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3. I remember "poke sheets" from one computer I used in the Army
Thu Mar 14, 2024, 12:36 PM
Mar 2024

This had 60 terminals and a lot of other peripherals attached to it. We had to clear errors in the system by poking zeroes into specific memory locations.

The process you were SUPPOSED to use was to calculate the offset for the location you wanted to use, convert it from decimal to octal, then poke the octal into the address. Naturally, this took quite a while to do so our programmer and the four system operators decided to sit down and calculate out all the addresses then put them in a book for easy lookup. One fine day the main programmer for the system (there were two of them, we had one and the other was in a unit in West Germany) was in town when I had to do this. "Oh, you're so smart!" No, just persistent, and I showed her the book. "Can I make a copy of this? (The other unit) doesn't have anything like this!"

I hope the reset wasn't to rename it Veeger The Polack MSgt Mar 2024 #1
Oh, you Hekate Mar 2024 #8
Better angle here edbermac Mar 2024 #2
These remind me of the Vanguard rocket. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Mar 2024 #4
I remember "poke sheets" from one computer I used in the Army jmowreader Mar 2024 #3
Nice! calimary Mar 2024 #6
K&R burrowowl Mar 2024 #5
I was more of a Leisure Suit Larry kinda guy ;) n/t Cheezoholic Mar 2024 #7
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