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71. Wtf are you going on about? Not a single reply to what I said.
Thu May 12, 2016, 12:36 PM
May 2016

Sanders never gave speeches to Big Banks pushing the TPP, Wall Street predators, global giant corporations. She said she was the most transparent politician running, and that she'd release the transcripts when everyone else did - that was a 'gotcha' moment, no? - she fucking knows no-one else made millions being paid by the people ruining the lives of millions.


Nevah. Nor should she. None of your business. What is Sanders hiding with tax returns? seabeyond May 2016 #1
I am sure that argument will go over well with the General election voters. coffeeAM May 2016 #8
Her transcripts matter most to those who have no intention of ever voting for her anyway. thesquanderer May 2016 #20
Exactly.... Only used for a tool to attack. Nt seabeyond May 2016 #45
Doesn't that make it a problem? GummyBearz May 2016 #49
Absolutely, squeaky clean, nothing to hide... dchill May 2016 #55
There will always be another demand. No. seabeyond May 2016 #106
Oh GummyBearz May 2016 #116
Yes, it is. Personal life that had nothing to do with govermental position. None of your business. seabeyond May 2016 #118
The nature and beliefs of my future commander in chief is my business GummyBearz May 2016 #122
Then I want to Sanders taxes, know about sending toxins to to Texas, selling his vote to Democrats. seabeyond May 2016 #156
Yea, someone should ask him those questions GummyBearz May 2016 #159
What do yu want to know? coffeeAM May 2016 #174
Everything GummyBearz May 2016 #176
What do you mean? coffeeAM May 2016 #181
A democratic Predidents Job is to keep wall street in check. coffeeAM May 2016 #123
You can see by her 2007 plan she put together to address it. More than what Sanders has. seabeyond May 2016 #157
Ya, now the RW can pick up on what Sanders started, not that anyone cares, just something to pound seabeyond May 2016 #44
Just release them and we will not have to go through this, it is that simple! coffeeAM May 2016 #48
"We" aren't going through anything, the Sanders people are going through it for some odd reason. George II May 2016 #60
No. By gosh, make your demands and expect them followed. No. I want Sanders taxes. seabeyond May 2016 #64
+100 spinboas May 2016 #223
what world is this? reddread May 2016 #161
Why? She was a private citizen then, not serving in an elected or appointed public office . . . brush May 2016 #201
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2016 #210
Was Mitt Romney's leaked 47% remark no-one's business? nt. polly7 May 2016 #21
all those speeches, all those thousands of attendees and waiters and no leaking? Sheepshank May 2016 #25
I've read that she forbade anyone but her own transcriber to keep record of a single word she polly7 May 2016 #32
she can say what she wants, people with an agenda will do what they will Sheepshank May 2016 #75
Oh quit with the straw-man bullshit. I'm talking about her speeches to polly7 May 2016 #77
your explanation was piled deep and broad here. Sheepshank May 2016 #79
The likes of me? polly7 May 2016 #80
Yes, you have opinions and they often mean squat to me Sheepshank May 2016 #85
And yours and 'the likes of you' mean squat to me. polly7 May 2016 #86
I've read that she allowed anyone who asked to be allowed in the room(s). George II May 2016 #125
Really? That's odd ........... never seen mention of that at all. polly7 May 2016 #128
Nor I your "I've read....." George II May 2016 #132
I've read it HERE. Good try though. nt. polly7 May 2016 #133
Yep. It's almost like there's nothing there. COLGATE4 May 2016 #61
It was a gotcha moment, and no, not really. I get you are looking for a gotcha. Hey, I want to hear seabeyond May 2016 #46
It was more than a 'gotcha' moment. polly7 May 2016 #47
Of course it became a gotcha moment. So, lets demand peoples diary entry so we can really see what seabeyond May 2016 #62
Wtf are you going on about? Not a single reply to what I said. polly7 May 2016 #71
