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33. No joke! The repukes are painting her as pro-pedophile.
Tue Oct 4, 2016, 01:36 PM
Oct 2016

That doesn't look good in the very Baptist/Koch-owned South. And the truth is, Ross is awesome.

Haha! Go Feingold! MineralMan Oct 2016 #1
Go, Russ! superpatriotman Oct 2016 #2
Yay, for Feingold, but this probably means I'm going to have to live through more terrible attacks.. SaschaHM Oct 2016 #3
No joke! The repukes are painting her as pro-pedophile. loudsue Oct 2016 #33
K & R Iliyah Oct 2016 #4
Awesome! bettyellen Oct 2016 #5
Can't wait until Russ is back in the Senate! Love that guy! MoonRiver Oct 2016 #6
Democrats need more senators like Russ in congress. nt oasis Oct 2016 #7
Woot! sheshe2 Oct 2016 #8
Russ! nt geek tragedy Oct 2016 #9
Great news. I love Feingold. Vinca Oct 2016 #10
Go Russ!!! nt lillypaddle Oct 2016 #11
They are targeting NC to protect Burr's seat. So are Koch Brothers. blm Oct 2016 #12
Can we get more money into NC and Nevada? UCmeNdc Oct 2016 #13
Warren-Feingold-Bernie doing work in the Senate Yavin4 Oct 2016 #14
So very glad he'll be back. Johnson was never going to win again against him, moonscape Oct 2016 #15
He's my guy, and I'm from PA Sugarcoated Oct 2016 #16
There's no one better to have in your corner bucolic_frolic Oct 2016 #17
Wonder how Johnson feels to be dropped like a hot potato by his party? DFW Oct 2016 #18
Past time to bring that teabagger Johnson down! riversedge Oct 2016 #19
Johnson is ALMOST as stupid as GOP'sters Louie Gohmert & Virginia Foxx.. almost.. vkkv Oct 2016 #20
YAY! I guess the good people of WI have a case of voter's remorse. Johnson is such a tool. catbyte Oct 2016 #21
Another good voice in the Senate, bye bye Johnson. Thinkingabout Oct 2016 #22
Replacing Ron Johnson with Russ Feingold. Hell Yes! nt BootinUp Oct 2016 #23
Good news!! Congrats Russ! AgadorSparticus Oct 2016 #24
Russ is back! joshcryer Oct 2016 #25
We really need him back bmstee01 Oct 2016 #26
This race is considered a reliable bellweather for the Senate. WE ARE BACK!! Coyotl Oct 2016 #27
Will be wonderful having Russ in the Senate again. mountain grammy Oct 2016 #28
Go Russ! geardaddy Oct 2016 #29
Feingold has seemed like the winner from the day he announced. n/t MrModerate Oct 2016 #30
Yay!!!!! northoftheborder Oct 2016 #31
k&r saidsimplesimon Oct 2016 #32
GO RUSS!!!! LostOne4Ever Oct 2016 #34
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