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14. Over my 50 years on this planet
Mon Jan 16, 2017, 11:14 AM
Jan 2017

I've been harmed multiple times by very religious people.

I've seen them do harm to others, both on the evening news and in my personal life.

Yes, there are good religious people, but my point is that when they put some guy (human, not always male, but usually) at the top of their hierarchy to interpret their beliefs, it tends to turn into a net negative for society as a whole.

I just find that religion is a very divisive factor in human interaction. It separates people into us (our small religious sect) and them (other religious sects and other religions). Heck, my husband grew up not even being allowed to play with the Catholic and Methodist kids!

YMMV, but I've found that avoiding the extremely religious just makes my life better and easier.

More liberal people tend not to be excessively religious, perhaps because they are not wired for authoritarianism in the first place. This holds true for adults, but children raised on a steady diet of religion based hate tend to believe it and make it part of themselves.

ETA: Also the most religious people I know voted for Trump because he is "godly" and "christian" even though he and his life embodies ALL the things that they claim to be against. But, he hates the same people they hate (or appears to), so they are good with it.

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