WTF are you going on about. Personal earning outside of government, bad. Sanders within government seabeyond May 2016 #105
She was planning on running for President. polly7 May 2016 #107
She was planning on...? Cough up personal, private stuff. Sanders not planning so hide his stuff? seabeyond May 2016 #110
Good god. polly7 May 2016 #112
I know, right? seabeyond May 2016 #113
I'm glad you know. Exactly what ........ I have no idea. nt. polly7 May 2016 #117
Wow, witty, .... Bah ha hahahah. seabeyond May 2016 #119
Wasn't meant to be witty. polly7 May 2016 #120
I posted some of that a few months ago, it got hidden in a Burlington minute. George II May 2016 #126
I believe the remarks were made at an actual campaign event LisaM May 2016 #179
+100 spinboas May 2016 #224
Private addresses for money to the architects of the Great Recession ought not to remain hidden. Orsino May 2016 #160
No it does not look corrupt. It looks like a desperate campaign looking for a gotcha, dependent seabeyond May 2016 #164
That's not what hiding transcripts looks like. n/t Orsino May 2016 #165
Nothing about hiding. All about... none of your business. See how you create your scenario. Hiding? seabeyond May 2016 #166
Hidden per the contracts she signed. That's her creation.. Orsino May 2016 #167
As it should be. This was handled in normal fashion. Absolutely. seabeyond May 2016 #168
Normal for wealthy elites who block journalistic access... Orsino May 2016 #169
Speakers and their material, end of story. Again, creating a bullshit scenario. seabeyond May 2016 #170
What's in the transcripts that only Clinton and G-S should know? n/t Orsino May 2016 #171
Her personal stuff, in her personal life, that is none of your business. She does not need to seabeyond May 2016 #172
Giving speeches to wall street is not her personal business once she decided to run for president! coffeeAM May 2016 #173
Yes. It is. seabeyond May 2016 #192
Ya, in your dreams. coffeeAM May 2016 #195
What a silly comment. This was done in her personal, private world nothing to do with a gov position seabeyond May 2016 #197
Oh come on, you really do not believe that.. coffeeAM May 2016 #206
Don't tell me what I believe or not. I think its petty yelling,... transcripts. Looking for a gotcha seabeyond May 2016 #216
What was so special in these talks to auditoriums full of G-S personnel... Orsino May 2016 #226
Nothing is special, and still... none of your business. People do not get to make demands of Clinton seabeyond May 2016 #227
Pathetic spin. Orsino May 2016 #230
I do not think it is spin at all. I would strongly advocate that Clinton does not buckle under your seabeyond May 2016 #231
I think we should demand openness of our candidates... Orsino May 2016 #232
I want Sanders taxes, Discussion on how grand food lines are, Theories on overthrowing SAmerica seabeyond May 2016 #233
This makes no sense when excusing Clinton... Orsino May 2016 #234
I think it is outrageous for me to demand Sanders hidden conversations on communism and seabeyond May 2016 #235
Nonsense. Orsino May 2016 #236
As I want to know Sanders Socialist/Communist positions. seabeyond May 2016 #237
I believe it is my business since she is running to be president of the country. pinskinny May 2016 #239
If we can't get those transcripts... Orsino May 2016 #253
She is running for the highest office in the land, and yet you tell voters "none of your business"? NorthCarolina May 2016 #211
You cannot take a peek into her diary, either. seabeyond May 2016 #212
Please... NorthCarolina May 2016 #213
No, I do not. Because I do not fall in with your agenda is no embarrassment at all. seabeyond May 2016 #215
that ugly word democracy is so passe reddread May 2016 #214
Except, Clinton is the only one having these demands made on her. No other politician, ever. seabeyond May 2016 #217
after the massive meltdown, bailout and the dead sea that is our current economy? reddread May 2016 #218
Ya. I dunno. That would be the Repugs to go after. I get Sanders and his "Dems" are more comfortable seabeyond May 2016 #219
