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2016 Postmortem

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Wed Apr 27, 2016, 12:58 AM Apr 2016

Simple solution Skinner, a POLL, should Skinner "Call It"??? [View all]

233 votes, 7 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Yes, Skinner should "Call it"
30 (13%)
No, Skinner should NOT "Call it"
203 (87%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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I don't know what this means. oldandhappy Apr 2016 #1
The poster is asking if Skinner should declare Hillary the presumptive nominee StevieM Apr 2016 #9
But what does THAT mean, exactly? Smarmie Doofus Apr 2016 #11
The one week countdown refers to a period that begins right after StevieM Apr 2016 #24
It means a large number of people will leave or be thrown off DU. greymouse Apr 2016 #45
Not really Andy823 Apr 2016 #94
greymouse, it doesn't look like you were here in 2008. kstewart33 Apr 2016 #106
It means DU Hillary supporters are looking for the purge to happen and get the TransitJohn Apr 2016 #118
But they seem to comprise about a 1/4 of the board? Smarmie Doofus Apr 2016 #122
More like about 1/10th. John Poet Apr 2016 #123
And who knows how many remaining after the $1 million runs out. GoneFishin Apr 2016 #129
It means that 17% of DU wants to purge the remaining 83%. Good luck with that one . . . nt leveymg Apr 2016 #153
There isn't going to be a purge. It simply means that one week after we have StevieM Apr 2016 #157
It means party unity philosslayer Apr 2016 #149
That's pretty vague. Intentionally so? Smarmie Doofus Apr 2016 #156
This is the Democratic Underground philosslayer Apr 2016 #158
I asked three relatively simple questions. Smarmie Doofus Apr 2016 #159
ok I'll play Matt_R Apr 2016 #162
Really ? oldandhappy Apr 2016 #12
You are misunderstanding what I am saying. StevieM Apr 2016 #20
OK Makes sense. oldandhappy Apr 2016 #23
with 10 states yet to vote that would be against everything DU stands for PatrynXX Apr 2016 #26
I agree. Skinner shouldn't--and won't--"call it" until the voting is over. StevieM Apr 2016 #34
I do not have to rally behind a candidate that I do not believe in RoccoR5955 Apr 2016 #79
You bet. kstewart33 Apr 2016 #107
And, fwiw, after a GREAT many Bernie supporters have been driven out of DU. snot Apr 2016 #2
well hard to scare me away PatrynXX Apr 2016 #29
yes but as an alternative - commondreams.org will take you Unicorn Apr 2016 #59
Have you checked this out? jackpineradicals.org n/t RKP5637 Apr 2016 #78
I'm there. snot Apr 2016 #144
I'll be coming over too, just haven't done it yet. n/t RKP5637 Apr 2016 #146
I've posted there a few times, I was pointed it out, I think the day I got here. Unicorn Apr 2016 #154
You decide. kstewart33 Apr 2016 #108
It's not so much following the rules Gore1FL Apr 2016 #126
Won't make the least difference one way or another. ucrdem Apr 2016 #3
Two out of three seems likely. Chan790 Apr 2016 #4
seems a bit premature nt cloudythescribbler Apr 2016 #7
I find it hard to believe that Hillary will be a worse president than StevieM Apr 2016 #14
Hopefuly she'd suck less than W. That's a very low bar... think Apr 2016 #27
At least Hillary is getting off her ass and raising money for downticket Dems. MADem Apr 2016 #31
Is she? Scootaloo Apr 2016 #41
No, it isn't. The bulk of the dough raised at those shindigs go to the PARTY, not the headliner. MADem Apr 2016 #60
Who oversees distribution? Scootaloo Apr 2016 #62
The Party. The headliner gets a cut, the headliner does not control the cash at all. nt MADem Apr 2016 #63
So is NPR just full of shit, then? Scootaloo Apr 2016 #64
You weren't talking about the HVF--you were talking about the DNC agreed-upon fundraisers. MADem Apr 2016 #66
It looks as though I were confusing two separate things, then Scootaloo Apr 2016 #119
Corporate money Carolina Apr 2016 #48
For winners of the primary contests, so they can compete in the general election. MADem Apr 2016 #58
So let me remind you of Carolina Apr 2016 #61
