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2016 Postmortem

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Fri Mar 25, 2016, 04:26 AM Mar 2016

Time Warner owns CNN (Hillary Clinton's 8th largest donor) [View all]

Should CNN disclose their owners are Hillary Clinton's eight highest donor?

42 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
40 (95%)
2 (5%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Ridiculous bravenak Mar 2016 #1
Post removed Post removed Mar 2016 #2
What is your problem? bravenak Mar 2016 #3
Are you against spreading awareness of this? Why... pantsonfire Mar 2016 #6
I think the problem is, what does "disclose" mean that they're not already doing? ucrdem Mar 2016 #14
Public knowledge that most "regular" folk don't know... pantsonfire Mar 2016 #20
The public at large understand you need all resources legal to win. FarPoint Mar 2016 #42
Public knowledge in the sense that it can be Googled, I guess. SusanCalvin Mar 2016 #72
Spread whatever you want. I can have an opinion. bravenak Mar 2016 #27
Apparently blue can't, but you can. nt pantsonfire Mar 2016 #28
Whatever that means bravenak Mar 2016 #29
He expressed an opinion and it was blocked.... pantsonfire Mar 2016 #31
He resorted to personal insults rather than discussing the subject at hand. bravenak Mar 2016 #34
"Regular people do not care"....that's not personal? pantsonfire Mar 2016 #36
That is an opinion bravenak Mar 2016 #37
You said people need to avoid getting personal....anyway he was spot on. pantsonfire Mar 2016 #38
This is getting very personal bravenak Mar 2016 #40
You have no idea... Agschmid Mar 2016 #81
Not blocked, hidden. Agschmid Mar 2016 #80
This message was self-deleted by its author pantsonfire Mar 2016 #5
Alert results 0-7 JustABozoOnThisBus Mar 2016 #8
I can see you voted no (in the poll)...that makes you a biased juror. nt pantsonfire Mar 2016 #9
I'm reasonably certain Spacedog1973 Mar 2016 #11
Except the post is a direct response to the poll.... pantsonfire Mar 2016 #12
No Spacedog1973 Mar 2016 #13
Offensive is one of the reasons....do you agree with his sentiment? nt pantsonfire Mar 2016 #16
This would be worth looking into, ... JustABozoOnThisBus Mar 2016 #15
Well you're right on that point, but still....I think the comment... pantsonfire Mar 2016 #17
It was just an opinion expressed. Ok, bravenak claimed to speak for all regular people... JustABozoOnThisBus Mar 2016 #22
Just ignore her she isnt worth tbe agita SwampG8r Mar 2016 #48
So even though you don't dismiss bias, it only matters if its a deciding vote? pantsonfire Mar 2016 #18
I don't know what bias you're talking about, in this jury vote. JustABozoOnThisBus Mar 2016 #25
The opinion clearly was expressing a NO vote, you also voted NO. pantsonfire Mar 2016 #26
Ya think someone is bias on a jury? FarPoint Mar 2016 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author imari362 Mar 2016 #23
Couldn't of said it better myself +1 nt pantsonfire Mar 2016 #24
Until we change Citizens United.... Candidates must use all legal resources. FarPoint Mar 2016 #30
I want it addressed too bravenak Mar 2016 #32
You understand.. FarPoint Mar 2016 #39
Really, though bravenak Mar 2016 #41
Mmmmm....., edited upon being more awake. SusanCalvin Mar 2016 #77
This was just trying to make something seem like a big secret scandal bravenak Mar 2016 #82
I don't either, after the early-morning knee jerk. SusanCalvin Mar 2016 #87
I'm happy to see that most people seem to disagree with you :) nt pantsonfire Mar 2016 #33
There are barely any people in this thread bravenak Mar 2016 #35
You got that right. FarPoint Mar 2016 #57
If nobody cares, why oppose disclosure? RedCappedBandit Mar 2016 #45
It is obviously disclosed bravenak Mar 2016 #47
If they already do, what's ridiculous about it? RedCappedBandit Mar 2016 #50
The idea that it is some secret scandal bravenak Mar 2016 #52
Ah, so you weren't replying to the OP. RedCappedBandit Mar 2016 #53
The people who are concerned, look for answers bravenak Mar 2016 #54
Don't really know who you're responding to. RedCappedBandit Mar 2016 #55
THIS IS A Matter of Credibility And Most Certainly Represents A CONFLICT OF INTEREST! CorporatistNation Mar 2016 #49
I don't think so bravenak Mar 2016 #51
False Drama Outrage.... FarPoint Mar 2016 #84
Conflict of interest is not ridicolous nadinbrzezinski Mar 2016 #86
Blue doesn't have a problem...you cannot speak for all Americans. pantsonfire Mar 2016 #4
CNN/Time Warner shouldn't need to disclose donations. JustABozoOnThisBus Mar 2016 #7
Citizens United was clearly a victory for you then... pantsonfire Mar 2016 #10
What's the limit on reporting donations? JustABozoOnThisBus Mar 2016 #19
I'm talking 100's of thousands from corporations.... pantsonfire Mar 2016 #21
Citizen United is in play. FarPoint Mar 2016 #44
Media, like CNN uses the public airwaves choie Mar 2016 #60
Anyone can look it up if they want to. FarPoint Mar 2016 #61
Legal doesn't mean ethical choie Mar 2016 #79
Then you must be an activist for changing Citizens United and Campaign Finance Reform. FarPoint Mar 2016 #83
You spelled shareholder wrong SwampG8r Mar 2016 #46
The people who voted no should be ashamed of themselves. Bread and Circus Mar 2016 #56
More media transparency would be a good thing. Anyone that thinks otherwise is a fool. RedCappedBandit Mar 2016 #58
Yes (nt) bigwillq Mar 2016 #59
This nonsense again? Time Warner has donated nothing to Hillary. DanTex Mar 2016 #62
Except that they have. Nice try at muddying the waters though ... Scuba Mar 2016 #63
Those are from Time Warner employees. Have you guys still not figured that out? DanTex Mar 2016 #64
Yeah we get it. Time Warner linemen coughing up hundreds of thousands. Yeah, that's it. Scuba Mar 2016 #65
Conspiracy! DanTex Mar 2016 #66
You need a tin foil hat. All we're asking is that TW make a disclaimer ... Scuba Mar 2016 #68
Time Warner has contributed no money to either campaign. DanTex Mar 2016 #70
No, but the guy who owns TW has, and TW has donated to Hillary's PAC. Scuba Mar 2016 #71
Time Warner is a publicly traded company. A lot of people own shares. DanTex Mar 2016 #73
Again, you're just trying to muddy the waters. Fail. Scuba Mar 2016 #74
I'm stating facts. TWX is a publicly traded company. And it has not contributed any DanTex Mar 2016 #75
What happened to the poster? Kind of disappeared when the smear redstateblues Mar 2016 #76
Thank you Dan FarPoint Mar 2016 #85
So corporations ARE people ... is that your point? JoePhilly Mar 2016 #67
Time Warner is also p[ushing for permission to merge with Charter Cable Armstead Mar 2016 #69
Please be more specific SusanCalvin Mar 2016 #78
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