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2016 Postmortem

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Sun Jan 20, 2013, 01:44 PM Jan 2013

John Lewis to Rush, who suggested they wouldn't have needed Selma if they'd had guns. [View all]

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"If a lot of African-Americans back in the '60s had guns and the legal right to use them for self-defense, you think they would have needed Selma?" He continued, "If John Lewis, who says he was beat upside the head, if John Lewis had had a gun, would he have been beat upside the head on the bridge?"

Rep. Lewis:

"Our goal in the Civil Rights Movement was not to injure or destroy but to build a sense of community, to reconcile people to the true oneness of all humanity," said Rep. John Lewis. "African Americans in the 60s could have chosen to arm themselves, but we made a conscious decision not to. We were convinced that peace could not be achieved through violence. Violence begets violence, and we believed the only way to achieve peaceful ends was through peaceful means. We took a stand against an unjust system, and we decided to use this faith as our shield and the power of compassion as our defense.

"And that is why this nation celebrates the genius and the elegance of Martin Luther King Jr.'s work and philosophy. Through the power of non-violent action, Dr. King accomplished something that no movement, no action of government, no war, no legislation, or strategy of politics had ever achieved in this nation's history. It was non-violence that not only brought an end to legalized segregation and racial discrimination, but Dr. King's peaceful work changed the hearts of millions of Americans who stood up for justice and rejected the injury of violence forever."

