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2016 Postmortem

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Warren Stupidity

(48,181 posts)
Tue Apr 5, 2016, 09:54 PM Apr 2016

Is it time for Senator Clinton, for the sake of unity, to concede? [View all]

You decide!

123 votes, 3 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Yes. Senator Clinton having lost 7 of the last 8 primaries, should withdraw.
113 (92%)
No. Senator Clinton, despite having lost 7 of the last 8 primaries, should fight to the bitter end.
10 (8%)
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Stick a fork in her whatchamacallit Apr 2016 #1
I would say she is done as far as the General election, she can still limp to victory in Dustlawyer Apr 2016 #105
+1 daleanime Apr 2016 #151
That was P E R F E C T !!! pdsimdars Apr 2016 #128
Why do you hate forks? AgerolanAmerican Apr 2016 #153
she doesn't care about unity. she's going to buy some later after roguevalley Apr 2016 #156
Wow! KMOD Apr 2016 #2
serious as snot Warren Stupidity Apr 2016 #6
I don't take snot seriously. KMOD Apr 2016 #14
that snot's funny Warren Stupidity Apr 2016 #17
lol KMOD Apr 2016 #19
No Hillery should use her every resource to protect us from "dirty cop" FBI agents... Jeffersons Ghost Apr 2016 #56
Winner of weirdest post of the month. kristopher Apr 2016 #87
+2. I love it so much I want to make it my sigline !! Hiraeth Apr 2016 #134
It helps protect your lungs. SMC22307 Apr 2016 #60
Bernie does well in online polls. grossproffit Apr 2016 #3
no. roguevalley Apr 2016 #157
DU Rec. YASSIR THE FAT Apr 2016 #4
+1 daleanime Apr 2016 #77
Do it for the children . . .. pdsimdars Apr 2016 #129
Let's wait for NY and PA hack89 Apr 2016 #5
Another move of the goalposts? timmymoff Apr 2016 #29
Those goalpuppies need serious rehab. dchill Apr 2016 #80
No. You have been toast for quite a while hack89 Apr 2016 #89
Not near the hole the dems will be timmymoff Apr 2016 #90
That's what happens when you let the people have a choice hack89 Apr 2016 #91
So THAT'S why the Dems don't want to let the people choose the nominee. pdsimdars Apr 2016 #135
So Sander's victories are illegitimate due to the process? hack89 Apr 2016 #136
Clinton still leads Sanders in terms of pledged delegates by ~25% anigbrowl Apr 2016 #145
she'll be indicted by then. roguevalley Apr 2016 #159
You hope. Seems highly unlikely to me. anigbrowl Apr 2016 #162
Not at all leftynyc Apr 2016 #132
If it's such simple math, why is timmymoff Apr 2016 #140
Sorry, it's Bernie supporters who are moving the goalposts with threads like this anigbrowl Apr 2016 #144
It's not about that pdsimdars Apr 2016 #133
No bigwillq Apr 2016 #7
Awwww, just look at those poll trends . . . . pdsimdars Apr 2016 #137
Awwwww, I don't like Hillary. But to say she should concede is redic. bigwillq Apr 2016 #141
LOL!!!! Beacool Apr 2016 #8
+1 Lucinda Apr 2016 #81
Just because a lot of people think it doesn't mean we'll figure out a way to suppress a vote! Joob Apr 2016 #9
For the sake of the Party... she's under investigation for serious offenses, after all. AzDar Apr 2016 #10
+1 quantumjunkie Apr 2016 #11
She's still not losing in pledged delegates (and still way ahead) Proud Liberal Dem Apr 2016 #12
Isn't this place funny? Beacool Apr 2016 #13
The sense of humor here is the only thing that keeps me coming back Fumesucker Apr 2016 #21
Same. Agschmid Apr 2016 #23
I'm a big Star Trek fan. Beacool Apr 2016 #25
I like Star Trek too, although I haven't watched an episode in a really long time. StevieM Apr 2016 #27
Hi, Stevie!!! Beacool Apr 2016 #31
I'm reminded of Arthur C Clarke's Childhood's End.. Fumesucker Apr 2016 #33
That's a sci-fi classic. Beacool Apr 2016 #38
some believe she isn't corrupt. go figure roguevalley Apr 2016 #160
Some think that Sanders is not talking out his backside and has a chance to fulfill his agenda. Beacool Apr 2016 #161
Wow, young white straight men really do seem to dominate DU by a wide margin Onlooker Apr 2016 #15
Hillary is a true patriot and a champion of the poor, she will quit for the good of the country !!! Impedimentus Apr 2016 #16
