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2016 Postmortem

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Thu Mar 31, 2016, 04:18 PM Mar 2016

Why is she always snippy? If they really were Bernie supporters why couldn't she just say [View all]

We welcome you, please sit down & join us and listen to what my plans are if I win the Presidency?

But no - she had to scold them.
Told them to leave.
She had to say I have more votes, so nannynanny poopoo
I I I I I have experience.
You never listen.

Was this really any different than how she handled the BLM activist that paid to go to her fundraiser?
Or the woman that asked her a question at a coffee shop?

Nope it wasn't. Every time Hillary is confronted with an opposing viewpoint, instead of welcoming them she turns on the snark.

One of the things I loved about Candidate Obama in 2008 is when he was confronted with a protester or an opposing viewpoint, he always listened and let them talk. He would then answer their concerns....even when that question came from Joe Plumber.

I don't know if they were Bernie supporters (it's just hearsay) or if they were Trump supporters. It doesn't matter. Being condescending to people does not earn you votes.


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This is why it is ironic that she would ever talk about "tone" astrophuss42 Mar 2016 #1
oh god please no grasswire Mar 2016 #60
'Being condescending to people does not earn you votes.' elleng Mar 2016 #2
Because Hillary is a "Mean Girl" notadmblnd Mar 2016 #3
no, she's a strong woman, and some people don't like that geek tragedy Mar 2016 #19
Simple answer: She's an asshole n/t arcane1 Mar 2016 #4
because she's not a nice person dana_b Mar 2016 #5
Sometimes... asuhornets Mar 2016 #6
And you just one-upped her on snottiness and arrogance nichomachus Mar 2016 #33
yes, she should just bow and smile and act geek tragedy Mar 2016 #59
More Clinton silliness nichomachus Mar 2016 #61
I like someone who won't take nonsense geek tragedy Mar 2016 #67
LOL! rock Mar 2016 #85
That is correct. Lil Missy Mar 2016 #88
They were there to disrupt - they deserve to get thrown out. n/t Lil Missy Mar 2016 #7
Into the bog of eternal stench with you. nt thereismore Mar 2016 #72
they heckled and then they walked out by themselves. geek tragedy Mar 2016 #8
Alway looking for the poutrage. Lil Missy Mar 2016 #10
It's amazing, they heckle and insult and then whine geek tragedy Mar 2016 #13
You didn't answer my question - why didn't she invite them to stay & tell them she'd like to be jillan Mar 2016 #14
Because she doesn't take shit from assholes who get in her face, whether geek tragedy Mar 2016 #17
WoW!!! You Sound Exactly Like A Trump Supporter And How They Would React To Trump's Handling.... global1 Mar 2016 #32
It is very similar to how Trump handles hecklers, minus the violence. jillan Mar 2016 #53
"minus the violence" Other than that, Mrs, Lincoln, how geek tragedy Mar 2016 #56
Classless and graceless loyalsister Mar 2016 #78
OFFS. Trump calls for people to get beaten up. geek tragedy Mar 2016 #55
I agree. She is a fighter. bvar22 Mar 2016 #79
Odd Lazy Daisy Mar 2016 #37
it was either walk out or get thrown out nt geek tragedy Mar 2016 #44
Most wait to be thrown out Lazy Daisy Mar 2016 #70
apparently they could dish it out but weren't tough geek tragedy Mar 2016 #71
could be. doubt it very much, but could be Lazy Daisy Mar 2016 #80
Thank you for linking to an actual account of what happened. yardwork Mar 2016 #89
at any given time, I fully expect her to start using the royal "we" Hiraeth Mar 2016 #9
She IMMEDIATELY calls them 'Bernie People'? Smell that? It's The Reincarnation of Lee Atwater: Brock AzDar Mar 2016 #11
This message was self-deleted by its author RKP5637 Mar 2016 #73
ha ha. Perhaps they had Bernie shirts or signs. Do you know. You just know faux outrage riversedge Mar 2016 #77
So... you don't know, either? Got it. Odd that you would 'answer', then...or, perhaps not. AzDar Mar 2016 #92
My first thought was that they were environmental activists riderinthestorm Mar 2016 #91