Nope. When Lamont won the primary the Clintons switched their support to him. StevieM Apr 2016 #115
I like Bernie, voted for him, but I agree with you on Hillary. The US could RKP5637 Apr 2016 #84
Well if she ignores the Convention in July maybe PatrynXX Apr 2016 #33
I don't see her getting elected once let alone twice. nt artislife Apr 2016 #36
She doesn't need to win for the internet to hate her for even one day...let alone 8 years. Chan790 Apr 2016 #39
Kasich? talk about the road less travelled. How will he machete out his path to victory? Hiraeth Apr 2016 #88
No idea. Chan790 Apr 2016 #91
gotta admit - shit just got really interesting. in a hopeless sorta way but, interesting nonetheless Hiraeth Apr 2016 #92
Let me explain how your theory will play out in real life. StevieM Apr 2016 #121
Oh Stevie. Chan790 Apr 2016 #148
Well, back in 2008 I was also told that I should be ashamed. I responded that supporting StevieM Apr 2016 #150
Funny you say that. Chan790 Apr 2016 #155
yes, one of the worst greymouse Apr 2016 #46
That is a terrible pic of Hillary! There are much better ones. Nt Logical Apr 2016 #8
Oof, agree! Scootaloo Apr 2016 #42
Sometimes a Great Notion ucrdem Apr 2016 #71
He called it the day he placed Clinton supporters above the TOS. Scootaloo Apr 2016 #5
True Ned_Devine Apr 2016 #10
👆 this lumberjack_jeff Apr 2016 #13
You mean the day he ... nolawarlock Apr 2016 #19
No, I mean the day he decided trolls should be free to troll on DU. Scootaloo Apr 2016 #35
Well I disagree. nolawarlock Apr 2016 #43
I once got a hide for telling a person who was literally supporting Adolf Hitler to GTFO. Scootaloo Apr 2016 #50
Well ... nolawarlock Apr 2016 #54
Except, as noted, it didn't happen Scootaloo Apr 2016 #56
Plus a brazillion. opiate69 Apr 2016 #133
Broken? Only if your a rude hill supporter. Ny Logical Apr 2016 #137
Nah. nolawarlock Apr 2016 #138
If Skinner 'calls it', ... HooptieWagon Apr 2016 #6
For Christ sakes! Stop ringing that cockamamie bell! longship Apr 2016 #15
The clinton team is talking about unity. oldandhappy Apr 2016 #16
Why does this Skinner thing have the name of an X-File character? quantumjunkie Apr 2016 #17
I'm going to defend Skinner here. PyaarRevolution Apr 2016 #18
I am a Bernie supporter! Nt Logical Apr 2016 #21
Sorry it's not you. PyaarRevolution Apr 2016 #22
You are correct! Nt Logical Apr 2016 #25
EVERYBODY has lately been harrased by Hillary supporters. n/t Binkie The Clown Apr 2016 #30
Well, you know the saying, if you give an inch... Scootaloo Apr 2016 #38
I don't care if he Tweets it. I'll remain resolute. desmiller Apr 2016 #28
Why are you so afraid of Bernie's continued candidacy? Of letting all the Democrats have their say? highprincipleswork Apr 2016 #32
We had to register for that tent back in October. artislife Apr 2016 #37
I truly pray that the smallmindedness on both sides, but in this case on the Hillary side, ceases. highprincipleswork Apr 2016 #44
I am a lifelong Dem who is almost completely out the door now artislife Apr 2016 #47
Sorry for the misinformation. Kudos to lifelong Dem and Bernie supporter. I agree that the highprincipleswork Apr 2016 #51
It's probably Hillary vs. Trump. I do think she is going to have a hard time RKP5637 Apr 2016 #86
So true! Nt Logical Apr 2016 #89
What or whom is he calling? Rex Apr 2016 #40
I think international. They have great rates right now. nt RepubliCON-Watch Apr 2016 #49
Skinner has a bigger risk in this...let him decide on his own. n/t Contrary1 Apr 2016 #52
Post removed Post removed Apr 2016 #53
Your poll is scewed toward the group with the most members. procon Apr 2016 #55
true...theres a ton of pro bernie-anti dem trolls here qdouble Apr 2016 #57
There are 4 troll pro-bernie accounts for every 1 genuine pro-Hillary account qdouble Apr 2016 #65
Do you have any hard data to back that up Art_from_Ark Apr 2016 #80
qdouble, DU member for 5 weeks knows everything @ DU, Art riderinthestorm Apr 2016 #139
Really? blackspade Apr 2016 #134
I'm a Californian AND I HAVEN'T VOTED YET! Peace Patriot Apr 2016 #67