If Bernie wins the nomination then of course Hillary will do the right thing and support him. StevieM Apr 2016 #26
... NuclearDem Apr 2016 #18
Look, I'm not thrilled with the tactics she has used against us, but this doesn't help Bernie. Ken Burch Apr 2016 #20
Sheesh, its a parody of the nonsense from the camp. Warren Stupidity Apr 2016 #22
I get that your intent is parodistic, but that may not read that way. Ken Burch Apr 2016 #32
Sure it is anigbrowl Apr 2016 #146
Kinda like all those in the MSM calling for Obama to be more conciliatory to the Republicans pdsimdars Apr 2016 #138
LOL, only on DU is the front runner, who is ahead by over 200 delegates called on to concede StevieM Apr 2016 #24
In fairness, your candidate essentially refused to recognize Obama as the frontrunner in '08. Ken Burch Apr 2016 #34
I disagree with everything you have said. StevieM Apr 2016 #65
Not how I remember it anigbrowl Apr 2016 #147
D E L U S I O N pdsimdars Apr 2016 #139
STICK A FORK IN HER, SHE'S DONE!!! jack_krass Apr 2016 #28
Can we all here just stick a fork in the fork-sticking? Ken Burch Apr 2016 #35
... PonyUp Apr 2016 #41
I voted: "DU members did not wish to select any of the options provided" ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #30
What the hell are you talking about? Nt Logical Apr 2016 #45
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2016 #47
I'm sure you didn't get the hilarity of suggestion that the candidate ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #49
Nice try, some posts are a waste. Nt Logical Apr 2016 #66
True and your post is a perfect example. 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #98
Wow, that was so clever. Nt Logical Apr 2016 #99
A second example! Thanks. 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #101
It's both precious and adorable, ain't it?? Number23 Apr 2016 #88
Precious and adorable ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #100
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2016 #108
:) Lucinda Apr 2016 #82
The candidate that is actually going to win doesn't concede Tarc Apr 2016 #36
I think both candidates are obligated to stay in as long as possible hellofromreddit Apr 2016 #37
It's not a close race. Math is your friend. n/t Lil Missy Apr 2016 #40
The relentless smug comments from you Hillary people is why she's losing hellofromreddit Apr 2016 #48
The Math is not a "smug comment" ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #51
Then show me the math! hellofromreddit Apr 2016 #58
At last count ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #61
That's an observation. As expected, you presented no math hellofromreddit Apr 2016 #63
Ahhh ... got'cha ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #92
But, she's not losing. She's winning. Lil Missy Apr 2016 #73
Then show me your math hellofromreddit Apr 2016 #75
Excellent list. All you left out was "berniebroooooos!!!!" Warren DeMontague Apr 2016 #86
This might be a good analysis if she were actually losing anigbrowl Apr 2016 #148
No. That's ridiculous. SheilaT Apr 2016 #39
I think it was just a joke. Nt Logical Apr 2016 #46
I like this poll tiredtoo Apr 2016 #42
Yes she should give up. Kalidurga Apr 2016 #43
Don't do it! It's a trap! longship Apr 2016 #44
At the very least her campaign should fix its "tone", stop attacking Sanders and his supporters Warren DeMontague Apr 2016 #50
My ... what a difference a matter of months make! ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #53
No, no difference at all. Warren DeMontague Apr 2016 #54
But now you're a whiny, victimized smartass ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #62
I'm 'whiny and victimized'? Well, that's fucking rich. Warren DeMontague Apr 2016 #85
Yes. It is ... and unflattering, too. 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #104
I should defer to the experts on the matter, I guess. Warren DeMontague Apr 2016 #111
You are/were laughing at me? 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #113