republican or Democrat, the economy matters reddread May 2016 #220
I do not get your post seabeyond May 2016 #221
If Trump isn't going to release his taxes, I don't know that he'd make an issue over her transcripts thesquanderer May 2016 #2
Trump has many speech transcripts, too. Wasn't he the highest paid speaker on the circuit blm May 2016 #13
Hillary has transcripts of her speeches. Donald probably does not. thesquanderer May 2016 #18
Not the point, is it? You can shiver in your boots and entertain the RW propagandists blm May 2016 #22
I don't remember trump using static noise to prevent people from hearing his speeches GummyBearz May 2016 #56
Yep. The Former First Lady... NewImproved Deal May 2016 #3
A polite way for Hillary to say "Kiss My Ass". NurseJackie May 2016 #7
Hillary's Dislikebility factor is captured in that smug smile & quote. n/t Merryland May 2016 #29
Nixon x Bush reddread May 2016 #34
Benghaziiiiiiiiiiii! Ohioblue22 May 2016 #42
Gee, that's always such a funny reply. It's too bad good people died though. nt. polly7 May 2016 #50
It's also a pointless witch hunt. It can be more than one Ohioblue22 May 2016 #83
Only when it's to her advantage so to do. NurseJackie May 2016 #4
This is about the millionth thread on this. cwydro May 2016 #5
To distract from Bernie's FEC legal issues ... NurseJackie May 2016 #24
Never I hope griffi94 May 2016 #6
He ain't running for President unless I missed something... Merryland May 2016 #28
He's a senator griffi94 May 2016 #30
What's breathtaking is that laruemtt May 2016 #9
Yep, because a potential Presidential candidate who has the obligation to disclose COLGATE4 May 2016 #65
I don't think she will and I see no reason for her to do so. Arkansas Granny May 2016 #10
She's running for President and she wants our votes dana_b May 2016 #93
The real problem with this SmittynMo May 2016 #11
+ 1,000! laruemtt May 2016 #12
She already did while you were gone. We read them, fell asleep, and moved on. Buzz Clik May 2016 #14
What is crazy is Bernie and Donald are the only candidates who refused to release tax returns. DemocratSinceBirth May 2016 #16
What are you on about? Sanders released his 2014 return, complete and fully. 12 days after ... ebayfool May 2016 #94
One year of tax returns. The Clinton have released thirty!!! DemocratSinceBirth May 2016 #96
Could it be because they've been running for Prez for damn near 30 years, between the 2 of em? ebayfool May 2016 #97
Richard Nixon started the tradition of presidential candidates releasing years of tax returns. DemocratSinceBirth May 2016 #98
Oy! I gotta get ready for work. ebayfool May 2016 #99
How about when everyone else who runs for office... yallerdawg May 2016 #15
No one is saying she has to do it but it's in her best interest. Lindsixo May 2016 #104
So if we have a President Trump in November... yallerdawg May 2016 #108
I want her to release the transcripts of speeches up here paid for the two big banks polly7 May 2016 #17
Actually, you don't. COLGATE4 May 2016 #66
Yes, I do! polly7 May 2016 #100
I'm confused. Are you a U.S. citizen? COLGATE4 May 2016 #134
No. I'm not. polly7 May 2016 #135
Just wanted to be clear on the facts. Is there an international agreement of some kind that COLGATE4 May 2016 #136
I don't give a crap if there is or not, 'I', as a tax-paying citizen want to know! nt. polly7 May 2016 #137
Do you pay taxes in the U.S. ? COLGATE4 May 2016 #139
She gave these speeches up here - all over the place. nt. polly7 May 2016 #140
Thanks. I was aware of that. Now, as I mentioned COLGATE4 May 2016 #141
Do you pay taxes in Canada? nt. polly7 May 2016 #142
No, since I'm neither a Canadian citizen nor do any business in Canada. COLGATE4 May 2016 #144
No, I don't. polly7 May 2016 #145
You may believe you have a 'right to know'. What do you not have is COLGATE4 May 2016 #146
I have an absolute right to know, regardless of WHERE that person is from. polly7 May 2016 #147
Only in your own mind. You have every right to demand things COLGATE4 May 2016 #150
Mine and many others' minds. Only in your mind is it given that we polly7 May 2016 #153