I'm a Californian too and in total agreement with you. I'm sick and tired of us Raine Apr 2016 #68
Yeah, if the primaries would start in CA, NY, FL, TX on the first day, JustABozoOnThisBus Apr 2016 #72
Uh, in 2008 CA voted on Super Tuesday, early in the cycle and CA voted for Hillary. Barack won Bluenorthwest Apr 2016 #98
2008 was strange. Hillary got most of the votes, but lost on delegates. JustABozoOnThisBus Apr 2016 #109
+1 jack_krass Apr 2016 #125
Frankly Sherman A1 Apr 2016 #69
If it's a question, I don't want to be here Joob Apr 2016 #70
Does DWS post under the name "Skinner"? JustABozoOnThisBus Apr 2016 #73
DWS probably goes by the handle "RepublicanInDisguise" if she is honest in her self-naming. Gore1FL Apr 2016 #127
Continuing the charade of the Sanders Campaign at this point just helps Republicans. baldguy Apr 2016 #74
Bernie needs to stay in until the last primary is over. JoePhilly Apr 2016 #75
Skinner shouldn't call anything until the party does. Bad Dog Apr 2016 #76
Looks like a couple hundred DUers aren't done insulting HRC just yet. Buzz Clik Apr 2016 #77
And that is exactly the point. NanceGreggs Apr 2016 #141
+1 Buzz Clik Apr 2016 #142
Your post was alerted airplaneman Apr 2016 #161
LOL! Bobbie Jo Apr 2016 #81
Whether Bernie could somehow pull it off, or not, he is in it to build our movement! Dustlawyer Apr 2016 #82
That would be the Hillary way ... AirmensMom Apr 2016 #83
No. He should let the board descend further into chaos and internecine warfare over a settled manner DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2016 #85
The board is fine, groups of people who thinks thier candidate is best. Nt Logical Apr 2016 #90
Who cares? I doubt whether or not "it's called" will be an earth-shaking event. Vinca Apr 2016 #87
To what specific* end? LanternWaste Apr 2016 #93
Not unless the party has LWolf Apr 2016 #95
What Skinner does is up to Skinner. NCTraveler Apr 2016 #96
Problem with that, Hillary keeps promoting Republicans: Bluenorthwest Apr 2016 #99
1) Clinton is not a member here. NCTraveler Apr 2016 #100
voting no. Amimnoch Apr 2016 #97
Unrec. You should delete this post. haikugal Apr 2016 #101
From here on out Skinner should dump anyone asking him to call it. peace13 Apr 2016 #102
Dear Skinner, the poll results clearly show why you should call it. Trust Buster Apr 2016 #103
Quit whining! Hides dont matter! Nt Logical Apr 2016 #136
Are you dizzy from all that spinning? B Calm Apr 2016 #147
Oh lord Scootaloo Apr 2016 #160
I say no rock Apr 2016 #104
That's an ugly sentiment. Turin_C3PO Apr 2016 #112
I'm an ugly guy rock Apr 2016 #120
Lol. Turin_C3PO Apr 2016 #128
OK, I'm not as mean as I look rock Apr 2016 #130
Thanks! Turin_C3PO Apr 2016 #131
kick Segami Apr 2016 #105
At what point in 2008 did he do so? treestar Apr 2016 #110
I think it was after the last of the primaries had their vote but before the convention n/t musicblind Apr 2016 #143
Not until the primaries are over. (nt) Turin_C3PO Apr 2016 #111
Its still Bernie Underground aikoaiko Apr 2016 #113
85-15 again Dem2 Apr 2016 #114
It's his choice to make. Once he does this place will probably be a ghost town. nt NorthCarolina Apr 2016 #116
If he does, he'll lose a lot of money TransitJohn Apr 2016 #117
I didn't know Skinner had this power. Gore1FL Apr 2016 #124
Looks like the NO's have it! B Calm Apr 2016 #132
85% skinner! Nt Logical Apr 2016 #135
People asking Skinner to "call it" are fascists. earthshine Apr 2016 #140
It's a right-wing authoritarian point of view. B Calm Apr 2016 #145
Call it, friendo. Gomez163 Apr 2016 #151
Call it, maybe. Tommy_Carcetti Apr 2016 #152
2nd stage grief: "bargaining" ProgressiveEconomist Apr 2016 #163
Lol, i dont think you know what that word means! Hill fans love whining! Nt Logical Apr 2016 #166
Call it and immediately turn the time outs back on for those with active transparency pages Warren DeMontague Apr 2016 #164
No, because we're not finished. senz Apr 2016 #165
Call it Friendo stevenleser Apr 2016 #167
Not a fan of you but this is funny. Nt Logical Apr 2016 #168
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