You missed the winking smiley in the original post too, i guess? Warren DeMontague Apr 2016 #114
winking smiley = laughing at, when there is a laughing smiley? 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #115
damn, buddy Warren DeMontague Apr 2016 #117
I'm happy with the hobbies I have ... buddy. 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #120
You seem tense. Warren DeMontague Apr 2016 #121
I seem to misread a lot of stuff. 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #123
Yeah, i hear that. It happens. Warren DeMontague Apr 2016 #124
Methinks you forgot your sarcasm tag, DeMontague VulgarPoet Apr 2016 #110
I put a winking smiley in there! Warren DeMontague Apr 2016 #112
No time for nuance TheFarS1de Apr 2016 #116
I know it's supposed to be funny HassleCat Apr 2016 #52
I'm going out on a limb here; but ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #59
Speak for yourself... MrMickeysMom Apr 2016 #64
The rest of DU. 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #69
The Bernie or Bust faction tiredtoo Apr 2016 #68
Trust ... I am not ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #70
The mass media that sold us on the Iraq war tiredtoo Apr 2016 #71
NADER!!! progressoid Apr 2016 #55
Well past time for her to drop out Autumn Apr 2016 #57
Sure, the candidate ahead in pledged delegates always drops out of the race. Beacool Apr 2016 #72
Remind me about Nevada and Hills's soft suppprt there.nt Autumn Apr 2016 #76
i want her to stay in SoLeftIAmRight Apr 2016 #78
She didn't lose 7 of the last 8 PRIMARIES. Educate yourself please before you post. beaglelover Apr 2016 #67
Yes she did, and she will lose the rest of the primaries. YASSIR THE FAT Apr 2016 #93
LOL A primary is not a caucus. Lucinda Apr 2016 #97
Primaries do not equal caucuses.......Jesus Christ some people are really uneducated on this site. beaglelover Apr 2016 #106
Facts don't matter when you are trying to create hype for a failing venture. liberal N proud Apr 2016 #163
Is math important to Bernie supporters? ecstatic Apr 2016 #74
No, obviously not. They live in LA LA land and ride unicorns with rainbows shooting out of their beaglelover Apr 2016 #107
Math is VERY important to THIS Bernie supporter. stone space Apr 2016 #109
Yes. She has dementum. dchill Apr 2016 #79
Which of the last 7 PRIMARIES did Bernie win? Lucinda Apr 2016 #83
Based on what I've seen so far. YASSIR THE FAT Apr 2016 #94
Nope. :) Lucinda Apr 2016 #96
This whole thread gave me a good laugh. Thank you everyone fun n serious Apr 2016 #84
Yes she needs to drop out so the party can unite behind the liberal candidate. B Calm Apr 2016 #95
Yes, she and her supporters need to stop using RW tactics that will only aid the GOP in the fall. vintx Apr 2016 #102
I was dissapointed when O'Malley bowed out after the Iowa Caucus. stone space Apr 2016 #103
Me too, but... anigbrowl Apr 2016 #150
Well, the only other Democrat she could concede to is Martin O'Malley. Bernie Sanders is I-VT Algernon Moncrieff Apr 2016 #119
Clinton +2,403,691 popular votes factfinder_77 Apr 2016 #122
Caucuses are not primaries and are small in terms of votes Demsrule86 Apr 2016 #125
LOL.....what a poll. bkkyosemite Apr 2016 #126
The one still on track to win the nomination? RandySF Apr 2016 #127
I've been here over 10 years leftynyc Apr 2016 #130
The funniest part is not the poll, but the almost 200 votes it got on the first option. Beacool Apr 2016 #158
it's the only way Bernie will win, so I understand the wetdream Sheepshank Apr 2016 #131
of course she should - only 250 delegate lead - time to call it quits DrDan Apr 2016 #142
This post is the equivalent of "it's just a flesh wound..." eom PAMod Apr 2016 #143
Waste of electrons Dem2 Apr 2016 #149
The results of this ridiculous poll only proves one thing. Trust Buster Apr 2016 #152
If she really loves America... dchill Apr 2016 #154
Democrats would be insane to nominate Sanders Gothmog Apr 2016 #155
Hillary is a looming disaster for Democrats. earthside Apr 2016 #164
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