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K&R for a great man MotherPetrie Jan 2013 #1
+1 (nt) enough Jan 2013 #9
He really is a great - and good - man. MBS Jan 2013 #44
Rush is just ignorant... K&R Historic NY Jan 2013 #2
He thrives on hate and division. He's a coward and bully, not worth the time. Good retort from Lewis freshwest Jan 2013 #14
"He thrives on hate and division" 90-percent Jan 2013 #19
He is paid the coinage his masters value. He is a miserable person for doing it. freshwest Jan 2013 #20
and just plain azureblue Jan 2013 #27
Rush is the dark negative of what we all represent. FarPoint Jan 2013 #26
Good point. The GOP's insane clown circus helped, too. freshwest Jan 2013 #33
Rush savors the outage reaction...he thrives upon it, he needs outrage to survive. FarPoint Jan 2013 #36
Rush has to devise ever more corrosive spew Plucketeer Jan 2013 #75
That's too obvious for someone as obtuse as Big Mouth. Gregorian Jan 2013 #3
And he has no shame, so this won't have any affect. AAO Jan 2013 #4
** THAT ** immoderate Jan 2013 #5
Representative Lewis' thoughts just kicked rushbo's bigoted ass. Hoyt Jan 2013 #6
John Lewis is a wise and compassionate person. The BFI is incapable of understanding his words. freshwest Jan 2013 #13
3-2-1 rush will be attacking Rep. Lewis next kimbutgar Jan 2013 #7
Good for him! JohnnyLib2 Jan 2013 #8
I edited the OP to add Limpballs comments... AAO Jan 2013 #10
If African-Americans Had Used Guns erpowers Jan 2013 #11
Rush only WISHES they'd used guns. The movement would have been crushed in it's cradle. AAO Jan 2013 #12
There would had been total chaos with riots and many dead. LiberalFighter Jan 2013 #84
Rush needs to brush-up on his Black Panther history 99th_Monkey Jan 2013 #15
+1 n/t jtuck004 Jan 2013 #16
As if any truth of history has any effect on what Lush Slimeball and his minions believe and preach. Dark n Stormy Knight Jan 2013 #56
Rush can't even spell "Satyagraha".... AlbertCat Jan 2013 #17
Over in RKBA they say Ghandi would have failed Pholus Jan 2013 #52
Ghandi would have failed AlbertCat Jan 2013 #67
When your only tool is a hammer.... Pholus Jan 2013 #68
Moses in a rowboat! another_liberal Jan 2013 #18
Recommended me b zola Jan 2013 #21
Rush et al will never learn. They think threats and violence are the answer. nt Ilsa Jan 2013 #22
Elegantly Stated.... supercats Jan 2013 #23
rush should go back to heavy drug use samsingh Jan 2013 #24
Go back? another_liberal Jan 2013 #47
that's a good point. samsingh Jan 2013 #71
Why should he have thought he needed to quit? AlbertCat Jan 2013 #73
Rep. Lewis is a great man, who is patiently schooling a bigot / bully. Amazing that AnotherMother4Peace Jan 2013 #25
The whole movement was based on nonviolence. How out of touch the still_one Jan 2013 #28
History would have recorded it as SCVDem Jan 2013 #29
No kidding. nobodyspecial Jan 2013 #51
you're right NewJeffCT Jan 2013 #60
The GOP lacks in achievements so Rush has nothing to brag about. Rush and Hannity Thinkingabout Jan 2013 #30
"Compare & Contrast" as the English Teachers Say cer7711 Jan 2013 #31
And because of that UnrepentantLiberal Jan 2013 #32
YAY! Rider3 Jan 2013 #37
How much longer before Rush gets yanked from the air? Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2013 #34
So let me get this straight Rush Downtown Hound Jan 2013 #35
I won't go to FR, but the wailing and gnashing of teeth must be epic. freshwest Jan 2013 #38
K&R AAO Jan 2013 #39
Woot! Pharaoh Jan 2013 #40
A little bit more about this from different sources: freshwest Jan 2013 #41
Dr. King was so brave. Great accomplishments and upwards of 80!! phone death threats a day. Sunlei Jan 2013 #42
Kick for the evening readers AAO Jan 2013 #43
What part of "nonviolent" doesn't this ass understand?! Rhiannon12866 Jan 2013 #45
Emphatic K&R! Rush is so ignorant of history, one coalition_unwilling Jan 2013 #46
A LOT of anti-civil rights whites had guns too agentS Jan 2013 #48
Everyday limbaugh proves he's stupid. But, this stupid also Cha Jan 2013 #49
Wow. surrealAmerican Jan 2013 #50
Rush is a maggot, which is an insult to maggots. John Lewis is a hero. catbyte Jan 2013 #53
catbyte, yes, that is an insult to maggots.... prairierose Jan 2013 #54
I know, but for some reason maggots just creep me out. I don't mind snakes, spiders, slugs, worms, catbyte Jan 2013 #62
I can understand that...this is a problem I have been having too... prairierose Jan 2013 #72
Rush doesn't get it. Thank you for your bravery and your work Rep. Lewis! FourScore Jan 2013 #55
Oh Rush, you're so transparent. King_Klonopin Jan 2013 #57
k and ar Berlum Jan 2013 #58
I'm sure armed black men marching through the cities NewJeffCT Jan 2013 #59
It's truly heartbreaking and pathetic that Rush is incapable of making a living proReality Jan 2013 #61
The fucker doesn't even HAVE to make a living anymore. He'll never change. AAO Jan 2013 #63
Rush is an ignorant white trash bigot and a stone cold hater through and through workinclasszero Jan 2013 #64
Can't happen soon enough for me. AAO Jan 2013 #65
Perfect answer Andy Stanton Jan 2013 #66
Limpballs is prime example that the quest for civility is a never ending struggle against evil. olegramps Jan 2013 #69
I wonder how much of that will fly right over Rush's (and his listeners' heads)? Proud Liberal Dem Jan 2013 #70
MLK did have an armed guard at his home some nights Bucky Jan 2013 #74
Spoken With Such Eloquence And Grace DallasNE Jan 2013 #76
the thing about peace and peaceful expression SemperEadem Jan 2013 #77
And this is why RW nuts don't get MLK, Gandhi... SunSeeker Jan 2013 #80
lumpfuck - precious! I'll use it if you don't mind. Conjures up LumpFuck! AAO Jan 2013 #81
LOL! It's yours!! SemperEadem Jan 2013 #86
As a strategy for change, non-violence places the focus on the moral and social cost and JDPriestly Jan 2013 #78
it's easy to forget maverickfox Jan 2013 #79
Oh, no. Back then MLK was far more despised by the white power crowd Bake Jan 2013 #82
So why isn't John Lewis on radio and TV and Rush pushing is hate in the street? sinkingfeeling Jan 2013 #83
I can just imagine Fred F3 Jan 2013 #85
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