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14. There are too many blind assumptions about what constitutes freedom. Simplistic minds
Fri Jan 18, 2013, 12:38 PM
Jan 2013

probably tend to think of it as 0 consequences and, yet, they are also known to say things about how, "Freedom isn't free", which IS true, but then they conceive of the price of freedom ONLY in terms of blood, preferably someone else's, which in some instances is also more or less true, but the difference between those instances in which that may be true and those instances when oppression is the more likely result of that blood is extremely important to the freedom of everyone.

All of that is very concerning in contexts in which authentic understanding of what constitutes rational thought is completely missing and people operate most of the time under the principle that just saying something makes it so (because they themselves have known little or nothing but corporate propaganda).

The price of freedom is responsibility, ongoing, rational, honest, diligent, work-wo/manly commitment to what happens ALL of the time, NOT just after the fact. After "the horse is out of the barn", when it's too late to figure out whether whoever is headed at you, armed to the teeth is the oppressor or not and by how much, let alone how one's own behaviors have contributed to oppressing one's self by limiting one's choices until they lead to that bloody moment, in which no choices are left for anyone.

This means that people should recognize that if you NEED a gun to protect your home from thieves or criminals, it's already too late, so you should accept your responsibilities for social and economic justice BEFORE you get to that moment, which will result not only in fewer bad people trying to take your stuff, but also an increased probability that if anyone does try to assault your castle, they are more likely people who HAVE chosen to do that and therefore deserve to be apprehended and brought to justice. That's another important difference, because it reduces the inertia of the cycles of injustice that involve people who WOULD choose otherwise (i.e. choose not to be thieving your property) if they had had more chances not to all along and separating THOSE sheep from the goats reduces the strength of the cycles that repeat, repeat, repeat, until it's too late and a bunch of people lie bleeding and dying for something that never had a chance of being authentic freedom in the first place.

None of that can happen when chaos reigns and no one can identify their functional choices (all along, throughout all of the processes) well enough to adapt their own trajectory themselves, as individuals, and violence creates chaos, so it is much more likely that the results of violence are only more privilege, not freedom.

Brings a tear to my eye. Buzz Clik Jan 2013 #1
Haven't heard that in a long while... FleetwoodMac Jan 2013 #8
Oh, man lillypaddle Jan 2013 #21
I was just laughing at that. TwilightGardener Jan 2013 #2
Did anyone else read that in the voice of William Shatner, accompanied by a double bass and bongos? Erose999 Jan 2013 #3
No one can do anything about what is & what isn't tyranny when people are shooting one another. patrice Jan 2013 #4
Perfect: "adolescent pipedreams about what infantile fascists call "Liberty"" FleetwoodMac Jan 2013 #6
There are too many blind assumptions about what constitutes freedom. Simplistic minds patrice Jan 2013 #14
+1. Well written, Patrice. I particularly like this paragraph... FleetwoodMac Jan 2013 #17
The 2nd love of my life was an honest Libertarian and a brilliant human being. We had many patrice Jan 2013 #20
Phenomenal piece, patrice. 2theleft Jan 2013 #33
Thank you, 2theleft! It really means something important to me when people understand. patrice Jan 2013 #41
Wow. I wish I could write like you LukeFL Jan 2013 #38
Thank you! very much, LukeFL. & I should seriously consider that. patrice Jan 2013 #40
Wonder what their definition of tyrant is? Could it be what they call our POTUS every single nc4bo Jan 2013 #5
To a lot of them NewJeffCT Jan 2013 #7
Can someone please explain to me what guns have to do with Tyranny? azalia Jan 2013 #9
The sequel will be called "What do you mean the range of a Predator Drone is 1,150 miles?" Scuba Jan 2013 #10
Your sequel sounds better FleetwoodMac Jan 2013 #12
These people act as if they're kulaks and collectivization is underway BeyondGeography Jan 2013 #11
I think when the NRA realized that the "self-defense" argument no longer hold water... FleetwoodMac Jan 2013 #25
Well, there you go! The answer to the problem. Make it illegal to have sex with a gun. sinkingfeeling Jan 2013 #13
Thou art infringing on their God-given right! FleetwoodMac Jan 2013 #28
I've got a poem for him. Rozlee Jan 2013 #15
Hopefully some well-mannered troll will take that home when they leave... daleanime Jan 2013 #16
"And how well you sass When you see the fuckin' 82 Airborne Comin' for your ass." FleetwoodMac Jan 2013 #27
Great reply nobodyspecial Jan 2013 #32
Bwahaha! octoberlib Jan 2013 #18
Don't Quit Your Day Job, Or Lose Your Luck, Paladin Jan 2013 #19
I haz giggles... FleetwoodMac Jan 2013 #24
All Compliments Gratefully Accepted. Have A Good Day. (nt) Paladin Jan 2013 #39
They will take my bear arms from my cold dead claws... Special Prosciuto Jan 2013 #22
X-posted to Poetry OswegoAtheist Jan 2013 #23
deluded fools samsingh Jan 2013 #26
Openly Proclaiming Defiance To America Makes One A Traitor To Be cantbeserious Jan 2013 #29
I'm thinking about inventing a gun Turbineguy Jan 2013 #30
Words of wisdom rhythms that fit 20 children dead and the NRA doesn't give a shit Lint Head Jan 2013 #31
I'm a bear. Grrrrr. MrSlayer Jan 2013 #34
This message was self-deleted by its author stultusporcos Jan 2013 #35
Some serious confusion there quaker bill Jan 2013 #36
Sounds like the gun freak's country song DFW Jan 2013 #37
Or the very last in the series, "My dear ICBM." sakabatou Jan 2013 #42
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