I said you have no right to demand. (Your words) COLGATE4 May 2016 #154
I demand? My words??? - where exactly did I use the word 'demand'? polly7 May 2016 #155
Uh, we all deserve to see the speeches because maybe she's hiding something she doesnt want u to see pinskinny May 2016 #240
Really? COLGATE4 May 2016 #241
Considering her track record, yes really! pinskinny May 2016 #242
I was commenting on the depth and sophistication COLGATE4 May 2016 #243
Seems like you need it plain and simple since you are having difficulties seeing the problem pinskinny May 2016 #244
Most of us have gotten past using 5th Grade logic COLGATE4 May 2016 #245
Over analyzation has clouded your brain. pinskinny May 2016 #247
Simple facts like the word you want is "stare", not "stair"? COLGATE4 May 2016 #252
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2016 #254
Never, because there's only one transcript. JustABozoOnThisBus May 2016 #19
I'd say you just hit the nail on the head. tonyt53 May 2016 #35
Gotta love the suspension of morality... Darkhawk32 May 2016 #23
That is what I am thinking and fear. coffeeAM May 2016 #39
Sure you do. zappaman May 2016 #63
What if there ARE NO TRANSCRIPTS? Merryland May 2016 #26
That must be it. As a matter of fact, I think I read that COLGATE4 May 2016 #67
True so many people would have attended Lindsixo May 2016 #74
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2016 #209
never oldandhappy May 2016 #27
she is a fool if she thinks they will not get leaked krawhitham May 2016 #31
Its likely there are no transcripts. procon May 2016 #57
I believe you are right on. COLGATE4 May 2016 #68
Never. Hillary Clinton has cornered herself into a lose-lose regards the transcripts. PufPuf23 May 2016 #33
Bingo! coffeeAM May 2016 #38
yep 840high May 2016 #131
When is someone going to come up with a valid reason for her releasing them? How do you know..... George II May 2016 #36
The day after Sanders releases his tax-returns. Bazinga! DetlefK May 2016 #37
He did already. Bazinga! ebayfool May 2016 #95
You have no right to see her transcripts. You'll need to look elsewhere for your ammo Ohioblue22 May 2016 #40
She is Running for president of the United States, we the tax payers have every right! coffeeAM May 2016 #43
Says you. Not convincing authority. COLGATE4 May 2016 #69
We the tax payers, not me the tax payer. coffeeAM May 2016 #72
Did I miss the memo where you were designated spokesperson COLGATE4 May 2016 #73
You are wrong Ohioblue22 May 2016 #82
? coffeeAM May 2016 #91
Did Nixon have a right to keep his transcripts secret? n/t lumberjack_jeff May 2016 #111
Nixon lol. You have zero rights to those transcripts Ohioblue22 May 2016 #121
Hillary must release her Wall Street transcripts, so says another Bernie fan. procon May 2016 #41
She'll do it before I vote for her, that's all I know. n/t brewens May 2016 #51
not even a good try. The Democratic Party doesn't give a shit about her transcripts. Lil Missy May 2016 #52
Trump probably already has the transcripts, OCTOBER SURPRISE? B Calm May 2016 #53
In the general election when she is looking to attract certain Republicans. Skwmom May 2016 #54
That could very well be it! +1 B Calm May 2016 #58
Yep. Hang on to that (new) false hope. It'll keep you warm, COLGATE4 May 2016 #70
You'll read them in her presidential library lumberjack_jeff May 2016 #59
when Satan purchases a snowmobile. yourout May 2016 #76
Hillary is cooked Rass May 2016 #78
Thus Far jamese777 May 2016 #81
Nearly 10 million dems say IM NOT WITH HER after the establishement rolled out the red carpet 4 her coffeeAM May 2016 #84
That nearly 13 million DEMOCRATS have said "I'm with her" tells me HRC will be the nominee. Fla Dem May 2016 #163
and suppressing votes too dont forget. Lindsixo May 2016 #196
+100 spinboas May 2016 #222
Superdelegates have not voted yet Rass May 2016 #90
Don't hold your breath! BootinUp May 2016 #87
Its part of the vetting process and that involves looking into any possible scandal. Lindsixo May 2016 #114
