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8. One SuperPac. Unlike your candidate, he isn't
Sat Feb 6, 2016, 08:23 AM
Feb 2016

involved with it through sleazy loopholes in the law. And she has made appearances at fundraisers for her slew of SuperPacs.

The comparison is so dishonest and absurd.

Lol. He has benefited it far more than benefited FROM it cali Feb 2016 #1
+1! tecelote Feb 2016 #3
So, Bernie helped the DSCC raise funds.... MgtPA Feb 2016 #2
Keep going -- at some points you folks may hit the record for same article overposted Armstead Feb 2016 #4
He's also benefited from SuperPACs. DanTex Feb 2016 #5
Which one? MgtPA Feb 2016 #6
... DanTex Feb 2016 #10
The Nurses? MgtPA Feb 2016 #15
That's one. And it's a SuperPAC not a PAC. There's also Karl Rove's SuperPAC. DanTex Feb 2016 #16
PACs have been around since the 1940's. The Nurses PAC was formed in 2009, before Citizens United MgtPA Feb 2016 #17
And after CU, the PAC became a SuperPAC, engaging in activities that would be illegal without CU. DanTex Feb 2016 #18
"Par for the course"?? Are you referring to me? MgtPA Feb 2016 #19
Yes. Rove and Republicans do want Bernie as the nominee so they knock the Dem Party riversedge Feb 2016 #20
he's evolved and no longer takes the money. Perogie Feb 2016 #7
One SuperPac. Unlike your candidate, he isn't cali Feb 2016 #8
That would make a great stump speech. "SuperPACS are horrible! Except for one! Mine!" DanTex Feb 2016 #9
One more time, dan. It's not his superpac cali Feb 2016 #11
Well, no, technically it isn't, and SuperPACs supporting Hillary don't "belong" to her either. DanTex Feb 2016 #13
She does fundraising appearances for her superpacs cali Feb 2016 #22
Right. National Nursesí Conversation with Senator Bernie Sanders DanTex Feb 2016 #24
SPOT ON riversedge Feb 2016 #21
K&R! stonecutter357 Feb 2016 #12
What a hillarious take on an idiiotic article. Thanks for the laughs. Live and Learn Feb 2016 #14
I've reached my limits with you. First, you bashed Sanders for not raising money KingCharlemagne Feb 2016 #23
You forgot to apologize for all your "he didn't help fundraise" attacks. (nt) jeff47 Feb 2016 #25
Yes, he's a senator. Even though he has been castigated for not The Velveteen Ocelot Feb 2016 #26
No matter what you pull out of the air, nothing compares to Hillary's millions from Wall Street. Avalux Feb 2016 #27
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