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2016 Postmortem

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38. They pop in in a second in my browser...there are two more lower on the page
Sun Feb 21, 2016, 03:13 AM
Feb 2016

The last one on the page has a woman saying Bernie is English only a couple of times and then it cuts out. So if anyone joined in and made it a chant, it's not in the vid, but it is on record that it was said.

Hello Video #2 [View all] leftofcool Feb 2016 OP
ENGLISH ONLY workinclasszero Feb 2016 #1
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA bobbobbins01 Feb 2016 #2
I noticed that too nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #6
Notes? Hell, by the time it's over you're gonna have material enough for a book! ebayfool Feb 2016 #44
Not the DNC...this is not run by the DNC nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #49
Noted (see what I did there? LOL!) ebayfool Feb 2016 #56
Local and state parties run party machines nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #62
Great SPIN nt fun n serious Feb 2016 #8
Truth spins itself bobbobbins01 Feb 2016 #22
That's not spin, it's truth. cui bono Feb 2016 #63
Nope. Nice try! leftofcool Feb 2016 #13
I'll repeat what someone said in another thread. Shame on you. bobbobbins01 Feb 2016 #28
I am glad that the Sanders Campaign denounced this behavior. leftofcool Feb 2016 #29
Well they didn't because there was no behavior. cui bono Feb 2016 #64
There is no shame in Mudville... dchill Feb 2016 #55
I think my browser is upset, I'm only seeing one video? Shandris Feb 2016 #3
They pop in in a second in my browser...there are two more lower on the page Lucinda Feb 2016 #38
Thank you for that. Shandris Feb 2016 #40
I'm in Opera, and on a networked laptop, so things can lag a tiny bit for me Lucinda Feb 2016 #43
That appears to be after the decision was made. joshcryer Feb 2016 #4
She even suggested she and a Spanish speaking Sanders supporter translate together MohRokTah Feb 2016 #10
The moderator didn't allow that. n/t cui bono Feb 2016 #23
I don't think you understand what the word neutral means. Joe the Revelator Feb 2016 #12
He shot it down because of lack of consensus. joshcryer Feb 2016 #17
My understanding is that the rules require a neutral translator. Huerta is not neutral by any Joe the Revelator Feb 2016 #18
Caucus rules are ad hoc nonsense. joshcryer Feb 2016 #20
Are you implying she is neutral? Joe the Revelator Feb 2016 #26
If you're supposed to translate something... joshcryer Feb 2016 #48
But was she a neutral? Joe the Revelator Feb 2016 #51
One of those posts I wish I could rec jsmirman Feb 2016 #60
+1 cui bono Feb 2016 #25
Actually not according to the rules of the caucus nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #14
You're not addressing what I am. joshcryer Feb 2016 #19
And a HRC supporter from watching this video a few times nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #21
Anyone can be neutral in a room of half bilinguals. joshcryer Feb 2016 #24
And that is why he ruled the way he did nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #27
He ruled that way because of the headache. joshcryer Feb 2016 #41
Neither Huerta or the Sanders supporter were neutral nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #45
I've never heard of a caucus that wasn't staffed by fully volunteers. joshcryer Feb 2016 #54
Well josh I have never heard so many excuses nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #58
*sigh* Nothing in the Selection Process mentions "neutrality for translators." joshcryer Feb 2016 #65
Who is applauding English only? nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #75
Rules despite you finding them bunk are supposed to be followed. nt Live and Learn Feb 2016 #66
Ad hoc caucus rules? joshcryer Feb 2016 #69
Jheez, up is down, moral is immoral, rules are meant to be broken. Live and Learn Feb 2016 #70
A rule forbidding translation... joshcryer Feb 2016 #71
What language is that? nt Live and Learn Feb 2016 #72
The moderator is the one who didn't allow it. And someone who has endorsed a candidate is not cui bono Feb 2016 #61
I'm glad the Sanders campaign denounced the behavior. eom MohRokTah Feb 2016 #5
link? frylock Feb 2016 #33
It's in the update on the Crooks and Liars story. MohRokTah Feb 2016 #46
Yeah, I saw it. It was a blanket statement about unity and respect. frylock Feb 2016 #52
No. They didn't denounce the behavior because there was no behavior to denounce. cui bono Feb 2016 #74
Stop lying. Its one CLINTON supporter offering commentary when the MODERATOR Joe the Revelator Feb 2016 #7
Bookmarking to watch later. Thankie! Lucinda Feb 2016 #9
That is a Hillary supporter saying that. ScreamingMeemie Feb 2016 #11
You might want to listen to that again. That wasn't a Bernie supporters chanting English Only Autumn Feb 2016 #15
Obviously Bernie thought so. leftofcool Feb 2016 #30
Because, sight unseen, it would be the right thing to do. Even ScreamingMeemie Feb 2016 #32
link? frylock Feb 2016 #34
And so he should. We should all denounce that type of behavior. I did so immediately... Autumn Feb 2016 #36
He actually did not really as there was no such behavior at that event. cui bono Feb 2016 #42
No he did not. You keep posting comments without links. cui bono Feb 2016 #39
In Hillarian speak, Bernie personally called out all supporters on DU individually. frylock Feb 2016 #50
Wow melman Feb 2016 #16
I only see one video but it seems others have seen the one you're talking about and cui bono Feb 2016 #31
If you look at the link posted here, it is a chopped up version of another video, ScreamingMeemie Feb 2016 #35
Finally saw it... had to use another less locked down browser. cui bono Feb 2016 #59
Scroll down and you'll see two videos. It's the second one. Autumn Feb 2016 #37
Okay, saw it! omg!!! cui bono Feb 2016 #57
Hello Video #1 cui bono Feb 2016 #47
Jesus desmiller Feb 2016 #53
Well that settles it. It was a Clinton supporter that said it. Where is the outrage now? nt Live and Learn Feb 2016 #67
No, you don't. Ken Burch Feb 2016 #68
Laughable. snort Feb 2016 #73
Thanks for posting Gothmog Feb 2016 #76
Anyone who uses this to disparage one of the most influential women of our lifetimes is an asshole. PeaceNikki Feb 2016 #77
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