun 2018 #92
yes or no, do you believe we have a right to have our own beliefs? ollie10 Jun 2018 #93
Beliefs cannot be prohibited, so no "right" is required. MineralMan Jun 2018 #95
I thought I explained it clearly. Voltaire2 Jun 2018 #96
Well, your adversary appears to have left the building MineralMan Jun 2018 #97
I heard the news and had to come explore the damage. trotsky Jun 2018 #101
The thought police are coming for you marylandblue Jun 2018 #109
For example you can still continue to believe that I am an authoritarian fascist Voltaire2 Jun 2018 #99
Very Good Proof of Concept! MineralMan Jun 2018 #102
Ollie, what you are missing is the claim every religion has to being the only true account of what Nitram Jun 2018 #87
not every religion thinks it is the only true account ollie10 Jun 2018 #89
Well, Christianity certainly does, in spite of the many divergent views among Christians. Nitram Jun 2018 #94
Unfortunately, that poster will not be able to reply for an indefinite time. MineralMan Jun 2018 #106
poll is irrelevant. if you believe in a divine presence you are not an atheist lol nt msongs Jun 2018 #9
Thus speaks the decider? guillaumeb Jun 2018 #10
That would seem to fit the definition of atheism marylandblue Jun 2018 #11
The poll does not mention anything about a "divine presence". Mariana Jun 2018 #21
What is a universal spirit? Lordquinton Jun 2018 #12
Ask those who believe in one. guillaumeb Jun 2018 #13
So it's completely open to interpretation? Lordquinton Jun 2018 #15
Obviously some people who identify as atheists guillaumeb Jun 2018 #17
Previously you used the term "divine presence" in reference to this poll marylandblue Jun 2018 #19
So, why did you compare one person's number of posts to another's percentage? Lordquinton Jun 2018 #22
Well the poll did not ask how the participants define "universal spirit" marylandblue Jun 2018 #18
Speculation. Understood as such. eom guillaumeb Jun 2018 #40
But gil, *you're* the one speculating that it means a divine presence. trotsky Jun 2018 #45
You are once again assigning motivation to others. guillaumeb Jun 2018 #53
I have no idea what your motivation is, and really don't care. trotsky Jun 2018 #63
More exposure of tactic, guillaumeb Jun 2018 #112
Yes, my secret tactic of calling you on your bullshit. trotsky Jun 2018 #115
Who is speculating? I'm not. marylandblue Jun 2018 #48
Gil doesn't know what was meant. Mariana Jun 2018 #20
Pew data stinks Bretton Garcia Jun 2018 #24
And then someone dishonest can jump on that apparent discrepancy Mariana Jun 2018 #25
Christian logic, apologetics, "work" that way Bretton Garcia Jun 2018 #37
That's the natural progression when the initial premise is untrue. MineralMan Jun 2018 #38
Speaking of initial premises, guillaumeb Jun 2018 #41
That premise was not a simple assertion Bretton Garcia Jun 2018 #105
If that is how you define rational discussion, guillaumeb Jun 2018 #113
Most of my responses are not addressed by you Bretton Garcia Jun 2018 #116
Some here rarely present anything substantive. MineralMan Jun 2018 #117
Change is possible. guillaumeb Jun 2018 #118
Apparently, it's equivalent to a "Divine presence" or something. MineralMan Jun 2018 #27
You seem to be correct Lordquinton Jun 2018 #29
Well, see, our DUer switched the wording MineralMan Jun 2018 #30
Tries a big gotcha moment Lordquinton Jun 2018 #32
Oh, well... MineralMan Jun 2018 #33
That's for sure Lordquinton Jun 2018 #39
Of course Christians aren't a monolithic bloc. Mariana Jun 2018 #23
Odd. Your op hijacks itself. Voltaire2 Jun 2018 #26
Well, why wait, when you can change the topic right in the first post? MineralMan Jun 2018 #28
Again I wonder who you're speaking to. trotsky Jun 2018 #34
Just as one can believe that supernatural deities exist, MineralMan Jun 2018 #36
This message was self-deleted by its author ollie10 Jun 2018 #61
You say the OP directs his missives to "that prototypical atheist" ollie10 Jun 2018 #62
"8% of those who call themselves atheists also say they believe in God or a universal spirit." trotsky Jun 2018 #104
Whatever you say, man. Act_of_Reparation Jun 2018 #35
Freedom enid602 Jun 2018 #54
Kick for effect. MineralMan Jun 2018 #55
Some theists also claim to be deists Major Nikon Jun 2018 #56
Ah but when you reserve for yourself the right to define any word the way you want... trotsky Jun 2018 #64
Pretty sure that's the "12th commandment" Docreed2003 Jun 2018 #110
*snort* trotsky Jun 2018 #114
There's a word for that... Major Nikon Jun 2018 #111
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