The Republicans will release them once it's too late Ferd Berfel May 2016 #88
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel May 2016 #89
She is dragging the party through the mud and making it look bad, that is the reason! coffeeAM May 2016 #92
yes and we're constantly hearing about how Hillary is vetted and Bernie is not. Lindsixo May 2016 #101
NOBODY cares! George II May 2016 #115
Yup, nothing to see here, just move along folks! coffeeAM May 2016 #124
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel May 2016 #102
I don't understand what you mean DesertRat May 2016 #103
Not except in response to a congressional subpoena. lumberjack_jeff May 2016 #109
Never. nt SusanCalvin May 2016 #127
How about never??? Does never work for you??? Gomez163 May 2016 #129
No it does not and it should not work for anyone that values transparency!! coffeeAM May 2016 #138
She doesnt have to. Bernie is TOAST. Gomez163 May 2016 #143
She doesnt have to, butshe is making the party look bad by not doing it! coffeeAM May 2016 #149
I see the goal posts are moving yet again, even in this thread. The silvershadow May 2016 #130
the "we cant" campaign becomes "we wont" reddread May 2016 #162
they could be a USEFUL weapon for the RIGHT wing in oct. what is she afraid of? pansypoo53219 May 2016 #148
I saw them, I have a friend who knows the organizer. She said Wall Street folks arent evil Jackie Wilson Said May 2016 #151
You "saw them", did you? MrMickeysMom May 2016 #249
Never, nor does she need to. SylviaD May 2016 #152
Does she really need to? redStateBlueHeart May 2016 #158
There are now stories popping up about the gop looking for them. Which I'm sure they are. Lindsixo May 2016 #175
What stories? coffeeAM May 2016 #183
I saw this video. Lindsixo May 2016 #184
This guy is saying exactly what is gonna happen, the dems need to open their freakin eyes! coffeeAM May 2016 #185
Do you mind if I put thid video in the main body of the post? coffeeAM May 2016 #191
Not at all. I'm just passing it along. Lindsixo May 2016 #193
Thank you, I just have to figure out how to do it.. coffeeAM May 2016 #194
You did it. Rhiannon12866 May 2016 #204
I would say the day after Hell freezes over. n/t doc03 May 2016 #177
Still waiting for the transcripts of Sanders and conversations he has had with NRA, GE, Thinkingabout May 2016 #178
So your basically saying Clinton will be influenced by wall street? coffeeAM May 2016 #186
Never said that, i know Sanders has been influenced, Sanders and others has not Thinkingabout May 2016 #188
ya im sure they just give 15 million away for the hell of it. coffeeAM May 2016 #189
Sanders has been influenced? In what alternate universe? coffeeAM May 2016 #198
As in voting five times against the Brady Bill after the NRA donated $18,000 Thinkingabout May 2016 #200
Excellent vote by him considering what was attached to those bills by the establishment! coffeeAM May 2016 #203
We dont know anything of the sort. Lindsixo May 2016 #187
Yes... That's why he rated a "D-" from the NRA... MrMickeysMom May 2016 #248
After Romney's 47% taped remarks, I suspect Jarqui May 2016 #180
People keep thinking... deathrind May 2016 #182
never! laserhaas May 2016 #190
When the price is right. Tierra_y_Libertad May 2016 #199
Transcripts, schmanscripts... NewImproved Deal May 2016 #202
with Wall street? coffeeAM May 2016 #205
If I had to guess, late June, and they'll be boring as hell Recursion May 2016 #207
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2016 #208
I think she will release them next month. spinboas May 2016 #225
What has given you that idea? primnickel May 2016 #229
not happening Cheese Sandwich May 2016 #228
why would she show the world the favors she owes wall street? pinskinny May 2016 #238
She knows she would look terrible so she's weighed the risk and decided not to. Logical May 2016 #246
Ya but she looks like she is lying by not releasing them. pinskinny May 2016 #250
I 100% agree. Logical May 2016 #251
Yes she does! primnickel May 2016 #256
K & R AzDar May 2016 #255
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