Immediate scolding of "Bernie people" marions ghost Mar 2016 #12
She did say that she wished they would stay. all american girl Mar 2016 #66
That appeared to be an after thought marions ghost Mar 2016 #86
God is she off-putting. Did anyone verify they were Bernie supporters? Skwmom Mar 2016 #15
They were not there for a cause... fun n serious Mar 2016 #16
Bernie had protesters ARRESTED fun n serious Mar 2016 #24
1999 Gwhittey Mar 2016 #84
An article from 1991?? Please. lob1 Mar 2016 #87
They were paid? Wow - that's interesting. How do you know that? jillan Mar 2016 #25
that's what Trump says about protestors at his rallies grasswire Mar 2016 #68
Wow, that's a leap. Amaril Mar 2016 #54
Careful - they'll call you sexist here..... laruemtt Mar 2016 #18
I just posted this video. Very snappy NWCorona Mar 2016 #20
Holy shit! When was that? nt bunnies Mar 2016 #36
It was posted today but I'd like to know when it was filmed too! NWCorona Mar 2016 #46
I cant believe she got in that womans face like that. bunnies Mar 2016 #52
Thanks for posting. SamKnause Mar 2016 #38
Yep Lazy Daisy Mar 2016 #63
Didn't sound like something you respond to. Can anyone tell me what they were saying? Sounded like Hoyt Mar 2016 #21
they chanted "if she wins, we lose" and then walked out by themselves geek tragedy Mar 2016 #22
Thanks. Thought it sounded childish. Hoyt Mar 2016 #27
par for the course, must have lost their Twitter accounts nt geek tragedy Mar 2016 #29
She was asking if Clinton was still taking money from fossil fuel donors Gwhittey Mar 2016 #83
The point of the confrontation was to make Bernie supporters look bad... RufusTFirefly Mar 2016 #23
Lol, so you're in the "false flag" camp? nt geek tragedy Mar 2016 #26
It's a pretty big camp. Hillary's campaign has been getting more Rovian by the day. nt. nichomachus Mar 2016 #40
Most here, especially those doing the most criticism of either candidate Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #28
Guess she's taking lessons from Trump. So glad I switched from D to I. Just one more reason. n/t RKP5637 Mar 2016 #30
I want to say that in the op but bit my tongue. It's really quite sore now. jillan Mar 2016 #43
... RKP5637 Mar 2016 #57
43% of this country are Independents/Unaffiliated. Neither the R's nor D's are the majority, and RKP5637 Mar 2016 #65
It's All About Her... Herman4747 Mar 2016 #31
What was she supposed to do? Concede the race right there? KingFlorez Mar 2016 #34
You seem perilously close to lecturing her about tone Prism Mar 2016 #35
Sexist? Asking why she didn't invite them to stay rather than scolding them is sexist? What does jillan Mar 2016 #47
I should use a sarcasm tag sometimes =) Prism Mar 2016 #49
that poster likes to scold Hillary Clinton for smiling too much. geek tragedy Mar 2016 #51
This nation is out of control and needs healing, not more division! HRC is alienating an awful lot RKP5637 Mar 2016 #39
" about 20 Sanders supporters shouted, "If she wins, we lose," and began walking out." They did riversedge Mar 2016 #69
The best part is she did not use violence like Trump, and that I respect her for. n/t RKP5637 Mar 2016 #76
I voted for Bernie in the primary, but I will have no difficulty voting for Hillary in the GE if she RKP5637 Mar 2016 #90
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2016 #41
Sure, because Sanders is so conciliatory. Beacool Mar 2016 #42
Unlike Sanders MFM008 Mar 2016 #45
And she is 69 which is also no youngster. But whatever. jillan Mar 2016 #50
Go back to your voodoo kitchen and cook up something else. n/t Avalux Mar 2016 #58
Hillary is 69,has had a brain injury from a sub-dural hematoma,overweight ,and wendylaroux Mar 2016 #81
wow, so your ageist attack gets a pass dana_b Mar 2016 #82
I may even donate because of this. geek tragedy Mar 2016 #48
Great, do it nichomachus Mar 2016 #64
Bernie will be appreciative of your donation! grasswire Mar 2016 #74
Hillary did not scold them. Your OP is condensing. riversedge Mar 2016 #62
Haven't you heard? lumberjack_jeff Mar 2016 #75
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